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Third person speach

“Does Phyllis remember the lash?" asked Flaminius.
The girl's eyes widened with fear. "Yes," she said.
“Then say so," said Flaminius. I whispered in to Ho-Tu, as though I could not understand what was transpiring.
"What is he doing with them?" Ho-Tu shrugged.
"He is teaching them they are slaves," he said.
"I remember the lash," said Phyllis.
"Phyllis remembers the lash," corrected Flaminius.
"I am not a child!" she cried.
"You are a slave," said Flaminius.
"No," she said. "No!"
"I see," said Flaminius, sadly, "it will be necessary to beat you.”
"Phyllis remembers the lash," said the girl numbly."
"Assassin of Gor" Page 131

"Master," she whispered.
"Yes?" I said.
"May I be taught to dance?" she asked.
"Who is 'I'?" I questioned.
"Alyena, your slave girl, Master," she whispered, "begs to be taught to dance."
"Perhaps she will be taught," I said.
"She is grateful," said the girl.
"Tribesmen of Gor" Page 91

"Do you want Darlene branded?" she asked.
"No," I said, "of course not!" I was surprised that she had spoken of herself as she did, using her name. This is not uncommon, of course, among female slaves."
"Fighting Slave of Gor" Page 147

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Using Masters name

"A Gorean slave, incidentally, always addresses free men as "Master," and all free women as "Mistress."
"Captive of Gor" page 73

" (...) a slave girl is seldom permitted, at least publicly, to address her master by his name, only his title. The privilege of using his name, of having it on her lips, is, according to the most approved custom, reserved for that of a free woman, in particular a Free Companion. Gorean thinking on this matter tends to be expressed by the saying that a slave girl grows bold if her lips are allowed to touch the name of her master. On the other hand, I, like many Gorean masters, provided the girl was not testing or challenging me, and provided that free women, or others, were not present whom I had no wish to offend or upset, preferred as a matter of fact to have my own name on the girl's lips, for I think, with acknowledged vanity, that there are few sounds as pleasurable as the sound of one's own name on the lips of a beautiful woman."
"Priest Kings of Gor" page 206

"'May I call you Tarl?' she asked. 'Only if given permission, ' I told her. this was normal Gorean slave custom. Generally, of course, such permission is not even asked, and , if asked would be denied.
Sometimes a girl is whipped for even daring to ask this permission.
"A girl asks permission to call her Master by his name," she said.
"It is denied," I said.
"Yes, Master," she said. I would not permit the slave girl to speak my name. It is not fitting that the name of the master be soiled by being touched by the lips of a slave girl."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 360

"Slave girls, of course, may speak the name of their masters to others, for example, as in locutions such as, "I am the girl of Calliodorus of Port Cos," or "I come from the house of Colliodorus." It is only that they are seldom, in addressing the master himself, permitted to use his name. He is usually addressed simply as "Master," or as "my Master."
"Guardsman of Gor" page 270

""You will address me," she said, "as Lady Elicia, my mistress, or, as you have done, simply as Mistress, that sort of thing."
"Yes, Lady Elicia, my mistress," I said.
"Excellent, Judy," she said, "you learn swiftly." She leaned back. "Oh, I shall relish owning you," she said. "I shall demean and humiliate you, and work you, and have whatever I wish from you."
"Yes, Lady Elicia, my mistress," I whispered. My former rival now owned me."
"Slave girl of Gor" page 389

“Please, my Ubar,” said she, “let me stay.”
“I am not your Ubar,” I said. “I am your master.”
“Please, Master,” she begged, “let Telima stay.”
"Raiders of Gor" page 224

