Why One Should Prefer WordPress Over Blogger?
WordPress is the most sought out blogging platform over the internet, although there are many other
platforms such as Joomla, Squarespace, and Blogger. However, ever wondered why it is so preferred over
Google’s own Blogger? There are quite a few reasons why this is the case which we will touch upon in this
blog article.
WordPress provides greater usability over the Blogger
Blogger is great in terms of minimalistic functionality but it gets limited in terms of flexibility of options
over time. Also, there are instances where Blogger accounts are blocked or deleted by Google without
giving notification. A minor report from someone stating your blog as spam could put an end to your blog
and domain name. Without a prior warning, your blog could be taken away and you lose all the content
posted on the blog if there was no local backup of it.
There is no advantage offered to blogs hosted on Blogger in terms of SEO
There is a myth going on over the internet that blogs hosted on Blogger are given preference over blogs
hosted on WordPress since Blogger is owned by Google. However, this is not true. All the blogs are treated
equally and are judged by the content and technical aspects such as the speed of loading, security, and
others by Google Bots. The algorithms on Google’s end treat blogs on WordPress and Blogger the same.
WordPress is far ahead in the Plugin and Themes game
WordPress has a huge open source community that comes up with regular updates for plugins and
themes. The blogger has the same old boring themes and supports mediocre plugins whose usability is
limited in 2020. With a bunch of freely available plugins and themes, a blog can have great functionality
and outlook to serve visitors. Although the blogger has received updates recently and hosts a bunch of
themes across different niches, users over the forums have expressed their distaste about having
problems with editing their themes and plugins over Blogs. The FTP access offered by WordPress lets a
user upload new themes of user preference and edit them when required.
People generally do not take blogs on Blogger seriously
Blogs hosted on WordPress have a greater reputation than the ones hosted on Blogger. Blogger for a lot
of years after its launch did not get updates and was left ignored by Google. It was used by bloggers who
are starting and most of the blogs on it were abandoned as most would switch to WordPress eventually.
So the human tendency to not take blogs on Blogger seriously is a real challenge for someone who chooses
a blogger as their preference. The key reason why some would choose a blogger is to do away with hosting
and domain name registration costs. But free things always have a hidden cost in the future. Blogger
websites are vastly used for Blackhat SEO, as affiliate landing pages and for spamming.
Getting approved for Adsense on Blogger is similar to WordPress
Previously Google used to approve Blogs on the Blogger platform quickly for Adsense. But as it became a
hack for many spammers, Google becomes proactive and choosey at approving blogs. So now there is no
advantage in having your blog on Blogger seeking quick and easy Adsense approval. The content you
publish on the website is more important for Google to give you AdSense approval
WordPress supports scalability
Any blog owner will want their website to get greater reach and audience. So time and effort the content
uploaded on the site will increase and the number of visitors to the site goes up. With blogger, you have
limited options to scale up the multimedia content. The limited space of 15GB offered by bloggers might
not be sufficient for your blog. With WordPress, the space available can be unlimited by choosing the best
WordPress Hosting providers. Or else it can be scaled up by subscribing to more webspace.
WordPress is more Secure than Blogger
Blogger is considered to be more secure than WordPress because of Google’s secure platform and robust
servers and backups. However, there are times when the blogger goes through maintenance and the blogs
hosted on it are unavailable. Also, Google products are blocked in Mainland China. WordPress, on the
other hand, is quite secure as well but a blogger is responsible for taking backups and maintaining the
security of the site. There are various security plugins available to maintain the security of the site.
WordPress blogs are easily movable to another platform
WordPress blogs are portable. They can be moved across platforms including to a new host and even
domain name can be changed for the same content on a different site or content management system.
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guarantee and comes with different hosting plans. Their basic plan starts from just 424.99 per month but
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Blogger on the other hand does not support easy moving of a site to a different platform. As the content
is stored in Google’s servers, this could affect search engine rankings, followers, and subscribers during
the move. Since the data is stored on Google’s servers, it can take a long time for Google algorithms to
understand the move.
Blogger could be shut down in the future
Google has shown the behavior of shutting down products that have lost popularity. One example is
Orkut. A similar thing can happen with Blogger. Google holds rights to shut down bloggers and with it
goes the sites hosted on it. WordPress since it is an open-source CMS platform it will receive regular
updates and stay updated with the trends of the blogging world. It has the backing of the community of
developers and users. The growth of WordPress is almost exponential since its inception and is likely to
continue in the future.
So clearly there is a lot more to gain from using WordPress as your base platform than Blogger. Over the
long term, a successful blogger will find that choosing WordPress over Blogger was a good decision to
start with. WordPress is very starter friendly and can be easily adopted for your online engagement.