..........In This Life Only?..........
Just what is the meaning of life, my friend?
I guess some will be asking 'til life’s end...
     Who am I?  Why am I here?
     Is God real?  Lingering near?
Fools and wise men their positions defend,
And shall 'til time with eternity blends.

What we know may very well cause us pain,

And from it we may try to hide -- in vain;
     Is all chance?  Has life a goal?
     Am I flesh?  Have I a soul?
What comfort or solace hope we to gain
By pretending there is no other plane?

If in this life only my hope is staid,

Then why of my death am I so afraid?
     What's to fear?  I shall but rest
     In my silk-lined leaden nest.
The passing years are then but rest delayed,
And when my death comes I'll then have it made...

If to pay the bills is why I am here

Then truly my death is nothing to fear,
     For in death I would but cease,
     Knowing neither pain nor peace,
Neither rejoicing nor shedding a tear,
Detesting nothing, nor holding ought dear.     

And if for pleasure in this world I dwell,

Then if I have none, is this world my hell?
     I have known joy, it is true,
     But, my friend, I must tell you,
I've known these pleasures but for a brief spell
Then from them to sorrow I always fell.

If life's to do what one may by his might,

And if there is no such a thing as "right",
     When I am hatefully used,
     And by other folks abused,
And when the wicked ones at my heels bite,
Should I but endure it, or turn and fight?

Whichever I choose, I should not complain,

Even when on me they inflict great pain,
     They're but doing as they should,
     There is no such thing as "good"...
Get what you can while you may -- it is plain
To see that all other pursuits are vain...

If there is no God then live while you may,

And give not a thought to a Judgment Day,
     Pursue all life's finer things,
     Enjoy the pleasure life brings...
Say whatever it is you want to say,
For when death comes, there's no Piper to pay...

But if there is Someone bigger than me,

And if I'll meet Him in eternity,
     I must make haste to prepare,
     To meet Him someday, somewhere,
For a smile on His face I'd like to see
When from this world I am at last set free.

There is much more than just living below,

And so, as you on your busy way go,
     If you'd defeat what you fear,
     Then to the Savior draw near,
The road up to glory He'll gladly show,
And the peace of His grace you'll come to know!

'Tis sweeter by far to know that He's near,

That in your troubles your prayers He will hear,
     That He'll help you through the strife
     That comes to all in this life,
Come to the Savior, He'll dry ev'ry tear:
With Jesus there is no reason to fear...

..........H. L. Gradowith..........


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