Somers Isles
The Senior Service,
RN activities prior to US independence.
RN activities on US independence.
Establishment of HM Dockyard.
RN activities during Great War.
RN activities during Second World War.
Closure of HMD in 1953.
HMS Malabar, 1953-1995.
RNVR and local ratings, WW2.
The Gladisfyn, Great War.
HMS Castleharbour, 1940-1943.
RM presence and activities.
The floating docks.
The Sea Cadet Corps, 1969-2002.
HMS Ambuscade, South Yard, Ireland Island. Circa 1988.
Military Establishment,
colonial militias (pre-1815),
Regular Army Artillery, Infantry and support establishment to 1953
Colonial Volunteer units 'til 1953.
The Bermuda Regiment,1965-2002.
Boer War POW camps.
War of 1812.
Crimean War, and re-org. of British Army.
Volunteer Army/Territorial Army.
British Expeditionary Force,
The Royal Air Forces
The bonds between the RAF and the colony in two World Wars, including islanders in the RFC and RAF in the Great War, in the Second World War, notably the Bermuda Flying School, the RCAF, RAF Darrells Island, RAF establishment at Kindley Field, Ferry Command and Air Transport Command, and the RAF/FAA at Royal Naval Air Station Boaz Island.
    Also, other wars.
Luscombe training aircraft of RAF Darrell's Island
Courtesy Adelard Dubois
Islanders in Overseas Service,
Johannesburg Mounted Rifles, South Africa, 1899-1901.
BVRC contingents in France, 1925-1918.
BVRC in Ireland, 1919-1920.
RGA in France, 1916-1918.
Islanders in RFC and RAF, 1916-1918.
Islanders in other regiments or corps, 1914-1918.
Islanders in other services, 1914-1918.
Lincolnshire Regiment, 1940-1945.
Caribbean Regiment, 1944-1945.
Islanders in other regiments, 1939-1940.
RAF, 1940-1945.
RCAF, 1942-1945.
RN, 1939-1945.
RM, 1939-1945.
Merchant Navy, 1939-1945.
Islanders in service of allied (foreign) nations, 1939-1945.
Gloustershire Regiment, Korean War.
RN, Falkland Islands,1982.
Royal Artillery, Gulf War, 1991.
RAF, Gulf War, 1991.
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