..........His Grace Will Suffice..........

I just do what I can to do my part,
     No matter if great or small;
And what I give is offered from the heart,
     With no pretensions at all.

I know that I have but what I've received,
     The Lord has been good to me;
I am thankful that His Word I believed
     And obeyed and was set free.

He made the world and all the things therein,
     Heaven above, earth below;
Without Him I'm but a poor man of sin
     Not knowing which way to go.

He made the grass and the Sycamore tree,
     He sends the sunshine and rain;
Oh! Such grand blessings He's given to me!
     What more could I hope to gain?

Should trouble be my companion each day,
     And should I face many fears;
I'll trust Him to help me along the way,
     In Heaven He'll dry my tears.

Should sickness and suffering be my lot,
     And should my health quickly fade;
I'll waste no time thinking of what I've not...
     I think of the Price He paid.

If I'm asked to give all that I've acquired,
     While others’ fortunes lie still,
I'll give it all -- if that's what is required,
     As Jesus said, "Let Thy Will..."

Should I see my dreams all fall at my feet,
     My hope, my joy and my love;
I'll not count it as a bitter defeat,
     He'll pay it back, up above.

Into this world without a thing I came,
     My God provided for me;
And when I leave this world I'll have the same,
     And God will provide for me!

And so when I am asked to sacrifice
     And to go the extra mile
His grace then for me will more than suffice:
     My suff'ring's but for a while.

I'll just do what I can to do my part,
     His Will I'll humbly obey;
And I'll sing His praise with a thankful heart
     Till with Him I fly away.

..........H. L. Gradowith..........


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