“Captain!” demanded the boy.
The kitchen master, in fury, grabbed him by the hair and raised his arm to thrash him.
I gestured that he not do so.
The kitchen master stepped back, angry.
“What do you want?” I had asked the boy.
“To see you, Captain,” said he.
“Master!” corrected the kitchen master.
“Captain!” cried the boy.
“Normally,” I said to the boy, “a kitchen slave petitions to enter his master’s presence through the kitchen master.”
“I know,” said the boy.
“Why did you not do so?” I asked.
“I have,” said the boy defiantly, “many times.”
“And I,” said the kitchen master, “have refused him.”
“What is his request?” I asked the kitchen master.
“He would not tell me,” said the kitchen master.
“How then,” I asked the boy, “did you expect the kitchen master to consider whether or not you should be permitted to enter my presence?”
"Raiders of Gor" page 220

"The boy looked at me. “Thank you,” he said, “Captain.”
“Master,” corrected Tellius.
“May I not,” asked the boy of me, “address you as Captain?”
“If you wish,” I said.
“Thank you,” said he, “Captain.”
“Now begone, Slave,” said I."
"Raiders of Gor" page 222

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"Tal," cried Ute, greeting me as a free person."
"Captive of Gor" page 237

"Greetings, Ute," said I, smiling.
"Tal, El-in-or," smiled Ute."
"Captive of Gor" page 245

"Tal, Kajirae!" cried one of the men, waving.
"Captive of Gor" page 86/7

"The girls stood straight, proud under the gaze of a warrior. "Tal, Master," said many of them, as I rode slowly by."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 344

"Tal, Master," they said to me.
`Tal, Slave Girls," I said to them."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 345

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"It is almost universal, as far as I know, that a slave kneels in one fashion or another when entering her master's presence, or if she should find herself in his presence. She also commonly kneels when spoken to by any free person. This is simply a matter of respect. To be sure, she can be slain, if she does not do so. The kneeling position, of course, which the master's, or free person's, permission, either tacit or explicit, is usually required to break, is commonly an initial position. For example, after its deferential assumption, she may be dismissed from it, to other duties, such as cleaning, shopping or cooking."
"Dancer of Gor" Page 114

"A Gorean slave girl in the presence of a free man or woman always kneels, unless excused from doing so. I had even learned to kneel when addressed by the guards and, of course, always, when approached by Targo, my master. A Gorean slave, incidentally, always addresses free men as "Master," and all free women as "Mistress."
"Captive of Gor" Page 73

"The kneeling position is, of course, a suitable one for slaves. A slave will normally assume such a position on entering the presence of her master or a free person. She will probably remain in it until permitted to rise. It is a common position, too, for her to assume when she is in attendance of a master, for example, awaiting his notice or commands. Too, she will usually speak to her master from this position, unless, of course, she is lying down, as in making her reports to him, inquiring as to his will, answering questions, and so on. Some masters approve it, too, for purposes of general conversation."
"Blood Brothers of Gor" Page 246

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Eye contact

"The slave girl is often very careful about meeting the eyes of a free man directly, particularly stranger. They can be cuffed or beaten for such insolence."
"Nomads of Gor" page 60

"Stand straight," called Grunt to the coffle, which, now, in our pause, had put down its burdens. "Keep your heads up, but do not meet his eyes. It is you who are the merchandise, the beauties, the slaves, not he. It is not yours to examine, but to be examined, not yours to consider, but to be considered." I thought Grunt was wise not to have the girls look into the eyes of the Fleer warrior. Such an exchange of glances or looks, can be like an electric shock, an encounter almost fearfully significant. Who knows what each might recognize in the eyes of the other? Does she see in his eyes that he is one such as might be her master? Does he see in her eyes that she is one who could not help but acknowledge herself and soon, despite what she might now take to be her desires, his helpless and natural slave? Sometimes, at as little as a meeting of eyes, masters and slaves know one another. "I must have her. She is mine," he tells himself. "I belong to him. I am his slave," her heart whispers to her."
"Savages of Gor" page 257

"This matter of eye contact is interesting and has many facets. One of the most initially frightening and disturbing things to Earth women brought to Gor as slaves is the way Gorean men look at them. They are not used to being looked at as women, truly, with appraisal, desire and ownership. This tends, in the beginning, when they are still new to their collars, to confuse and frighten them, but also, of course, as it will continue to do, and even more powerfully, to stimulate them. It is the first time that they have found themselves in the order of nature, and as what they are, and it is the first time that they have found themselves being looked at, frankly, and honestly, within the order of nature, and as what they are, females, appropriate objects of male perdition and desire."
"Savages of Gor" page 258

