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By Ingres

"In Gorean mythology, it is said that there was once a war between men and women and that the women lost, and the the Priest-Kings, not wishing the women to be killed, made them beautiful, but as the price of this gift decreeed that they, and their daughters, to the end of time, would be the slaves of men."
"Dancer of Gor" Page 352

"It is said, in a Gorean proverb, that a man, in his heart, desires freedom, and that a woman, in her belly, yearns for love. The collar, in its way, answers both needs. The man is most free, owning the slave. He may do what he wishes with her. The woman, on the other hand, being owned, is institutionally and helplessly subject, in her status as slave, to the submissions of love."
"Slave Girl of Gor" Page 180

By Klint


Bond Maid

"She was blond; she was barefoot; she wore an ankle-length white kirtle, of white wool, sleeveless, split to her belly."
"Marauders of Gor" Page 81


"Kajira is perhaps the most common expression for a female slave."
"Nomads of Gor" Page 30


"For a male slave, or Kajirus,"
"Nomads of Gor" Page 30

"Then one of the men of Tyros lifted the iron, glowing redly, from the fire. Its marking surface, its termination, soft and red in the night, was in the form of a large, block letter in Gorean script, the initial of Kajirus, a common Gorean expression for a male slave.
"Hunters of Gor" page 201 ?

Male Slave

"Male slaves, on Gor, are not particularly valuable, and do not command high prices. Most labor is performed by free men. Most commonly, male slaves are utilized on the cargo galleys, and in the mines, and on the great farms. They also serve, frequently, as porters at the wharves. Still, perhaps they are fortunate to have their lives, even at such a price. Males captured in war, or in the seizure of cylinders or villages, or in the pillaging of caravans, are commonly slain. The female is the prize commodity in the Gorean slave market. A high price for a male is a silver tarsk, but even a plain wench, of low caste, provided she moves well to the touch of the auctioneer’s coiled whip, will bring as much, or more"
"Hunters of Gor" page 302 ?


"Kajira is perhaps the most common expression for a female slave. Another frequently heard expression is Sa-fora, a compound word, meaning, rather literally, Chain Daughter, or Daughter of the Chain."
"Nomads of Gor" Page 30

Silk Girl

term used by those of Torvaldsland to denote a slave girl from the southern cities; often used disparagingly.
"Marauders of Gor" page 144

Silk Clad Male

"An exception to the low prices for males generally is that paid for a certified woman’s slave, a handsome male, silken clad, who has been trained to tend a woman’s compartments. Some of such bring a price comparable to that brought by a girl, of average loveliness. Prices, of course, tend to fluctuate with given markets and seasons. Of there are few such on the market at a given time, their prices will tend to be proportionately higher. Such men tend to be sold in women’s auctions, closed to free men, with the exception, of course, of the auctioneer and such personnel."
"Hunters of Gor" page 31 ?


"Men in the fields wore short tunics of white wool; some carried hoes; their hair was close cropped; about their throats had been hammered bands of black iron, with a welded ring attached. They did not leave the fields; such a departure, without permission, might mean their death; they were thralls."
"Marauders of Gor" Page 49?

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by Renoir

"On Gor,"... "the myths have it that only the woman who has been an utter slave can truly be free." ..."It has nothing to do, I think,"... "with what woman is actually slave or free, has little to do with the simplicity of chains or the collar, or the brand."..."It means I think,"... "that only the woman who has utterly surrendered -- and can utterly surrender -- loosing herself in a man's touch -- can be truly a woman, and being what she is, is then free."
"Nomads of Gor" Page 289

"Slavery to the woman is more than a sexual matter, though sexuality is intimately and profoundly involved in it, essentially, crucially and ultimately. It is an entire mode of being, an entire way of life, one intimately associated with love and service."
"Vagabonds of Gor" Page 53

"Being a slave is a whole way of life, involving a total modality of existence. There is a great deal more to it than simply serving a master in the furs."
"Players of Gor" Page 380

"The first Gorean words the Earth girl had been taught, and she had learned them in the pens of Samos of Port Kar, were "La Kajira," which means "I am a slave girl.""
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 74

"On Gor, to speak briefly, beauty is not stereotyped, or, if it is, if one wishes to speak in that fashion, there is a considerable number of such stereotypes, a large number of muchly desired types. Indeed, almost any woman, of any type, would be likely to find herself passionately desired, even fought for, on Gor by many men. But, to be sure, if she is a slave, she would have to serve them well."
"Vagabonds of Gor" page 383

"I looked up into his eyes. Then I was frightened. I saw that he was a Gorean master. However much he might hold me in regard, however much he might desire me. I saw that I could be to him only a helpless slave girl. Whatever might be his feelings for me I saw that he would have me only at his feet as a slave. I would be uncompromisingly owned. He would have all, fully from me. I would not be permitted to hold anything back, ever. He would be master, and I slave.
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 437

"I had never known anyone who remotely compared with him. I had not even known such men could exist. To such a man I knew that I, even with all my refinement, education and intelligence could never be more than a dog, a panting bitch at his feet."
"Dancer of Gor" page 60

"You have not yet begun to learn what it can be, to be a slave," I said. She looked at me, frightened. I then snapped the collar about her throat. "Do you know, ultimately," I asked, "who will prove to be your one best trainer?" "No, Master," she said. "You, yourself," I said, "the girl, herself, eager to please, imaginative and intelligent, monitoring her own performances and feelings, striving lovingly to improve and refine them. You yourself will be largely responsible for making yourself the superb slave you will become." "Master?" she asked. “The collar," I said, touching it, "is put on from without, but what it encircles, the slave, comes from within." "Master?" she asked. "Slavery," I told her, "true slavery, comes from within, and you, my lovely little red-haired beast, I assure you, as was evidenced by your behavior and performances this night, are a true slave. Do not fight your slavery. Allow it freely and spontaneously, candidly, sweetly and untrammeled, to manifest itself. It is what you are."
"Savages of Gor" Page 210

"I exist for you," she said, "and it is what I want, to please and serve you." She was much in love. She wanted to give all of herself to him, irreservedly, to hold nothing back, to live for him, and, if necessary, to die for him. It is the way of the female in love, for whom no service is too small, no sacrifice too great, offering herself, selflessly, as an oblation to the master."
"Magicians of Gor" page 27

"Beauty and intelligence are all well and good," I said, "but the best slave is she who loves most deeply."
"Magicians of Gor" page. 204

"I wanted to crawl to the men, to tell them I understood, to beg them to have me, to let me give them pleasure. I wanted to please them as a slave girl, theirs. My eyes were vulnerable with the helpless lust of a bound girl who would crawl to a man to serve him. I had not dreamed such an emotion could exist. It was not merely that I was eager to piteously and submissively display my beauty to them, that they might be moved to take it in their arms and vanquish it, but, beyond this, I was overwhelmed by an entire dimension of emotion which might be spoken of, though inadequately, as the desire to yield service and love. I wanted to give, unstintingly, with no thought of return. Always I had been concerned with what I might obtain. Now, for the first time in my life, in my joy and self-acceptance as a female slave, I wanted to give. I wanted to give all of myself, wholeheartedly, to deliver and bestow myself unto them as their girl, who loved them and would do all for them, asking nothing. I wished to be nothing, and to give all. I wanted to be their slave. I shook with the selfless ecstasy of the slave girl. I wanted to crawl to them to tell them that I now understood, and that I was theirs. I wanted to cry out to them, to weep, to kneel to them, to kiss and lick submissively at their bodies in my joy."
"Slave Girl of Gor" Page 102

