Bigfoot And The Bible


          Now, isn’t that quite a title?  I mean, when was the last time you read an article about Bigfoot and the Bible?  Is there a Bigfoot in the Bible?  Does the Bible tell us whether there is such a creature or not?  Should one be found, would that in any way damage the credibility of the Bible?  Hmm… Let’s answer a few of these questions and then move on to make a few observations.

          I have never read an article dealing with Bigfoot and the Bible, and (while I am in no way certain of this) I doubt seriously than any of you have either.  So far as I know, there is no Bigfoot mentioned in the Bible.  Should one be discovered, I can think of no harm that would come from the discovery to the Bible or its credibility.

          Why write an article on this subject?     Well, there might be a point or two worthy of the making in the article.  For example, while there is no mention of Bigfoot in the Bible, that doesn’t mean that there can be no Bigfoot.  Are potatoes mentioned in the Bible?  No, there are no potatoes mentioned in the Bible; but I think we would all agree that the fact that they are not mentioned in the Bible does not mean that they do not exist and the fact that they exist and are not mentioned in the Bible does not in any way harm the credibility of the Bible.  The Bible never claimed to mention everything that exists specifically.  The word “American” is not in the Bible either, but Americans exist all the same.  Who knows what all is not mentioned in the Bible (God, of course, but He isn’t telling).

          I grew up in the seventies (if indeed I have grown up at all) and there were television shows, books, articles, and movies about Bigfoot.  It was very exciting.  I always hoped one would be found – and deep in my heart I always believed in its existence.  As a child, of course -- as an adult, I would never admit to such a belief – no, I would keep it hidden and secret and no one would ever know.  But as a child it was different.  As I recall, I don’t remember telling too many people of my secret belief even back then.  I saw the photographic “evidence” that various fortunate (?) people provided supporting its existence and deep down inside of me I wanted to believe in it.  It did strike me as odd that the camera was almost always out of focus, but, after all, who are we to criticize?  I saw some hoaxes and some unexplained images and some bizarre things – and still, though it was never convincingly proven, I wanted to believe.

          It wasn’t all that long ago that some Europeans questioned the existence of Apes.  It used to be all the rage to believe that the earth is flat and the center of the Universe.  Some still don’t believe man has gone to the moon.  I believe in Apes.  I believe the earth is round and not the center of the Universe.  I believe man has gone to the moon.  Maybe someday Bigfoot will be proven – or, maybe there will be some heretofore unfound absolute proof that there is no Bigfoot (which, by the way, is a much more difficult task than providing proof that there is one).  One thing is for sure, such proof will neither come from nor do damage to the Bible.  The Bible teaches what it teaches whether there is a Bigfoot or not.

          Perhaps some scientist (who has spent the last five decades denying the existence of Bigfoot) will come forward and say that indeed Bigfoot is real and that he is the missing link proving the unproven and speculative theory of evolution.  It could happen – one coming forward, that is.  Of course, it wouldn’t be so foolish to believe in Bigfoot after one is proven, so even a scientist could claim faith in it then.  He will probably try to show that Bigfoot is somewhere on the evolutionary timeline between the single cell organism (?) whence all life came (according to them) and what man has now become. He would pretty much have to be in there somewhere – according to them – if he exists at all. What then?  Nothing.  Oh, they will make a fuss about it, should it ever be proven; but there will still be the same holes missing in their theories.  Usually the evolutionist believes in some form of the “Big Bang” theory.  You may have heard of it – something exploded and (as luck would have it) some chemicals formed and one thing accidentally (with no intelligent design or intent) happened and then another and then another and – Presto! Life started!  Of course it started small, but just look at what it became…  Where did the rocks that exploded come from?  What caused the explosion?  Has it ever happened again in any way, shape, or form?  Can it be tested in a laboratory (you know, they claim to be big on such testing)?  These are all parts of the overall problem for the believer in evolution known as the “uncaused first cause”.  Despite all that, it would be nice to learn whether Bigfoot is real or not.

          Now, to the twenty-first century version of Bigfoot – Martians.  I remember a lot of good movies about Martians, and a pretty funny sitcom also.  Scientists tell us there might have been water on Mars…  I haven’t heard “Bigfoot” mentioned in that connection yet, but… who knows???  Stranger theories have been advocated… Well, I am about out of space, so, if you will, I’ll let you substitute “Martian” for “Bigfoot” and, with the exception of me ever believing in Martians, just reread the article…

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