"Sometimes in training, incidentally, or as a discipline or punishment, the slave is not permitted to look into the eyes of the master. Indeed, sometimes, in training, she is not permitted to raise her eyes above the belt of the trainer. Also, it must be recognized that many slaves often, and perhaps all slaves sometimes, find it difficult to look into the eyes of the master. He, after all, holds total power over them and they fear to displease him. What if he should interpret her gaze as suggesting the least insubordination or insolence? Are they truly prepared to have the soles of their feet lashed or to live on bread crusts for the next five days? But, on the other hand, there is, on Gor, in circles of the mastery, no discouragement, commonly, of eye contact between masters and slaves. Indeed, in the deep and profound relationships of love and bondage, such eye contact is usually welcomed and encouraged. What can be understood of the glances of masters and slaves by those who have been united only in lesser relationships?"
"Savages of Gor" page 258

"Too, to be sure, from the practical point of view, it is useful for the girl to be able to look into the eyes of the master. In this way she may be able to better read his moods, and desires, and, accordingly, be able the better to serve him, in the process perhaps saving herself a few cuffings and beatings, such as might be garnered by a less alert, more slothful, laxer girl. To be sure, all girls, upon occasion, are cuffed or beaten. This is good for them, and helps to remind them that they are slaves. Beauty in a slave girl, incidentally, and most slaves are beautiful, for this is the sort of woman that tends to be enslaved, does not excuse poor service. The most beautiful girl must serve with the same perfection as the lesser girl. Gorean masters are uncompromising on this point."
"Savages of Gor" page 258

"From the point of view of the master, too, not only is it pleasant to look into the eyes of a slave, but there are certain practical advantages attached to doing so. For example, one might, in her eyes, read desire, and thus order her to perform an act which she, even though a slave, might not have dared to beg to perform, or, say, by looking into her eyes, one might determine if she has been up to something or has neglected something to which she should have attended. Has she been into the sweets? Has she, perhaps gossiping and dawdling with the other girls, been amiss in the discharge of her duties? Perhaps the shopping has not yet been done? Perhaps the laundry has not yet been finished? Such infractions call for discipline. But perhaps, in lieu of discipline, the master will accept the performance of desperate placatory services on the part of the offending slave. The decision is his. I would, incidentally, advise the slave to be superb."
"Savages of Gor" page 259

"“Slave,” she sneered. “Yes, Mistress,” I whispered, and looked down. I could not meet her eyes, those of a free woman."
"Captive of Gor" Page 138

"Similarly the Gorean free woman does not seem appropriately suited to menial tasks. She is too free, too proud. It is difficult for a collared slave girl even to look into the eyes of such a person."
"Captive of Gor" Page 318

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To enter a room

"Observe," once had said Elizabeth to me, to my amusement, in the secrecy of our compartment, "the twelfth way to enter a room," I had observed. It was not bad. But I think I preferred the tenth, that with the girl's back against the side of the door, the palms of her hands on the jamb, her head up, lips slightly parted, eyes to the right, smoldering at just the right temperature. "How many ways are there," I asked, sitting cross-legged in the center of the compartment, on the stone couch, "to enter a room?" "It depends on the city," said Elizabeth. "In Ar we are the best; we have most ways to enter a room. One hundred and four." I whistled. "What about," I asked, "just walking straight through?" She looked at me. "Ah," said she, "one hundred and five."
"Assassin of Gor" page 204

"A girl," I told her, "on entering the compartment of her master, kneels." "Furthermore," I said, "commonly, in the presence of a free man, the girl kneels."
"Tribesmen of Gor" Page 46