"Too, I had little doubt that not all men on this world could be of the nature of Teibers and Ulricks, and the guards in the house where I had been trained. Doubtless there were men here too, if not as on Earth, men who might be fretful, petty and weak, men the very sight and smell of which I might find offensive, men whose appearance and least touch I might find literally sickening, men I might find inutterably, disgusting, men who were unclean , who were cruel, and loathsome and gross, who might be hideous and frightful, men I might find myself shrinking from, almost vomiting in disgust and terror, but they would own me, as much as any other, and I would be obliged, as a slave, to bring myself warmly and unquestioningly into their arms, and bring my lips obediently and hotly to theirs, to submit wholly to them, to give myself wholly to them, holding back nothing, to please them, fully and intimately. These things were simple attachments of my condition, consequences of what I was, I could not change them. There were simple parts of what it meant to be a slave."
"Dancer of Gor" page 92

"How hard it must be, to be a woman, I thought. She, noble creature, so marvelous in her temptations and beauties, with the excellences of her mind and the determined prides of her heart, how strange that she, so much prizing her freedom, is made whole only as it is ruthlessly swept from her, that the true totality of her response, the fullness of her ecstasy is the yielding and the surrender, and the more delicious and incontrovertible the more complete. The Goreans claim that in each woman there is a free companion, proud and beautiful, worthy and noble, and in each, too, a slave girl. The companion seeks for her companion; the slave girl for her master. It is further said, that on the couch, the Gorean girl, whether slave or free, who has had the experience, who has tried all loves, begs for a master. She wishes to belong completely to a man, withholding nothing, permitted to withhold nothing. And, of course, of all women, only a slave girl may truly belong to a man, only a slave girl can be truly his, in all ways, utterly, totally, completely, his, selflessly, at his mercy, his ecstatic slave, helpless and joyous in the total submission which she is given no choice but to yield."
"Hunters of Gor"

"Rendering love and service to a master had not seemed obviously inferior to her to the reduced sexuality and the squabbling competitiveness which had been expected of her as a free woman. Freedom and love are both estimable values. Some women choose freedom; others choose love."
"Slave girl of Gor" page 265

"New slaves are often treated with great harshness. It helps them learn quickly that they are slaves. Later, when the girl is well trained and her services become perfections, she may be treated more leniently, even lovingly, like a dog."
"Dancer of Gor" page 90

"We do not choose our Masters nor is it up to us, whether or not we will please them, or to what degree. We must strive be perfection all ways, for anyone. that is part of what is to be a slave. In reconciling myself to bondage I had, also, to reconcile myself to this condition, it is a part of bondage. It is something which the slave must accept. Without it there can be no true slavery. I had accepted this condition, at least theoretically, verbally acknowledging its incumbency on me, in my training. somehow, interestingly, this acceptance too, seemed liberating to me, it made my bondage much more real to me. Too, interestingly, in its way, it also made it seem much more precious to me."
"Dancer of Gor" page 92

"Slave girls compete for the attentions of masters. Each strives to be more pleasing to them than the other. The quality of a slave girl's life is commonly a direct function of her pleasingness to her master."
"Slave Girl of Gor" Page 131

"The source of a woman's attractiveness is within her. It is internal. It comes from the inside out. She is vulnerable, and desires men, and wishes to be touched and owned. This then shows in her body and movements, and in her eyes and face. That is the truly attractive woman."
"Explorers of Gor" page 143

“There is a difference,” laughed Hassan, “between the pride of a free woman and the pride of the slave girl. The pride of a free woman is the pride of a woman who feels herself to be the equal of a man. The pride of the slave girl is the pride of the girl who knows that no other woman is the equal of herself.”
"Tribesmen of Gor" Page 333

"Are most Gorean women slaves?" she asked. "No," I said, "indeed, statistically, in those parts of Gor which I am familiar, very few. Commonly only one woman in say, forty or fifty is a slave. This varies somewhat, of course, from city to city. The major exception to these ratios is the city of Tharna, in which almost every woman is a slave.....there are special historical reasons for this."
"Beasts of Gor" Page 246

"It is easy to tell among girls which are familiar with their condition and which are not. Once a girl truly understands that she is a slave, and there is no escape for her, once she understands it truly, emotionally, categorically, intellectually, physiologically, totally, deeply, profoundly, in every cell in her beautiful body, a fantastic transformation occurs in her. She then knows she is truly a slave. She then becomes wild and free, and sexual, and cares not that she might be scorned by the free either for her miserable condition or helpless appetites; she knows she will be what she must; she has no choice; she is slave. Women, in their heart, long to submit; this is necessary for the slave girl; she must submit or die; submitted, she is thrilled to the core; she lives then for love and service, bound to the will of her master. The joy of the slave girl may seem incomprehensible to the free but it is a reality."
"Beasts of Gor" page 55

"On Gor a readiness to please men, and an intention to do so, and on their own terms, is expected in any girl one buys. Should a girl prove sluggish in any respect, it is simple to put her under discipline. Eventually, of course a woman learns that to please a man on his own terms is the only thing that can, ultimately, fulfill her own deepest needs, those of the owned, submitting love slave."
"Explorers of Gor" page 39

"He had called me 'slut'. I did not really mind this. Indeed, something in me relished it. I remembered how I had behaved in the furs. The expression was, perhaps, I thought, with a shudder, quite appropriate. Certainly He had not permitted me to relate to Him, in the least, in the inhibitory modalities of dignity and respect; accordingly, I had found myself relating to Him in a deep, real, primitive, sexual, natural, biological manner, in a manner certainly not that of a free woman, but rather of a slave or slut. Doubtless this was supposed to be a part of His vengeance on me, but I, nonetheless, found it quite ulfilling. Something in me found it quite rewarding to relate to a man in this fashion. Too, I found it stimulating knowing that if I did not please Him He might punish me."
"Kajira of Gor" page 238

"A slave girl must be at least a whore, and a marvelous one at that. Being a whore is but a small step in the direction of being a slave girl."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 220

“She is young to be a slave,” I said.
“Do you think we cannot be slaves?” she asked.
“Some men enjoy them,” said Marcus, “squirming in the furs, panting, begging for more.”
“She is young,” I said.
“Do you scorn me for my youth?” she asked.
“You are young. Your surrender cannot be the full surrender of the mature woman, the woman experienced in life, the woman who has come to understand the barrenness of the conventions by which she is expected to abide, who has discerned the vacuity of the principles to which she is expected to mindlessly subscribe, who has learned the emptiness of the roles imposed upon her by society, roles alien to, and inimical to, the needs of her deepest self. You are not such a woman, a full, mature, knowledgeable, cognizant woman, a woman profoundly in touch with her passions and deepest self, one who has come to understand that her only hope for true happiness and fulfillment lies in obedience, love and service, one craving the collar, one yearning for a master”.
“No, no, no!” she wept. “I am young, but I am a woman, and alive!"
"You are still young,” I said."
"Magicians of Gor" page 191

