..........A Better Life..........

Just when it seems it's all over,
That you'll never o'ercome the strife,
Like the Phoenix from the ashes
You spring forth to a better life.

Before you the graveyard draws near,
You see your race is nearly run;
You know you have no need to fear --
If your preparations are done.

But if you have given no thought
To the One Who hung on the tree,
If you have turned from the gospel --
Then hopeless in death you will be.

Perhaps your time was all taken
Chasing dreams that will come to naught,
The price He paid thus forsaken,
With what will your ransom be bought?

But if to the Word of the Cross
In life you've been faithful and true,
Then the blood that poured from His veins
Will pay the price to ransom you!

Disappointments may mar the way,
But they don't have to end the fight;
For on the Resurrection Day
The Savior will put them to flight.

Think not then that it's all over
When you find yourself faced with strife,
Like the Phoenix from the ashes
You'll spring forth to a better life.

..........H. L. Gradowith..........


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