Last Night I Dreamed

Last night I dreamed that this world had ended,
The rules we now know were all rescinded,
 No darkness or night,
 Just heavenly light,
 His glory shone bright…
And no one was hurting and all was well,
My eyes saw things too grand for tongue to tell.

The trumpet sounded, we answered the call,
Before Him assembled the great and small,
 The strong and the weak,
 The mighty and meek,
 All heard Jesus speak:
To each man his destiny was revealed
And the final verdict no one appealed.

Rich men and poor men alike had their turn,
For just one more chance how some of them yearned:
 “Lord, it was not I…”
 “Don’t send me to die…”
 “Please bid me draw nigh…”
But all their pleading was to no avail,
Without Jesus their case was bound to fail.

I saw some lowly servants drawing near
And I could see that the Lord held them dear;
 They fell to their knees,
 And said, “Save us please!”
 He answered their pleas:
Saying, “In life you trusted and obeyed,
Now in death there’s no need to be afraid.”

The little children were given a place
Where forever they could look on His face.
 Then still grew the air…
 None moved anywhere…
 At Him did we stare…
We knew that a verdict soon would be passed,
We knew to damnation some would be cast.

One after another their cases heard,
The Great Judge would pronounce the final word.
 Though some men complained,
 No vict’ry was gained,
As Jesus explained:
“You all had a chance to do what was right,
And yet you chose not to walk in the light…”

He came to some people that I once knew,
And said to them, “Go – I do not know you…
 You did not repent
 As through life you went –
 To hell you’re now sent…”
Oh! How sad and alone I felt that day…
I longed to help them, but there was no way…

Next, I remember wondering just when
He’d call me, and if I had died in sin,
 Time was drawing near,
 My heart filled with fear…
 Oh, what would I hear?
How much more of this suspense can I take?
I heard a noise… and then I was awake.

H. L. Gradowith


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