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by Rubens

"Strong men simply need women. This will never be understood by weak men. A strong man needs a woman at his feet, who is truly his. Anything else is less than his fulfillment. When a man has once eaten the meat of the gods he will never again chew on the straw of fools."
"Explorers of Gor" page 12

"I know of no pleasure comparable to the pleasure of owning a woman, fully. It is indescribably delicious; it is glorious; it fills one with joy and power; it exalts and fulfills the blood. It teaches a male, in the thunderous currency of intellect and emotion, what is the true meaning of manhood. Compared to it, the gratifications of pretense and denial, the insistence on subverting ones blood and virility in the name of a false manhood conditioned by a demented, antibiological society, are pallid indeed. Let those who can climb mountains climb then; let those who cannot climb them console themselves with denying their existence."
"Rogue of Gor" Page 81

"One of the great pleasures in owning a girl is listening to her. It is a great pleasure to become intimately acquainted with her expressions and thoughts, from the most casual and trivial to the most delicate and profound."
"Guardsman of Gor" Page 183

Qualities of slaves

"One of the pleasant things about owning a slave," I said, "is the opportunity to converse with her, to listen to her, to hear her express herself, her feelings and ideas. One can learn much from a slave. Many slaves, like yourself, are highly intelligent. They can express themselves articulately, clearly, trenchantly and lyrically. It is a great pleasure to talk to them." "I see," she said. "Then, when one wishes," I said, "one puts them again on their knees."
"Beasts of Gor" page 203

"Incidentally, brilliant and imaginative women, particularly if beautiful and high-born, are avidly sought in Gorean slave markets. High intelligence, and imagination, perhaps interestingly from the point of view of a man of Earth, are highly prized in women by Gorean men. Indeed, a woman who is known to be intelligent and imaginative will bring a much higher price than some duller, but more beautiful, sister in bondage. Goreans, unlike many men of Earth, have very little interest in stupid women. The ideal candidate, for the Gorean slavers snare is a highly intelligent, beautiful, imaginative woman, one who is strong willed, proud and free. It is such women that Goreans enjoy making slaves. Perhaps, surprisingly, once conquered, once they have learned their brand, once they have learned their collar and silk, they make the most helpless, the most incredibly delicious slaves."
"Hunters of Gor page 154

"Most masters, incidentally, enjoy talking with their slaves, immensely; after all, the slave is not a mere contractual partner, in effect, a business associate; she is a prized possession; she is a treasure, and she is all one's own."
"Blood Brothers of Gor" Page 246

"When a woman is enslaved, for example, surely they do not suppose that her intelligence and sensitivity disappear. Surely they would not expect theirs to do so, if they had them. No, she still has them. Also, it has been my personal experience, for what it is worth, that slaves are almost always more intelligent and sensitive than free women, who often, at least until taken in hand, tend to be ignorant, smug, vain, and stupid. Also, it might be noted that many women are enslaved not simply because it is convenient to do so, the ropes are handy, so to speak, or because they are beautiful of face and figure, but actually because of their intelligence and sensitivity, qualities which appeal to many Gorean men. Indeed, such qualities commonly raise a girl's price. Also, as I have suggested, the intelligence and sensitivity of many women actually tends to blossom in bondage, finding within it the apt environment for its expression, for its flowering. This may have to do with such matters as the release of inhibitions, happiness, fulfillment, and such."
"Magicians of Gor" page 194

"The Gorean Master, commonly, likes a spirited girl, one who fights the whip and collar, resisting until the last, perhaps months later, she is overwhelmed and must acknowledge herself his, utterly and without reservation, then fearing only that he might tire of her and sell her to another."
"Nomads of Gor" Page 29

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To free slaves

"Gorean men, on the whole, do not free slaves. The freeing of a girl is almost unheard of. This makes sense. They are not free women. They are belongings, valuables, slaves, treasures. Who discards precious possessions, who surrenders treasures? If the slave girl were worth less perhaps she would be freed more. She is too marvelous to free; and if she is not marvelous, she can be slain. Too, what man who has known the glory and joy of a girl at his feet is likely to wish to exchange that for the inconvenience and bother of a free woman? No, slave girls, for all practical purposes, are not freed. They will remain in one collar or another. Men will have it that way."
"Explorers of Gor" Page 90

"The slave cannot free herself. She can be freed only by an owner. The condition of slavery does not require the collar, or the brand, or an anklet, bracelet or ring, or any such overt sign of bondage. Such things, as symbolic as they are, as profoundly meaningful as they are, and as useful as they are for marking properties, identifying masters, and such, are not necessary to slavery. They are, in effect, though their affixing can legally effect imbondment, ultimately, in themselves, tokens of bondage, and are not to be confused with the reality itself. The uncollared slave is not then a free woman but only a slave who is not then in a collar."
"Renegades of Gor" Page 273

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Love and slavery

"Love on Gor does not purchase a girl lenience; it does not mitigate her bondage, nor compromise her servitude, but rather renders it the more complete, the more helpless and abject."
"Tribesmen of Gor" Page 214

"Do some men care for their slaves,' I asked, 'just a little?' 'Some men care for them much more than a little,' he said. 'Even natural slaves?' I asked. 'Those are the best sort,' he said.
"Kajira of Gor" page 436

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"A slave girl is a delight to a man; she is extremely prized and precious; that the day of her acquisition should be celebrated each month with special ceremonies and rites is not surprising. These numerous anniversaries are deliciously celebrated, as they may be with a girl who is only a slave, and seldom forgotten; should such an anniversary be forgotten, should it be such that it is commonly celebrated, the girl redoubles her efforts to please, fearing she is to be soon sold."
"Slave Girl of Gor" Page 66

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To take care of a slave

"Come here," I said, "and kneel here." She rose from the water, it dripping from her body, and came and knelt on the grass, on the bank of the small stream, where I had indicated. I took the comb from her and laid it to the side. I then took the brush and, kneeling behind her, began to brush out her hair. It is not unusual for Gorean masters to comb and groom slaves, or ornament them personally, much as they might any animal that they owned."
"Savages of Gor" Page 237

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Slaves owned by women

"It is a hard thing for a girl to belong to a woman. Further, I knew she would wish me to be a demure girl, a fitting serving slave for a lady of wealth and rank, one whose status and image requires that her girls be paragons of shy, perfect obedience, humility and modesty, that they reflect not the least dishonor upon her. If I so much as looked at a man, even a slave, I had no doubt she would tear the flesh from my bones with the delicately beaded, feminine slave whip which, by its slender leather loop, hung upon its peg in her bedroom, where I, her girl, might constantly see it. I had already felt it. It would be torture to belong to her, not only from the shame of being forced to serve her perfectly, but because she would expect me to adopt her values and conform absolutely to them, values which involved her proud, determined independence of men, and her contempt of them. The slave girl must be as the mistress wishes. I had felt the hands of Gorean men, tight and strong, on my slave body. I did not know if I could now live without them."
"Slave Girl of Gor"

