Heather Nova Biography
Heather Nova was born Heather Frith in the Somers Isles (or Bermudas), then a part of The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Colonies -and, since 1983, a British Dependant Territory (now modified to British Overseas Territory), which is a euphemism for a colony, which the isles -Britain's oldest, and oldest self-governing- remain. Like her, her father was born to the large family of Friths, established on those isles for some centuries, and her mother was born in Canada.
  While still a child, her hippy-ish parents built a sailing boat,  relocated the family onto it ( including sister Susanah, and brother Mishka, now a broadcaster and a recording artist, respectively). What was left of her adolesence was spent at sea, where she learnt to play the guitar and write songs.
    Eventually, Heather and Susannah were sent to boarding school in Canada to continue their education. Mishka remained somewhat longer on the boat, travelling the Atlantic with their parents.
  Having returned to Bermuda for a year, Heather's parents  then relocated the family to Conneticut, in the United States., when she was 16. Here, she entered the Rhode Island School for The Visual Arts, but her intent to pursue a career as a film maker was soon put aside as she answered the muse that beckoned her to sing.
  Gaining little success in New York, she relocated to London, where she met musician and producer Felix Todd (now her husband,) and released her first publication - '
These Walls', an EP released under her birth name of Frith. This was later re-released as 'Heather Nova: The First Recording'. Several other studio and live albums would follow, and numerous singles, with variations published in several countries around the world. she would also be called upon to contribute to the sound tracks of films and television shows -notably the German film 'Gloomy Sunday' for which she covered the old jazz standard as the title track, and 'The Crow: City Of Angels,' for which she co-wrote, and sang, the song 'Believe In Angels', with Graham Revell. The song appears on the films score, rather than the soundtrack.
    Performing at the second
Lilith Fair concert, she has a song on the album that was marketed after.
Additionally, she guested as a vocalist on two tracks of Andre Tannenberg's (ATB,) album '
Two Worlds' and sang on the song 'Someone New' on the Eskobar album 'There's Only Now'. Afro Celt Sound System's third numbered album features two songs written by Heather, and it is said she will sing on a future production. A contribution to Danny goffeys up-coming solo album is also anxiously awaited.
  Her latest album, '
South', marked a new direction for her as she began expirementing with a sound that falls more wholly within the realm of popular music. This has birthed three singles, two 'I'm No Angel' based disks and one wrapped around 'Virus of The Mind'.
    Turning to her early love for spoken verse, Heather has also released a self-published book of poetry: "
The Sorrow joy," available from .
   As mentioned above, Heather's brother Mishka, with her encouragement, has ventured into the sometimes tempestuous waters of the recording industry. Following his own muse, his music is something like a fusion of reggae, pop and soul, and he too has earned rave reviews for the soulful quality of his voice and songs. He has recorded a single, self-titled, album,  and guested on the albums '
Mad Gay Mafia' by The Darkman, and 'Idylls And Secret Remains', by Lucid.
   Her sister, Sussanah, is a television journalist, appearing on the VSB nightly news, back in the Somers Isles.
   Heather's uncle, Michael Frith, had left for the USA as his brother did. Working for the late Jim Henson's Henson Works, he was the originator of the 'eighties muppet television show '
Fraggle Rock', inspired by the caves of the Walsingham area of the Somers Isles in which he had played as a child.
   His son, Heather's first cousin, is folk singer Johnathan Frith.
Heather Nova Discography
These Walls EP (as Heather Frith)
The First Recording (Re-release of above)
Glow Stars
Live From The Milky Way
Spirit In You
Walk This World
Maybe An Angel
Truth And Bone
London Rain (two)
Heart And Shoulder (two)
I'm The Girl
Gloomy Sunday
I'm No Angel (two)
Virus Of The Mind
Compilations and Contributions
Eskobar "There's Only Now"
Eskobar "Someone New" (Single fom above)
ATB "Two Worlds"
Afrocelt Sound System #3
"The Clash Tribute: Burning London"
Lilith Fair #2
The Craft
The Crow: City Of Angels
Gloomy Sunday
I Am Sam
Dawson's Creek (TV)
Felicity (TV)
Bermudian Magazine article on the career of Michael Frith.
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