Great Is The Lord

Great indeed is the One we seek,
Not like men, so weary and weak;
Worthy is He of all men's praise,
Redeemer, King, Ancient of Days

His House is built on solid ground,
A fairer place cannot be found;
The price His Son with blood has paid,
A sacrifice none else has made.

Rejoice, be glad, and sing this song
All righteous men to Him belong!
For God, our God, will ever guide,
Protect and keep, whate'er betide.

People of God arise, awake:
And of His blessings now partake!
His Right Hand full of love and grace,
Someday we'll look upon His Face.

H. L. Gradowith

NOTE:  This poem was written for inclusion in my comments on Psalm 48, and the date of composition has been lost.  It was probably around 1997 or 1998.  Back then not many knew who H.L. Gradowith was, and that was OK -- however, it provided some difficulties.  For example, when we had notes on a Psalm and I wrote a poem to accompany them it would have tipped my hand (forgive the reference) to have put the date of one or two days before the printing of the commentary on the poem.  As a result of this, many poems did not have a date attached to them -- in fact, this one (like many written for similar purposes) doesn't even exist in handwritten form -- it was typed in the notes and that is the only record of it.  I hope you enjoy it all the same.  Tim

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