"It was a great shame, I knew, for a female slave to even have to touch a male slave, let alone to perform such an act as to address him as master. Female slaves despise male slaves. They regard themselves, and correctly, I suppose, as the rightful property only of free men and women, masters and mistresses."
"Fighting Slave of Gor" Page 85

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by Gregor Erhart - Saint Mary Magdalen

"He who surrenders his mastery surrenders his manhood. I wondered what those who flocked like sheep to their own castration received in recompense for their manhood. I supposed it must be very valuable. But if this were so, why did they feel it necessary to shrill so petulantly at others, those who scorned them and had chosen different paths?"
"Players of Gor" page 176

"It is one thing to own a woman," I said, "and it is another to have her within the bonds of an excellent mastery."
"Magicians of Gor" Page 465

"I considered the unilaterality of the master/slave relationship. All power is with the master. This, of course, has its effect upon the slave. Let her strive to be such that her master will keep her."
"Magicians of Gor" Page 127

"One of the great pleasures of making love to a slave is the uncompromising exploitation of her marvelous sexual sensitivities, her helplessnesses, they putting her so much in your power, enabling you to do with her as you please and obtain from her what you want. She may be brought up and down, as you please, at your will, at your mercy, and played like an instrument. She may, if you wish, be held short of her ecstasy, cruelly, if you desire, or, in a moment, with a touch, granted it. There are few sights so exciting and beautiful as a helplessly orgasmic slave crying out her submission and love."
"Vagabonds of Gor" Page 216

“The most complete and perfect institution for the total domination of a woman is that of female slavery,” I said. “How could a woman be more perfectly and completed dominated, more helpless, more dependent on a male, more vulnerable, more subject to a man’s will, more at a man’s mercy than to be literally his, an owned slave?” I looked at her. “Pretty Vella,” I said, “to look at you is to want you, to want you is to want to own you, completely, every bit of you, to have you completely at one’s mercy – completely.”
“It is such lust,” she wept. “It is such a complete and uncompromising desire. What could compare with it? I had not known such passion, such desire, could exist. It overwhelms me. I can scarcely breathe. And I am to be its helpless victim.”
"Tribesmen of Gor" Page 320

"Perhaps it should only be added that the Gorean Master, though strict, is seldom cruel. The girl knows, if she pleases him, her lot will be an easy one. She will almost never encounter sadism or wanton cruelty, for the psychological environment that tends to breed these diseases is largely absent from Gor. This does not mean that she will not expect to be beaten if she disobeys, or fails to please her Master."
"Outlaw of Gor" Page 53

"On Earth, as I understand it, there are certain romantic notions about, for example, that heroes may be expected to `win' damsels in distress, so to speak, by the performance of certain heroic behaviors which, for example, might bode little good to dragons, evil wizards, wicked knights, and such. These damsels in distress, once rescued, are then expected to elatedly bestow their fervent affectations on the blushing, bashful heroes, and so on. Needless to say, in real life, to the disappointment, and sometimes chagrin, of the blushing, bashful heroes, this denouement often fails to materialize. Although such notions are not unknown on Gor, the average Gorean tends to be somewhat more practical and businesslike than the average hero of such stories, if we may believe the stories. For example, the damsel of Earth, if she found herself rescued on Gor, might not have to spend a great deal of time gravely considering whether or not to bestow herself on the rescuer. She might rather find her wrists, to her surprise, being chained behind her, her clothing being removed and a rope being put on her neck. She might then find herself hurrying along on foot, beside his mount, roped by the neck to his stirrup."
"Renegades of Gor" page 99/100

"`Goreans are not men of Earth,' I said. `They will have what they truly want from a woman, everything.'"
"Beasts of Gor" page 230

"`There is something about being owned, and belonging to another, which is very meaningful to a woman,' she said. `It is also, in a way that is hard to make clear to a man, profoundly satisfying.'"
"Beasts of Gor" page 312

“I do not find it difficult to believe, Master,” she whispered. “Merely to look at the curtains excites me.” She touched her collar. “Merely to touch my collar excites me. To kneel on the furs, to feel them on my body, to be kneeling itself, before a man, excites me. To be naked before him, on my knees, makes me miserable with the desire for his touch.”
"Explorers of Gor" Page 132

"it is not uncommon for masters to pride themselves on the depth with which they know their slave girls; this depth is far greater in my opinion than that with which the average husband of Earth knows his wife; the slave girl is not simply someone with whom the man lives; she is very special to him; she is a treasured possession; he owns her; he wants to know, profoundly and deeply, the background, history, the mind, the intelligence, the appetites, the nature and the dispositions of his lovely article of property;
For example, it is common for a master to force his girl to speak at length and in detail to him of the secret sides of her nature, explaining and elaborating on her fantasies; if she is literate, she may be forced, naked, collared, on her knees at a small table, sometimes with her ankles shackled, to write them out; this supplies the master, of course, with abundant materials which may be used by him to make her further and more helplessly his; sometimes the girl attempts to deceive the master; it is not difficult to detect inauthenticity in such matters; she is then beaten; too, she may at times be ordered to invent fantasies, sometimes of a certain type; these, too, after she has invented them, are, to an astute master, instructive; these intellectual, emotional exercises, performed by the girl under a condition of slavery, particularly if coupled with an enforced exercise regime, posings under male surveillance, and such, can do much to sensitize her to her collar; they awaken her body and, of equal importance for the Gorean, though not for the Earthling, who sees sex with the perception of a hippopotamus, as a matter of body rubbings, her fantastic imagination and mind; she becomes curious, soon, about the deeper implications of what she is, a mere article of her master’s property; then, with authority, with assurance and power, to the depth and height of her mind and imagination she is taught; the slave girl experiences a paradox of freedom; the free woman is physically free, but miserable, fighting to be what she is not; the slave girl, physically in bondage, even to the collar, sometimes chains, is given no choice by men but to be totally and precisely what she is, slave; such women, the slave girls, interestingly, are almost always joyful and vital; they are, paradoxically, in their feelings and emotions, liberated; they are not pinched, not psychologically restrained; why this should be I do not know; to see such women, their heads high, their eyes bright, their bodies, their movements, beautiful, as no Earth woman would dare to be, is quite pleasurable."
"Tribesmen of Gor" Page 42

