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Talina welcomes all Free and kajirae to the Gorean Springs and hopes this will be a space to chat, discuss, learn and relax, where Free People behave as such and slaves are treated as slaves. If you are not Gorean and do not wish to be then I politely request you to leave, if you wish to learn you are welcome to stay and your questions will be answered to the limits of our knowledge.


1- Only slaves over 21 years old will be allowed in the Gorean Springs
2- Slaves will enter, go to the slaves' area, in the grass, perform nadu and then greet.
3- They will greet individiually in three posts, first the Masters, second Free Women and last the other slaves.
4- Free Men are to be addressed as Masters and Free Women as Mistresses.
5- Slaves are held responsible for their actions, and owned or un-owned, can be corrected by any Free.
6- Slaves serving will not PM anybody except the person they are serving.
7- Slaves not serving will be considered in service to the Springs and will beg permission to answer PMs from outside.
8- Permission to go afk and to leave is necessaire.
9- Slaves will read the website, the Rules and the Service Area page in order to get familiar with the Springs environment and be more pleasing in their serves.
10- When offering service slaves will approach the Free, at a respectful distance, and then beg to serve.
11- Be aware at all times of your station and remember you are here to please and serve the Free.


1- Do NOT use Avatars, bold or italic, use just arial 10 or maximum 11, blue or black, not bold, for speech and purple for actions.
2- Visitors interested to learn about Gorean culture will request to do so and will be allowed to visit if their request will be judged sincere.
3- Visitors are requested to read the website, the Rules and the Service Area pages in order to get familiar with the Springs environment and with what is expected from them.
4- Questions will be allowed as long as they are reasonable and respectful.
5- Visitors or slaves observing will remain respectful at all times and are NOT allowed Bubble thoughts.
6- Visitors needing help with Gorean protocol are invited to request help from the slaves collared to the Springs or, if none available, from the Free.
7- The Gorean Springs is a Gorean room and as such will not allow elves, demons, vampires, witches, knights and similar creatures. We come here as ourselves, to interact with other Goreans and not to role play a character. Assassinations are considered roleplay and will not be recognised. If you wish to do so go to an appropriated room.
8- To come here with a capped name will not make you a Master or Mistress automaticaly. Behave honorably and your actions will gain you respect.
9- Collaring requires mutual consent. There is no forced collars. If the slave changes her name she is consenting.
10- Remember that slaves are property and treat them as such, but remember also, if they are owned, you should respect the owner. It is a matter of courtesy to another Gorean.
11- Free Women will be respected, but if they, in anyway, behave as slaves, they will be treated as such.
12- First offenders will be warned, at a second offense you will be banned for that day, at continued offense you will be banned indefinitely.
13- You are a visitor in the Springs. If you do not like the rules you are requested to leave. Trouble makers will not be tolerated.
14- Remember the Owners have the last word here.


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