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Permission to leave

"The slave girl within the city, incidentally, commonly receives a great deal of freedom. She normally can do much what she wants, and go much where she wishes. Her mobility and freedom in such respects is often greater than that accorded to free women. This freedom and mobility does not matter greatly, of course, since she is branded and collared. To be sure, she is seldom allowed outside the walls of of a city unless in the company of a free person. Similarly, if an appropriate free person is available, she must request permission to leave the house. At this time, she will probably also have the Ahn of her return specified for her. Similarly, if an appropriate free person is available, she must report in to that person, when she returns. (...) Many houses are strict about such matters. Being late can be a matter for discipline."
"Renegades of Gor" page 413

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Permission to speak

"I do not know how to be a slave girl," she suddenly wept.I thrust her head down, "You will begin," I said, "by learning to be docile and submissive." I then rewound the wadding and, dragging her head up briefly, by the hair, from behind, pushed it into her mouth and lashed it in place. I then again thrust her head down. "Also," I said, "you will consider whether or not, at a given time, your master wishes to hear you speak. If you are in doubt, you may ask his permission to speak, which may then be granted or denied, as he pleases."
"Explorers of Gor" page 412

"May I speak, Master?" asked the girl.
"Yes," I said, as Marcus would not respond to her. This permission may be given by any free person and is effective, unless it is overruled by the true master."
"Vagabonds of Gor" Page 486

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"The Gorean slave girl, incidentally, will space herself from her master quite differently in different situations. For example, if she is somewhat farther away, it is easier for her to display herself in all her beauty; if she wishes to wheedle for his caress she may approach quite closely; if she is receiving instructions she may kneel a few feet away; if she is begging to serve his pleasure she may kneel at his feet, perhaps kissing them, and holding his ankles; obviously, too, a girl who fears she is to be disciplined will commonly hang back; sometimes, too, a girl will fear to approach too closely until the master, by an expression or small sign, indicates that she is not in obvious disfavor and may do so."
"Explorer of Gor" Page 201

"Blood ran from my mouth; other blood I swallowed. My vision cleared; I could not believe the pounding of my heart. I had been cuffed. I knelt, terrified. At that time I did not realize how light had been my discipline considering the gravity of my offense. I had both spoken without permission, and broken position without permission. Most simply, I had been displeasing to a free man."
"Slave Girl of Gor" Page 34

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To repeat a command

"Also, punishment for having to repeat a command is always at the option of the master. For example, a command might not be clearly heard, or might not be clear in itself, or might appear inconsistent with the master's presumed intentions. Whether punishment is in order or not is then a matter for judgment on the master's part."
"Magicians of Gor" Page 198

"Learning was closely associated, even immediately, with reward and punishment. Sometimes months later, even when not under the switch, a girl would, upon a mistake in grammar or vocabulary, wince, as though expecting a fresh sting of the switch. Goreans do not coddle their slave girls. This is one of the first lessons a girl learns."
"Tribesman of Gor" page 13

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The threshold

"Of course, my Master," she cried suddenly, delightedly. "I have been carried across the threshold. And now I have been put in whipping position! I am being introduced into a house, in which I am to be a slave. My mysterious master must, thus, be of Victoria, or of some other city in which are practiced the customs of the capture carry and initiatory whipping!" The point of these customs, of course, is clear.
"Guardsman of Gor" page 200

Gorean slaves, incidentally, are commonly carried over the threshold when they first enter a master's house or place of residence. This is reminiscent of a bridal custom on Earth, of course. That custom, an ancient one, makes tacitly clear the bride's ownership by the male, and has a clear implication of capture and bondage. It is natural that the bride desires this ceremony, and will plead for it. The oafish male, commonly, does not even understand what is going on. He should, of course, take her directly to bed, and throw her upon it, his."
"Explorers of Gor" page 186

"Not all Gorean slaves, of course, are carried over the threshold. Some are leashed and enter on their hands and knees. Some, perhaps bound and collared, are thrust through. The common denominator of these customs, of course, is that the slave must understand that force, either explicitly or implicitly, is involved, and that she will enter the stronghold of the master, and as a slave, whether she wills to or not."
"Explorers of Gor" page 186