"The rare event had here taken place of a girl meeting her true master, and a man his true slave girl. the girl one among thousands less fortunate, had encountered a male, surely, too, one among thousands, who could be, and was, to her and for her, her absolute and natural master, the ideal and perfect male for her, dominant and uncompromising, who, could, and would, demand and get her full, yielding sexuality, which a woman can give only to a man who owns her totally, before whom, and to whom, she can be only an adoring slave. This happens almost, never on Earth, where the normal male/female relationship in the result of a weak, pleasant male's releasing of the female's natural instinct, rather than her usually frustrated instinct to submit herself fully to a truly dominant male, as a held and owned, penetrated, submissive female; it does occur, however, with some frequency on Gor, where girls, slaves, are more frequently traded and exchanged. One tries different girls, until one finds her, or those who are the most exquisite, the most pleasing; one tends then, to keep them this tends, too, to work out the the advantage of the women, the female slaves, but few, except themselves, are concerned with them, or their feelings; men, it is clear, have a need to dominate; few deny this; none deny it who are informed; in the Gorean culture, as it is not on Earth, institutions exist for the satisfaction of this need, rather than its systematic suppression and frustration; the major Gorean institutions satisfying this need, is the widespread enslavement of human females; the massive/slave relationship is the deepest, clearest recognition of, and obsession to, this masculine need, felt by all truly vital, sexual males; but in the Gorean theory, this masculine need to dominate, which, thwarted, leads to misery, sickness and petty, vicious, meaningless aggressions, is not a aberration, nor has an unconditional biological singularity in males, but has its full complementary, correspondent need in the human female, which is the need, seldom satisfied, to be overwhelmed and mastered, in primitive mate competitions, in which intelligence and cunning, and physical and psychological power, were of biological importance, rather than wealth and status, the best women, statistically, would fall to the strongest, most intelligent men; it is possible, and likely, that women, or the best women, were once fought for, literally, as well as symbolically, as possessions; if this were the case then it is likely that something in the female, genetically, would respond to dominance and strength; most women do not, truly, want weak men; they wish their children to be born not to an want equal but a superior; how could they respect a man who in stature and power was not more than themselves, the equal of a woman, a price; given the choice to bear the child of an equal, or a master, most woman would choose to bear the child of a master; woken long to bear the children of men superior to themselves; it is a defeated woman whose body grows fat with the child only of an equal; just a evolution, at one time selected for strong, intelligent men, capable of combat, because they re successful in mate competitions, so, too, correspondingly, in the transmission genetic structures, it would be selecting for women who responded to, and yielded to, such men, women who were the biologically specified and rightful property of such men, our ancestors, ..the dominate male is thus sleeted for in mate competition; the statistically male tends, statistically, to lose out his stronger, more intelligent foe; correspondingly, evolution selected for the female who responds the the dominant male; she who fled such men wither mater with weaker men, her children then being less well adapted for survival, or perhaps, fled away, and her genes were lost, for better or for worse, to the struggling human groups; the female who was excited by such men, and longed to belong to them, to masters, and keep by them and serve them, had the best chance of survival; she was the best protected; her children would be the best protected; further, her children would be more intelligent and stronger, being the offspring of more intelligent and stronger men; her lusts, and her love of being owned by such men, and her pride in their possession of her, who contribute substantially to not only her survival both that of her children; to, the woman would, over generations, become more beautiful and desirable, and sexually exciting, as vital males exercising their masculine prerogatives, selected among they daughters of the daughters of such women; men chose for mating women who pleased them, and women who pleased then were not the ugly, the gross, the belligerent and the stupid, but the intelligent, loving, desirable and beautiful; the twin dynamics of evolution, natural and sexual selection, thus formed over thousands of years the biological nature of the human female; originally there might have been only reason tendencies to respond to masculine domination, but those who had them had the best chance;.... of survival; such tendencies were the transmitted, becoming pervasive genetic characteristics of women; owned women lived; the most beautiful and best of those were selected the strongest, most intelligent and powerful men; it is from such intricate workings of nature that has come the intelligent, beautiful, sensitive women, the feminine woman, with complement of normal feminine hormones, who longs in her heart to lie lovingly, obediently, excitedly in the arms of a strong man, his woman; beyond this, one might note that dominance and submission are genetically pervasive in the genetically pervasive in the animal kingdom; among mammals in general, and primates universally, it is the male who dominates and the female who submits; this is not an aberration; the aberration is its conditioned frustration, possible, interestingly enough, only in an animal complicated enough to be subject to extensive conditioning regimes, where words may be used to induce counter instinctual responses, to the detriment and misery the individual organism, thought perhaps subservient to a given conception of economic and social relationships. We are bred hunters; we were made farmers."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 163

"But what if he is weak?" she begged. "Continue to serve him, in the fullness of your slavery, begging him for the least of his kisses, the most casual of his caresses...Even such small attentions, you will discover, now that you have become sensitized to your slavery, will be precious to you." "But what if he is stupid?" she asked. "Beg him to sell you, or give you away," I said, "that you may, if only in being sold off on the block, come into the collar of another, one capable of satisfying what you are, a slave." "But what if he will not sell me, or give me away?" she said. "Then," said I angrily, "that is how it will be, for it is you who wear the collar. He is the master, you are the slave."
"Magicians of Gor" page 233

"Escape is not, on the whole, a realistic possibility for slave girls on Gor. Indeed, girls are often sent, unattended, in a brief rep-cloth tunic on errands for their masters. They return to their masters for there is nowhere else to go; also a girl who is well mastered will often undergo great privations and hardships to return to the brute whom she cannot help loving with every slave inch of her. Slave girls are often hopelessly in love with their masters."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 331

"Most men of Earth do not, truly, unfortunately, pay much attention to women. Men often do not even, truly, know their mates. If they did, it seems that misunderstandings, divorces, and such, would be less frequent. An interesting contrast here is the Gorean master/slave relationship. Men tend to be extremely interested in things they own, and tend, usually, to be quite fond of them. Owned women do not form an exception to this general rule. The slave girl is commonly desired and prized by her master; she is one of his treasures. The Gorean master, interested in her and attentive to her, wants to know everything about her, in its complexity and intimacy. He wants to know her thoughts, her emotions and feelings, in their feminine, lyrical detail. Conversing with a lovely slave is one of the many pleasures of owning her. It is almost impossible for a girl to keep her thoughts or feelings from her master. He knows her too well. Most girls are extremely responsive to their masters, and love them deeply, with that incredible love which can be known only by an enslaved woman, that love which a woman can accord only to a man who is her total master."
"Fighting Slave of Gor" Page 99

"it is a beautiful moment when the woman realizes that the man who owns her is her love master, and the man realizes that the girl he bought, looking up at him, tears in her eyes, is his love slave. (...) she is, you see, a love slave; no woman can be more in a man's power; and with no woman must he be stronger."
"Beasts of Gor"

'The Perfect Bondage' is said to be one man and one woman, the complete master and the complete slave, ideal and perfect for each other's needs."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 442

"Goreans, as I have mentioned, are interested in owning the whole woman, in all her sweetness, depth, complexity and individualism."
"Guardsman of Gor" page 260

"Do Masters ever love their slaves?" she asked. "Often," I said. Indeed, a female slave is the easiest of all women to love; too, of course, she is the most natural of all women to love; these things have to do with the equations of nature, in particular, those of dominance and submission. To a man a female slave is a dream come true. A free woman, understandably, cannot begin to compete with the female slave for a man's love. That is perhaps another reason why free women so hate their vulnerable, imbonded sisters.
If a free woman would assure herself her man's love she could not do better than, in effect, become his slave. She can beg of him, if she senses in herself the true bondage of love, an enslavement ceremony, in which she proclaims herself, and becomes, his slave. In their most secret and intimate relations thereafter she lives and loves as his slave.
If a woman fears to do this, she may, on an experimental basis, resort to a limited self-contracting, in which her documents will contain stated termination dates. Thus, by her own free will, she becomes a slave for a specific period, ranging usually from an evening to a year. The woman enters into this arrangement freely; she cannot, of course, withdraw from it the same way. The reason for this is clear. As soon as the words are spoken, or her signature is placed on the pertainent document, or documents, she is no longer a free person. She is then only a slave, an animal, no longer with any legal powers whatsoever. She is, then, until the completion of the contractual period, until the expiration date of the arrangement, totally subject to the will of her Master."
"Blood Brothers of Gor" page 101

