For Sure!

I may live to be one hundred,
Or, maybe one hundred and ten…
Some folks say, “Life ends at fifty…”,
But that may be when mine begins.
I’m young and healthy and robust,
On no one for help I depend;
Yes, I have plenty of time left…
My life is nowhere near its end!
 Of course, I don’t know that for sure.

I’m not a bad person, you see,
At least not as bad people go;
I’m friendly, and I go to church…
I mean, I go sometimes… you know.
I never say a dirty word…
Well, I don’t mean to, anyway.
I have time to clean my up my act…
It’s a long time ‘til Judgment Day.
 Of course, I don’t know that for sure.

You know, I’ve always been lucky,
Things have a way of working out;
The Good Lord, He understands me,
I’ve nothing to worry about.
He’d not let me die unprepared,
He’ll make sure that I am all right;
I will be ready when death comes…
But that day’s still far out of sight.
 Of course, I don’t know that for sure.

Friend, part of your speech may be true,
But, part of it is simply wrong;
You say you’ll come to Him someday
But pal, you may not live that long.
You’ll live ‘til you die, this I know,
And then before Him you will stand.
If death comes before you prepare
Then you’ll not reach the Promised Land.
 And yes, friend, of this I am sure.

H. L. Gradowith

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