"A similar sort of thing is done sometimes when a master brings home a new girl to a house which is completely empty, if necessary, by prearrangement, and new to her, and orders her to enter alone. "Warm wine" he tells her. "Light the lamp of love. Spread furs. Crawl naked into them, and await me."
"Yes, Master," she says.
She then enters the house, obeying. Not a shackle or a cord is on her body. But few women could be more slave than she, entering fearfully the strange, empty house, and preparing herself for her master's pleasure."
"Explorers of Gor" page 187

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Initiatory whipping

"The girl knows that she is carried into the house as a helpless slave, and then, in the initiatory whipping, learns that it is a house in which she is under discipline. These are thought to be a salutary lessons for a new girl, when she is first introduced into a new house. To be sure, whether in Victoria or not, or in a city with comparable customs, new girls, in one way or another, are usually reminded, promptly and effectively, that their slavery is uncompromising and actual, and that they are fully at the disposition of their masters."
"Guardsman of Gor" page 201

"Sometimes a girl is whipped when she is first brought into a new house. It is regarded, in some cities, including Victoria as a way of making clear to her that the house in which she now finds herself is a house in which she is a slave.
Ten strokes more then did I administer to the fair beauty.
"Too," I said, "earlier you dared to speak my name."
"Forgive me Master," she sobbed.
"That has earned you five extra strokes," I informed her.
She moaned and then was shaken five times, encircled in the burning lashes, being repaid for her insolence.
When I lowered the whip she sagged in the leather, fastened at the ring, and slipped from consciousness. I went before her and slapped her awake. She looked at me, startled, awakened in pain, terrified. "And one more stroke," I told her, " to remind you that you are slave."
"Yes Master," she whispered.
I delivered the blow, letting it be the fiercest of her beating."
"Rogue of Gor" page 129/130

"I walked to a position behind her and to her left. Gently I slid the whip, the blades folded back, against her, moving it from her left thigh to her waist, and thence upward against her left side. 'Yes, Master,' she said. I walked about her. The slave was beautiful and exquisitely figured. I then stood behind her, and slightly to her left. I shook out the blades of the whip, with a gentle loosening of the leather, so that she would know they were free.
"Yes, Master," she said. "I am a new girl, who is being introduced into the house." Then I gave her ten strokes. This seemed to me a suitable number for such a purpose."

"Guardsman of Gor" page 205

"I tapped her on the back of the left shoulder with the whip. One more blow was to be struck.
"Yes, Master," she said, "that blow which is to remind me that I am slave."
I then stood again behind her, and to her left. I grasped the handle of the slave whip with two hands. Then again, with unrestrained force, the hardest blow of all, was she struck. She cied out in pain. Then again, sobbing, she hung in the bracelets, a whipped slave. This last blow is often, though not invariably, added to a slave's whipping. It is sometimes referred to as the gratis blow, or the mnemonic blow. Often it functions as little more than a stroke for, say, good measure. To be sure, whatever its purpose, it makes it very clear to the slave that she is fully under discipline, and that the master may, if he wishes, beat her how, when and as much as he pleases."
"Guardsman of Gor" page 205

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Precedence of commands

"Then she cried out to me. "Run, Judy." "Fetch help!"
"Do not." said the man.
"Yes, Master," I said. I looked at the Lady Elicia.
"Forgive me, Mistress," I said. "I am a slave girl who has been commanded by a man." I knelt to one side.
"Slave Girl of Gor" Page 392

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Feeding the slave

"Elizabeth Cardwell took the meat in her two hands, confined before her by slave bracelets and the chain of the sirik, and bending her head, her hair falling forward, ate it. She, a slave, had accepted meat from the hand of Kamchak of the Tuchuks. She belonged to him now."
"Nomads of Gor" page 54

"I thrust it, some bread and fruit, in her mouth, while she had knelt in the position of the pleasure slave. This is something done with a girl in her first feeding, or feedings, and may, upon occasion be repeated. She is fed as an animal, and from the hand of a master, and while in the position of the pleasure slave. This helps to reinforce the centrality of her condition upon her. This helps her to understand what she is."
"Explorers of Gor" page 197