Sex in a woman, I think, is a more complicated phenomenon than it is in a man. She, if properly treated, and by properly treated I do not mean treated with courtesy and gentleness, but rather correctly treated, as her nature craves, is even more helplessly in the grasp of its power than a man. Sex in a woman is a very subtle and profound thing; she is capable of deep and sustained pleasures which might be the envy of any vital organism. These pleasures, of course, can be used by a man to make her a helpless prisoner and slave. Perhaps, that is why free women guard themselves so sternly against them. The slave girl, of course, cannot guard herself against them, for she is at the mercy of her master, who will treat her not as she wishes, but precisely as he wishes. Then she yields, as she must, and as a free woman may not, and her will is yielded in ecstasy to his. The needs of a woman, biologically, are deep; it is unfortunate that some men regard it as wrong to satisfy them. The correct treatment of a female, which is only possible to administer to a girl who is owned, is adjusted to her needs, and is complex and subtle. The least girl contains wonders for the master who understands her. Two things may perhaps be said. The correct treatment of a girl does not always preclude courtesy and gentleness no more than it always involves them. There is a time for courtesy and gentleness, and a time for harshness. The master must remember that he owns the girl; if he keeps this in mind he will generally treat her correctly. He must be strong, and he must be capable of administering discipline if she is not pleasing. Sex in a woman, as in a man, is not only richly biological but psychological as well, and the words suggest a distinction which is somewhat misleading. We are psycho-physical organisms, or better perhaps, thinking, feeling organisms. Part of the correct treatment of a woman is treating her as you wish; she has genetic dispositions for submission bred into every cell of her body, a function of both natural and sexual selection. Accordingly, what might seem brutal or quick to a man can be taken by a woman in the dimensions of her sentience as irrefutable evidence of his domination of her, her being owned by him, which thrills her to the core for it touches the ancient biological meaning of her womanhood. He simply uses her for his pleasure, because he wished to do so. He is her master.

"Sometimes slaves are skillful in immeshing masters in the toils of their beauty. How often do they conquer us with their softness! How often are we the victims of their delicious, insidious charms and wiles! What drums and alarms are found, upon occasion, in their glances and smiles. What battalions can march in a tearful eye and a trembling lip. What potent strategies can lurk in the line of a breast or the turn of a hip. How a bent knee and a bowed head can wrench a man's guts. Helplessness and vulnerability seem strange shields; how implausible is gentleness as an instrument of diplomacy; what an unlikely weapon is her tenderness. Who is most powerful, I wondered, the master or the slave? Then I realized that it is the master who is most powerful for he may, if he wishes, put her on the block and sell her or dispose of her in any way he pleases. In the end, in the final analysis, it is he, and not she, who holds the whip. It is she who, in the end, must kneel at the feet of a master, completely at his mercy, her will, in the final analysis, nothing. It is she who, in the end, in the final analysis, is owned, and must please, absolutely."
"Blood Brothers of Gor" page 316

"The case with slaves, such as you mydear, is of course much different. The difference, however, is that respect and attention is not due you, that it need not be accorded to you. You are slave. In actual practice, of course, masters tend to pay a great deal of attention to the thoughts and feelings of their lovely slaves. It is rewarding and delicious to do so. How wonderful it is to know another human being so intimately, especially one one owns. There are no secrets between masters and slaves. Her deepest thoughts and desires, as well as her most trivial fancies and observations, are open to him and, because he owns her, are of great interest to him. A man is much more likely to be intensely fond of a girl he owns than of a free individual toward whom he stands in a mere contractual relationship. The latter he does not own; the former he does. The owned girl is a valuable; she is precious; this makes her much different from a business partner. For what it is worth, the most intimate and deepest loves I have known have been between masters and their slaves, that between the love master and their love slave."
"Explorers of Gor" page 353

"Also, it must be recognized that many slaves often, and perhaps all slaves sometimes, find it difficult to look into the eyes of the master. (...)But, on the other hand, there is, on Gor, in circles of the mastery, no discouragement, commonly, of eye contact between masters and slaves."
"Savages of Gor" Page 258

"Please, no, Mistress," begged Melpomene, extending her hands to her Mistress. She could not believe what was being done to her. There can be no greater degradation for a slave girl than to be made to serve a slave."
"Fighting Slave of Gor" Page 291

"Please, Master," she said, "take pity on me. Take pity on the miserable needs of a girl."
"You are not mine," I told her. "You are a pretty little thing, but I do not own you."
"Please," she said.
"Your master," I said, "if he chooses, will satisfy your needs. If he does not, he will not."
For all I knew she might be under the discipline of deprivation. If that were so, I had no wish to impair the effectiveness of her master's control over her. Besides I did not know him. I did not wish to do him dishonor, whoever he might be."
"Beasts of Gor" Page 48

"The girls, commonly, treasure even the tiniest rag which can afford them some shielding, however pathetic, from the imperious gaze of masters. Too, from the point of view of the masters, the little that might be left to the imagination, small as it is, by such a garment, is often found to be intriguing and stimulating. It encourages them to her stripping. Too, giving a girl a bit of clothing, tends to give one more control over her, For example, will she be told to remove the garment, or will it be taken from her, and if so, publicly or privately? It must be understood, of course, that a slave, having no rights, does not have the right even to clothing. That a girl is wearing even a rag is usually a sign that she has pleased her master, and quite significantly, too. Often the garment of a slave girl does not come easily to her. In private, of course, even rags are often dispensed with. The slave is the property of the master, and, in the privacy of his quarters, she is done with, totally, as he pleases."
"Savages of Gor" Page 330

“What does the girl do in her free time?” asked Audrey.
“Much what she pleases,” I said. “She will have friends among the other slaves. She walks, she visits. She exercises, she reads. Within limits she can do what she wants to do.”
“Can she work outside the compartments?” asked Audrey.
“If it is permitted by the master,” I said, “and it does not in any way compromise her slavery.” I smiled. “Some women,” I said, “wear to their work the garments of a free woman but, when they return to their compartments, don as they must the silk of a slave, which is their true condition.”
“Is such a thing often permitted by a master?” asked Audrey.
“Commonly not,” I said. “Such a thing is often thought to compromise a girl's slavery. It is usually not permitted to her. Usually she is kept as full and absolute slave, not so much as permitted to touch the garment of a free woman.”
"Beasts of Gor" Page 249

