BACK               Honour Roll Of War Dead,
                           The Great War, 1914-1918.
* Denotes a member of a BVRC or BMA contingent.
Adcock, C.C.                Rfn.       Lincolnshire Regiment*            5 November, 1916     KIA
Anderson, W.               
Arnold, W.H.                Rfn.       Lincolnshire Regiment*             11 April, 1917           KIA
Baker, H.J.                   L/Cpl.     Linconshire Regiment*              4 October, 1917        KIA
Bridges, H.F.                L/Cpl      Lincolnshire Regiment*             5 November, 1916     KIA
Brown, E.C.
Brown, W.
Burgesson, A.               Gnr.        Royal Garrison Artillery*          6 June, 1918            Died of pneumonia.
Burrows, J.F.
Cannon, J.A.                 Rfn.        Lincolnshire Regiment*            4 October, 1917       KIA
Condor, W.A.               Gnr.        Royal Garrison Artillery*          28 June, 1917           Died of pneumonia.
Conyers, W.Neville        Lt.          3 Berkshire Regt.
Cooper, J.                     Rfn.        Lincolnshire Regiment*            31 October, 1917     Died of wounds.
Dean, S.G                     Rfn.        Lincolnshire Regiment*            31 May, 1916          Died from pneumonia..
Dickinson, Percy E.       Pte.         Canadian Army Medical Corps  Died in Canada nursing influenza patients, '18.
Doe, A.E.                      Rfn.        Lincolnshire Regiment*            15 July, 1917           Died of wounds.
Easton, W.E.                 Gnr.        Royal Garrison Artillery*          8 June, 1917            Died of wounds.
Farrell, M.Patrick J.       Sgt.         Lincolnshire Regiment*           11 April, 1917           KIA
Frith, F.H., Jr.
Godet, Lennock DeGraaf  Lieut.    Royal Air Force                      31 May, 1918            KIA
Gorham, C.W.
Harriott, N.B.                 Rfn.        Lincolnshire Regiment*           25 September, ?         KIA
Hollis, E.K.                    Rfn.         Lincolnshire Regiment*          21 February, 1918      KIA
Jackson, C.H.
Joell, W.                        Gnr.       Royal Garrison Artillery*        9 December, 1918       Died in hospital. 
Kyme, W.R.                   L/Cpl.    Lincolnshire Regiment*          27 April, 1918             KIA
Lamb, A.F.
Lightbourne, R.
Marshall, F.G.                Rfn.       Lincolnshire Regiment*                                      Missing, reported wounded.
Martin, W.G.                  Rfn.       Lincolnshire Regiment*           5 November, 1916     KIA
Millett, H.W.                   Rfn.       Lincolnshire Regiment*          21 August, 1918         KIA
Morris, L.W.
Morton, C.
Motyer, A.J.                    Pvt.
Mussenden, J.                 Gnr.      Royal Garrison Artillery*       31 October, 1917           Died of wounds.
Noble, H.S.**                  Sgt.      Lincolnshire Regiment*          3 July, 1916                  KIA    
O'Connor, J.A.                Rfn.      Lincolnshire Regiment*         26 April, 1918                KIA
Outerbridge, B.W.            L/Cpl.  Lincolnshire Regiment*          3 October, 1916             Died of wounds
Pawsey, Frank                 Rfn.     Lincolnshire Regiment*          22 October, 1915           KIA
Pitcher, E.L.                    Rfn.     Lincolnshire Regiment*          26 February, 1917          KIA
Pitman, B. McN.              Rfn.     Lincolnshire Regiment*          4 January, 1918             KIA
Place, C.W.                     Gnr.     Royal Garrison Artillery*        2 November, 1917         KIA
Platten, Andrew Richard   Rfn.      Lincolnshire Regiment*         16 July, 1916                 KIA
Purdue, E.C.
Richardson, W.                Gnr.     Royal Garrison Artillery*        2 December, 1918    Died in hospital in France.
Robertson, C.G.               2/Lt.     Essex Regiment*                                                       KIA
Robinson, C.Bryan, MC    Capt.     First Canadian Contingent      2 September, 1918         KIA            
Ryder, W.G.                    Rfn.      Lincolnshire Regiment*          5 July, 1916                  KIA
Sheppard, A.L.                 Rfn.      Lincolnshire Regiment*         18 October, 1915           Died of wounds.
Simmons, H.D.                Gnr.      Royal Garrison Artillery*        6 June, 1919                 Died of pneumonia.
Smith, C.K.
Smith, D.G.                     Rfn.      Lincolnshire Regiment*         30 September, 1916        KIA
Smith, F.L.
Smith, K.N.                     Rfn.     Lincolnshire Regiment*         10 October, 1915            KIA
Smith, Edwin William                 Royal Navy, HMS Aboukir     22 Septtember, 1914    KIA
Steele, E.
Stollard, W.G.                  Rfn.      Lincolnshire Regiment*          30 April, 1917               KIA
Stowe, A.                        Gnr.      Royal Garrison Artillery*      20 May, 1917                Died of wounds.
Swan, S.S.                      Gnr.      Royal Garrison Artillery*        17 November, 1917       Died of wounds.
Symons, J.
Tatem, P.A.                     Cpl.      Lincolnshire Regiment*         25 September, ?            KIA
Thiele, William               CSM      6 East Yorkshire Regiment    9th August, 1915        KIA at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli
Tite, W.J.                        Rfn.      Lincolnshire Regiment*         16 July, 1916                KIA
Trimmingham, J.L.           Rfn.     Lincolnshire Regiment*          13 September, 1915     KIA
Trimmingham, Wenty.G.   Lt.       Lancashire Fusiliers*                                                  KIA
Tucker, E.E.                     Rfn.     Lincolnshire Regiment*          22 December, 1916       KIA
Tucker, G.F.                 Rfn.      Lincolnshire Regiment*           18 November, 1915        KIA
Tucker, St. G.M.              Rfn.      Lincolnshire Regiment*        25 September, ?             KIA
Turini, B.L.                      L/Cpl.   Lincolnshire Regiment*        RG published notice with Sgt. Farrell.
Vallis, A.H.
Wadson, S.P.                   2/Lt.     Royal West Surrey Regiment* 9 August, 1918             KIA
Ward, E.S.R.
Watlington, H.Joseph       2/Lt.         Royal Flying Corps*           6 July, 1917                KIA
Wears, R.G.                     Bdr.         Royal Garrison Artillery*                                        Died in France.
White, W.A.                     Rfn.         Lincolnshire Regiment*      14 April, 1918                Died of wounds.
Whitecross, H.C.              Rfn.         Lincolnshire Regiment*       4 October, 1917         Missing presumed dead.
Wingood, A.C.

Tucker, A.E. and Tucker, E.F. have been removed as they may be confused with E.E. amd G.G. listed above. However, Pvt. Ewing Tucker, serving with a Canadian regiment was reported as missing on 19 June,  1916.
This list is based on current and earlier reckonings. Earlier errors or ommissions have been corrected where known, or an educated gues might be made, but it is subject to review.
**   Sergeant Noble is mentioned by name in Lincolshire Regiment's Official History of the Great War as having been singled out for praise.
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