..........My Rules..........

There's a place to which I retreat
With my memories there I meet,
And there my course for tomorrow I plan;
The lessons I learned yesterday
Go into the plans I then lay
And I do the very best that I can.

I know not what's waiting for me --
For the future I cannot see --
But I know what I will bring to the plate;
My plans will be carefully laid,
And ev'ry preparation made...
And nothing will be entrusted to fate.

A character that's strong and true
Will always serve to see me through,
And telling truth never makes one repent;
I don't mind to pay a fair price,
Even if I must sacrifice,
But for rubbish I'll not pay one red cent!

A man is as good as his word,
And no man's as good as the Lord,
And what goes around really does come 'round;
There is hope for the man who tries,
I've no use for the man who lies,
And in this world riches never abound.

If it can go wrong, it just might...
But...so what?  I'll still do what's right,
I'm not looking for a loophole, you see;
To do the work -- that's why I'm here,
And should my death be far or near,
This is the only kind of life for me.

Lay low when strife comes if you please,
Fix your course on the path of ease...
But you'll never again find peace of mind;
Do your part and stand in your place,
Meet your enemies face to face,
And leave your cares and tears and fears behind.

At all times I will stand my ground,
And I will not be pushed around,
Before I act I will think all things through;
Through the tough times I will be strong,
But I'll change when shown to be wrong,
And I'll always do what is mine to do.

I will always carefully live,
And my very best always give,
I have found on these rules I can rely;
To that place I'll often retreat,
Where the past and the future meet,
And living this way I fear not to die.

..........H. L. Gradowith..........


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