"The major point of the restraint is to restrain not hurt. Indeed, pain can interfere with many of the diverse subsidiary values of restraints, physical and psychological. It can be distractive. Pain is a bit like the whip. The slave is subject to the whip, and truly subject to it, but this does not mean that she is necessarily whipped; that she could be whipped, and will be whipped, if she is not pleasing, is what is important, not that she need be whipped. Why should one beat a pleasing slave?"
"Renegades of Gor" Page 327

"How incredibly, and yet rationally and justifiably, I felt at his mercy. He was my master. He owned me. He could do whatever he wanted with me. He could trade me or sell me, or even slay me upon a whim, should he wish. I was absolutely his, his girl."
"Slave Girl of Gor" Page 108

"New slaves are often treated with great harshness. It helps them learn quickly that they are slaves. Later, when the girl is well trained and her services become perfections, she may be treated more leniently, even lovingly, like a dog."
"Dancer of Gor" page 90

"That you are sexually responsive, and could become significantly so," I said, "is no cause for dismay, or embarrassment or shame. Rather you should rejoice that your body is so marvelously healthy and alive."
"Vagabonds of Gor" Page 232

"Learning was closely associated, even immediately, with reward and punishment. Sometimes months later, even when not under the switch, a girl would, upon a mistake in grammar or vocabulary, wince, as though expecting a fresh sting of the switch. Goreans do not coddle their slave girls. This is one of the first lessons a girl learns."
"Tribesman" page 13

"A master takes no interest in the squabbles of slaves, it being beneath him."
"Nomads of Gor" Page 138

"I spoke calmly. "Free men do not much interfere in the squabbles of slaves."
"Assassin of Gor" Page 202

"Masters do not much interfere in the squabbles of slaves. Let them impose their own internal order among themselves."
"Slave Girl of Gor" Page 132

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by Renoir


"In the eyes of Goreans, and Gorean law, the slave is an animal. She is not a person, but an animal. She has no name, saving what her master might choose to call her. She is without caste. She is without citizenship. She is simply an object, to be bartered, or bought or sold. She is simply an article of property, completely, nothing more."
"Hunters of Gor" Page 148

"Yes, my dear, you are legally an animal. In the eyes of Gorean law you are an animal. You have no name in your own right. You may be collared and leashed. You may be bought and sold, whipped, treated as the master pleases, disposed of as he sees fit. You have no rights whatsoever. Legally you have no more status than a tarsk or vulo. Legally, literally, you are an animal."
"Explorers of Gor" Page 316

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“What is your name?” I asked the girl. “A slave has no name,” she said. “You may give me one if you wish.”
"Outlaw of Gor" page 196

"“I will give you a new name.” She nodded, miserably. Her old name, her old identity, had been taken from her forever. Her new name, though in sound the same, was not her old. Between them there was a difference of worlds, a gulf wider than the dividing planets. Her old name had been hers as a free person, publicly registered, legally certified, historically identified with her throughout her life, until her capture by slavers. It had been a proud, intimate possession, giving her pleasure and dignity. It had ennobled her. It has served, with other properties, to distinguish her as a precious person, a unique individual, among all others on the planet Earth. When asked who she was, it was with that name that she would answer. That was who she was. Then that name was taken from her. She was only an animal in bondage. Her name might be changed, or altered, as often as a Master wished. Indeed, he need not even give her a name. Changing a girl's name, or taking it away, are common modes of Gorean slave discipline.”"
"Hunters of Gor" Page 225

"The case with slaves, of course, is much different from that of free women, either those of Gor or Earth. Their names are simply given to them, as the names of animals. They may be altered or changed at will. Indeed, sometimes a slave is not even given a name. The names a slave wears, of course, are functions of the master's pleasure. They can own a name no more than they can own anything else. It is they who are owned. Some masters have favorite names for girls. Some masters may reward a hard-working girl with a lovely name; others may torment a slave who has been insufficiently pleasing with a cruel or ugly name. Most girls, of course, are given beautiful and exciting slave names, for the masters wish the girl, too, to be beautiful and exciting. … Needless to say, a slave girl, as she changes collars, may change names. Most girls, in passing from the hands of one master into those of another, will have had various names."
"Explorers of Gor" Page 366

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"A girl in a collar, as it is said, is not permitted inhibitions."
"Hunters of Gor" page 165

“A girl in a collar is not permitted inhibitions,” she said. It was true. Slave girls must reveal their sexual nature, totally. Do they not do so, they are beaten.”
"Marauders of Gor" page 278

“Are you truly slave, Mira?” asked the girl. Mira cast a glance at me.
”You may respond,” I told her.
”Yes, I am a slave,” said Mira, “totally.”
”What was he doing to you, before?” ask the girl.
”You watched?” asked Mira.
”Yes,” said the girl.
”He was enjoying me and using me as what I am, a slave,” she said.
”Are you embarrassed?” asked the girl.
”No,” said Mira. “A slave is not permitted modesty.”
”You seemed ecstatic with pleasure, overcome with gratitude and joy,” said the girl.
”It was my yielding,” she said.
”Need you have yielded like that?' asked the girl.
”Yes,” said Mira, “The slave is given no alternative other than to yield to the master fully.”
”But you would want to yield like that, wouldn't you?” asked the girl.
”Yes.” said Mira.
”Then the slave is forced to do what she, in her most secret heart, most deeply desires to do,” said the girl.
”Yes,” said Mira. “But you must understand that a slave's lot is not an easy one. We are often worked long and hard.”
”But is there not a pleasure in such a service?' asked the girl.
”At one time I would not have thought so,” said Mira, “but I know now, now that I am an owned slave, that there is.”
"Blood Brothers of Gor" page 295

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"Slaves, of course, being mere articles of property, are not entitled to privacy."
"Guardsman of Gor" page 171

"The absolute truth must be spoken to a Gorean master. It is forbidden to a girl to hide her feelings."
"Captive of Gor" Page 346

"“You are slave. In actual practice, of course, masters tend to pay a great deal of attention to the thoughts and feelings of their lovely slaves. It is rewarding and delicious to do so. How wonderful it is to know another human being so intimately, especially one owns. There are no secrets between masters and slaves. Her deepest thoughts and desires, as well as her most trivial fancies and observations, are open to him and, because he owns her, of great interest to him."
"Explorers of Gor" page 354

"I held the whip to her mouth, it's blades folded back.
She kissed it, and shuddered, and I placed it on the couch.
I slid the bronze pot toward her, across the tiles, to where, going to the end of her chain, she might reach it. "Relieve yourself," I told her, "facing me."
"Yes, Master," she said and, backing toward the pot, and squatting over it, she did so. I enjoyed making her perform this simple, homely act in my presence.
"I am a slave, aren't I?" she asked.
"Yes," I said."
Guardsman of Gor" page 294

"I looked up and met the eyes of the other fellow, he who had slid the bowl back to me, he who had ordered me to relieve myself.
They were stern. "Yes, Master," I said.
Quickly then I relieved myself. I thought to myself with bitter amusement how Teibar, my Teibar, might have smiled, to see me squatting here, his "modern womam," now a frightened slave, on his world, relieving herself at a man's command. Doubtless he had known full well, he, a native of this world, that such things would be required of me. The bowl, incidentally, is not an improper precaution. It is often used before sales. Though usually there is a liberal sprinkling of sawdust on the block it is usually there less, I think, for practical purposes than for symbolic ones, for example, making clear the animal nature of what is vended there, and for the sake of tradition. Goreans have an unsual reverence to tradition. Still it could serve. The bowl, however, is better."
"Dancer of Gor" page 121/2

