Great Deeds?

All of my life I’ve been waiting
For the chance to do something great;
The many hours of debating --
Move now? Or, perhaps I should wait…

Wondering where I should go now,
Not knowing just which way is best;
Hoping that somewhere and somehow
I’ll finally find time to rest...

I’ll never cure some dread disease,
Or find a substitute for oil,
I’ll never everyone please,
Nor all wicked intentions foil.

In fact, I will not do “most” things,
And most people won’t know my name;
But I’ll take each chance that life brings,
And I’ll do my best just the same.

So if I can be a good dad
To the children that He gave me,
Bring joy to someone who is sad:
I would call that a victory.

If I can relieve some poor one
Who has lost someone very dear,
If I can help you find God’s Son,
Or perhaps wipe away a tear,

Though they’re not in themselves great deeds,
Just the same, they’re worthy to do;
And that’s what this world really needs:
At least I think so, how ‘bout you?

H. L. Gradowith

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