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Feeding the Master

"One thing of that sort I recall is a trick where the girl feeds the master a grape held between her teeth. She may or may not have her wrists braceleted behind her back for this particular feat. One leg is folded beneath her and the other is extended behind her, toes pointed, and then she lifts the grape delicately to your mouth. Elizabeth and I used to laugh heartily over this one, but I think it was effective, as I seldom got beyond the third grape."
"Assassin of Gor" page 204

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To dress the Master

"Stand," he said.
I was regarded then, as such men regards one such as I.
"Disrobe," he said.
My hand moved to the loop at my left shoulder, and I drew upon the loop, and, in a moment, stepped from the silk.
He gestured to the grass, permissively.
I sat back, on the grass, leaning back, on the palms of my hands.
In this fashion one's hands are rather behind one, and rather held in place, by one's own weight.
This position is one we are taught. In it, as it clear to us, we are more vulnerable."
"Witness of Gor" page 61

"I made as though to draw my wet silk hastily over my body.
"You have not received permission to silk yourself," he said.
Quickly I put down the silk. I was still kneeling.
"Tunic," he said, handing it to me.
I stood obediently, and shook out the tunic, and kissed it, as one is trained to do. I then helped him into it.
"Belt and wallet," he said.
These, too, I kissed, and putting my arms about him, trying to touch him as little as possible, for the others were watching, affixed the belt, with wallet in place. But the nearness to him made me tremble, he a man, and one of this world.
He pointed to the grass, to one side, and I knelt there, one such as I at the feet of one such as he.
He kicked his sandals to one side, a few feet away. Then he regarded Aynur. She looked at him, almost in protest, disbelievingly. He then pointed to the sandals, and snapped his fingers.
Aynur dropped to all fours and crawled to the first sandal, picked it up in her teeth, and brought it to him, and dropped it at his feet. She then fetched the second sandal, in the same manner. She then looked up at him, but he merely indicated, with a gesture, that she should return to her place, which she did, kneeling between Tima and Tana."
"Witness of Gor" page 78/9

"Indeed, I myself would have been pleased to fetch such sandals, and lovingly. It is a way of pleasing, and showing what we are. It is a way of beautifully serving. To be sure, such an act can be used for disciplinary purposes, forcing one to understand clearly what we are, that we should bring the sandals so."
"Witness of Gor" page 79

"Tears ran down Aynur's cheeks, she was kneeling between Tima and Tana.
The worst, of course, was not that she, who was first amongst us had been forced to behave as though she might be the least amongst us. No, rather, the worst was that she, having fetched the sandals, had then been merely returned to her place.
It had been hers merely to fetch the sandals.
She would not, it seemed, be permitted to place them upon his feet. He would not, it seemed have her so much as touch him.
He then regarded me, imperiously. But I was not special! I was not important! He pointed to the sandals, as his feet.
He snapped his fingers.
I hurried to kneel before him, I picked up one sandal, looked up at him, lowered my head, kissed the sandal, looked up at him again, and then bent to put the sandal on his foot, which I did, carefully tying the thongs. I then did the same with the other sandal. We are taught to do this in this fashion. One commonly, unless otherwise instructed, places the right sandal on first, then the left. I did it in that fashion, of course. Two of the first things we are taught are the bathing and dressing of a man. I completed my ministrations by kissing his feet, of course, each in turn, and then backing away, and kneeling in common position. We may thusly await further instructions, if any may be forthcoming."
"Witness of Gor" page 79/80

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To disrobe

"Prepare," said he, who was first among those of the house.
I rose lightly to my feet and turned, and head down, put my hand to my left shoulder.
I was unclothed of course, but had I been silked, the disrobing loop would have been at the left shoulder.
I had learned how to remove the silk gracefully. Now, of course, I must merely pretend to do so I moved my hand as though loosening the disrobing loop, and then, gracefully, stepped away from the silk which had supposedly fallen about my ankles. I then, facing the strangers, the newcomers, knelt before them, in a position of obeisance, my head down to the floor, the palms of my hands on the floor too.
"She looks well in such a position," said a man.
"They all do," said another."
"Witness of Gor" page 46/7