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La Maja desnuda

“What is the duty of a slave girl,” I inquired.
“Absolute obedience,” she said, frightened.
“What are you?” I inquired.
“A slave girl,” she said.
“What is your duty?” I asked.
“Absolute obedience,” she cried out.
"Hunters of Gor" Page 258

"`What are my duties?' I asked.
`Exquisite beauty and absolute obedience,' said Sucha."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 261

"He is Master, and I am Slave.
He is owner, and I am owned.
He commands, and I obey
He is to be pleased, and I am to please,
Why is this?
Because he is Master and I am Slave."
"Explorers of Gor" page 178/9

"What are the duties of a slave?" I asked.
"They are complex, and manifold, Master," she said.
"Speak generally," I said.
"We are to be absolutely docile," she said, "totally obedient and fully pleasing."
"Savages of Gor" page 184

"On Gor there many sayings about masters and slaves. One is in the form of a question and an answer. The question is, "What does a slave owe a Master?" The answer is, "Everything, and then a thousand times more."
"Dancer of Gor" Page 189

“You must, accordingly, strive to understand, relate to, serve and please the unique master in each man. You must bring your own individual personalities and talents to bear on his challenge. Try in your uniqueness to be perfect and special for him in his uniqueness. Read him. Learn him. Become acutely aware of him. Be sensitive to his moods, and his changes. Find out what he wants from you, and then see that he gets it, and more. Find out what he wants you to be and then be it, beyond his wildest dreams. Remember that you are the slave. You exist for his service and pleasure.”
"Kajira of Gor" Page 293

"The major duty of a slave girl, I suspected, was not to cook, or sew, or launder, but to give men lengthy, profound and exquisite pleasures, such as only a beautiful female could give a man, to be to him whatever he might wish, and to give to him all that he might command, and, to the extent of her beauty, ingenuity and imagination, a thousand times more."
"Slave Girl of Gor" Page 69

"I wanted to tear at their eyes with my fingernails. But I did not wish to be whipped, or slain. It is not surprising that the Gorean slave girl is obedient. Those who are not obedient are often destroyed. I was terribly afraid then, that I had even felt a momentary impulse to rebellion. I shook with terror. Did I think I was still on Earth? Did I not know I was now on Gor? I shuddered. Rebellion is not permitted to the Gorean slave girl."
"Slave Girl of Gor" Page 153

"Insubordination in any form, of any sort, in even the tiniest, least significant degree, is not accepted from slave girls by their Gorean masters."
"Players of Gor" Page 227

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"Not too unusual…where the master, in effect, willingly wears the collar, and his lovely slave, by the practice of the delightful wiles of her sex, with scandalous success wheedles her way triumphantly from the satisfaction of one whim to the next."
"Outlaw of Gor" page 54

"Every woman in her heart wants to wear the chains of a man."
"Outlaw of Gor2 page 54

"On Gor,"... "the myths have it that only the woman who has been an utter slave can truly be free." ..."It has nothing to do, I think,"... "with what woman is actually slave or free, has little to do with the simplicity of chains or the collar, or the brand."..."It means I think,"... "that only the woman who has utterly surrendered -- and can utterly surrender -- loosing herself in a man's touch -- can be truly a woman, and being what she is, is then free."
"Nomads of Gor" page 289

"A woman can only respect a man who can reduce her to utter defeat."
"Nomads of Gor" page 298

"In every woman there is a Free Companion, seeking her companion, and a slave girl, seeking her master."
"Captive of Gor" page 83

"Woman is the natural love prey of man. She is natural quarry. She is complete only when caught, only when brought to the joy of her capture and conquest."
"Hunters of Gor" page 197

"Gorean philosophy, for all its faults, is designed to make people free and great"
"Marauders of Gor" page 13

"Goreans do not coddle their slave girls. This is one of the first lessons a girl learns."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 13

"They are Goreans. They are strong, and they are hard, and they will conquer you."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 12

"Only in a collar can a woman be truly free." The paradox of the collar.
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 75

"To take the most brilliant, the most imaginative, the most beautiful women, and put them at your feet, impassioned, helpless slaves is victory."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 128

"Men respected free women; they desired, fought for, sought and relished their female slaves."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 150

"A slave girl owes her master absolute obedience."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 313

"The pride of a free woman is of one who feels herself equal to a man. The pride of a kajira is of one who knows that no other woman is the equal of herself."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 333

"Only a true slave begs to be free; that act brands a woman uncontrovertibly as a slave."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 350

"It requires only the right master to bring out the slave in any woman."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 265

"A girl who is bold is likely to think of marvels of pleasure for her master which a more timid girl would not dare to even contemplate."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 172

"A man, in his heart, desires freedom, and a woman, in her belly, yearns for love. The collar answers both needs. The man is most free, owning the slave. He may do what he wishes with her. The woman, being owned, is institutionally and helplessly subject, in her status as slave, to the submission of love."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 180

"A slave girl must be at least a whore, and a marvelous one at that. Being a whore is but a small step in the direction of being a slave girl."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 220

"The slave seeks her master, the master his slave. When they find one another they will know it. She will kneel to him, and he will accept her as his."
"Beasts of Gor" page 232

"Slave fires lurk in every woman. It is only a question of arousing them."
"Explorers of Gor" page 47

"Only a slave begged to be purchased,..."
"Explorers of Gor" page 122

"The Goreans say that no woman is a true woman until she has submitted as a slave, and that no man has experienced his full sexuality until he has thrown her to the foot of his couch."
"Fighting Slave of Gor" page 65

"A Gorean saying has it that a lashed slave is a hot slave."
"Fighting Slave of Gor" page 367

"Only where there are true men can there be true women."
"Rogue of Gor" page 100

"How lonely is the man who has not yet found his slave; how forlorn is the woman who has not yet found her master."
"Rogue of Gor" page 240

"He who ties a woman owns her."
"Guardsman of Gor" page 267

"The Goreans say that if one has never had a slave one has never had a woman"
"Savages of Gor" page 221

"She who writhes best under the lash, so say the Goreans, writhes best in the furs."
"Savages of Gor" page 230

"Goreans have a theory that there are only two kinds of women, slaves and slaves."
"Players of Gor" page 62

"They all desire to be totally prisoners of love, and they will never be fully content until they become so."
"Mercenaries of Gor" page 68

"She is held in her bondage by the strongest of all bonds, that of love."
"Mercenaries of Gor" page 318

“Properly handled, women become as subservient and affectionate as dogs.”
"Mercenaries of Gor" page 68

“I want a private master,” she said. “I want my own master.” “It is a natural desire on the part of a female,” I said.”
"Mercenaries of Gor" page 318

"It is well for a slave to fear her master."
"Dancer of Gor" page 143

"It is a common Gorean belief that all females are bred slaves. It is only that some have their collars and some, as yet, do not."
"Magicians of Gor" page 257

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