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To drink

"He extended the goblet to me. `Drink,' he said, offering me the cup. I looked at the rim of the cup. I shook with terror. `A slave girl dares not touch with her lips the rim of that cup which has been touched with the lips of her master,' I whispered. "Excellent,' said Verna."
"Captive of Gor" page 302

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To taste

"Bring two bowls. I said.
Two? asked the girl.
The slave, I said, indicating Elizabeth, will taste it first.
Of course, Master, said the girl."
"Assassin of Gor" Page 106

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Expressing love

"The talender, fixed in her hair, is a slave girl's wordless confession, which, commonly, she dares not speak, that she cares for her Master."
"Hunters of Gor" Page 65

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To beg use

"On Gor, the female slave, desiring her master, yet sometimes fearing to speak to him, frightened that she may be struck, has recourse upon occasion to certain devices, the meaning of which is generally established and culturally well understood. I shall mention two such devices. There is, first, the bondage knot. Most Gorean slave girls have long hair. The bondage knot is a simple looped knot tied in the girl’s hair and worn at the side of her right cheek or before her right shoulder. The girl approaches the master naked and kneels, the bondage knot soft, curled, fallen at the side of her right cheek or before her right shoulder. Another device, common in Port Kar, is for the girl to kneel before the master and put her head down and lift her arms, offering him fruit, usually a larma, or a yellow Gorean peach, ripe and fresh."
"Tribesman of Gor" Page 27

"I noted that the palm of her hands, so soft, so vulnerable, had turned on her thighs, so that they faced up. Among slave girls this is a common way of signaling need, helplessness, a desire to please."
"Vagabonds of Gor" Page 209

"I am chained at your feet," I said. It was a saying of a Gorean slave girl, to express her feelings."
"Captive of Gor" Page 347

"Is Master angry with the slave?" she asked. He smiled. He cracked the whip once, viciously. She drew back, fearfully. "Use it on her well, Borton, my friend," said Philebus. "It is well deserved by any slut and perhaps particularly so by one such as she. Did she not part her silk without permission? Did she not put herself to the dirt before you, unbidden? Did she not speak at least once without permission, either implicit or explicit?"
"Vagabonds of Gor" page 45/6

"The girl turned and withdrew, then approached again, climbing the stairs, delicately, as though timidly, head down. Then she leaned forward, bending her knees slightly, her body graceful, and spoke, her voice a whisper in my ear, an invitation, "Wine, Master?" as though offering not wine, but herself. In a large house, with various slave girls, it is thought only an act of courtesy on the part of a host to permit a guest the use of one of the girls for the evening. Each of the girls considered eligible for this service, at one time or another during the evening, will approach the guest and offer him wine. His choice is indicated by the one from whom he accepts wine."
"Assassin of Gor" page 89

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Placating the Master

"When a girl fears she may be out of favor with her master, she sometimes kneels before him and begs, "Bell me." In this simple request, asking to be belled, the slave puts herself in her place, at the feet of her master, reconfirms to him her humble and loving acceptance of her bondage, reassures him of her desire to please, and gives promise of slave delights so exciting and intimate that they can be known only among masters and their women."
"Vagabonds of Gor" Page 21

She trembled. I now stood over her, the slave whip in my hand. I drew it back, then I threw it aside, angrily. I crouched down. Then I jerked her head up, by the hair "Permission to placate," she begged, reaching for me with her lips and mouth. But I held her, by the hair, from me.
She whimpered, denied. Then I released her hair and permitted her to touch me.
"Thank you, Master," she whispered.
She was a slave. I would permit her to attempt to placate me, in one of the ancient fashions of the female slave."
"Rogue of Gor" page 21

"'I am now half naked and in a collar!' she sobbed.
'I am at your mercy. Take pity on me!'
'You wish to placate masters?' I asked.
'If I have displeased them, yes!' she said."
"Magicians of Gor" Page 326

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The couch

"I would allow Vika to share the great stone couch, it's sleeping pelts, and silken sheets. This was unusual, however, for normally the Gorean slave girl sleeps at the foot of her Masters couch, often on a straw mat with only a thin, cotton-like blanket, woven from the soft fibers of the Rep plant, to protect her from the cold. If she has not pleased her Master of late, she may be, of course, as a disciplinary measure, simply chained nude to the slave ring in the bottom of the couch, sans both the blanket and the mat. The stones of the floor are hard and the Gorean nights cold and it is a rare girl who, when unchained in the morning, does not seek more dutifully to serve her master."
"Priest Kings of Gor" Page 67

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Slave belly

"I cut a length from the red bark cloth, about five feet in length and a foot in width. I wrapped it about the sweetness of her slave hips and tucked it in. I pushed it down so that her navel might be well revealed. It is called the "slave belly" on Gor. Only slave girls, on Gor, reveal their navels."
"Explorers of Gor" Page 334

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"The combs were of yellow wood, and had long teeth. The entire comb, including the teeth, was about five inches square. There are various hairdos in which such combs are worn in the hair. Usually, however, the hair of slaves is worn long, and loose, or confined only in some simple way, as with a ribbon or woolen fillet. Some masters like the ponytail hairdo on a slave, which, on Gor, is usually spoken of as the "leash," or "hair leash," for, by it, a girl may be conveniently seized and controlled. Upswept hairdos are usually reserved for free women, or high slaves. They are a mark of status. To be sure, one of the reasons for permitting a hairdo of that sort to a slave is the master's pleasure in undoing it, in loosening it, thus reminding even the high slave that in his arms, ultimately, she, the high slave, is yet a slave, and as much or more than the lowest girl in the most remote village. The loosening of a woman's hair on Gor in an extremely sensuous, meaningful act. "Who loosens her hair?" is a way of asking, in effect, who owns her."
"Dancer of Gor" Page 112

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Concerning Free Woman

“This is an outrage!” she said.She wore tiny, golden slippers.
Her robes of concealment, silken and flowing, shimmered in the torchlight.
“What is the meaning of this?” she demanded. “I demand my immediate freedom!”
One of the slave girls, one kneeling a few feet away, before us and to our right, at a table, one of those who was naked, save for her collar, laughed. Then she turned white with fear. She had laughed at a free woman. Samos turned to a guard and pointed at the offending slave. “Fifteen lashes,” he said. The girl shook her head in misery. She whimpered with terror. These would be lashes, she knew, with a Gorean slave whip. It is an efficient instrument for disciplining women."
"Players of Gor" page 11

"Incidentally," I said, "when you kneel before the free woman, in your carefully prepared modest garb, fit for a lowly slave, as you must soon do, to convey to her the message which will be inserted in the message tube about your neck, be certain to kneel with your knees closely together."
"Certainly, Master," she said. "She is a female, not a male."
"Magicians of Gor" Page 355

"The woman on the curule chair looked down upon me. I put my head down to the floor. The message tube then, on its throng, was on the floor as well.
"'Is that how you kneel before a free woman?' she asked. "'Forgive me, Mistress? I wept. 'The guards were about.'"
"'They are not about now," she said, 'and even if they were, it is I who am Mistress here, not they.'
"'Forgive me, Mistress!' I begged.
"'You will kneel before me demurely," she said."
"Magicians of Gor" Page 361

"She kept her knees tightly together before the free woman. Had she knelt before a man she would probably have had to keep them open, even if they were brutally kicked apart, a lesson to her, to be more sensitive as to before whom she knelt."
"Magicians of Gor" Page 18

""You will commonly," she said, not unkindly, "when kneeling before a free woman, keep your knees spread, unless your lady wishes otherwise."
"Yes, Mistress," I said.
"That is right," she said. "I find that good. But remember, the whim of the Mistress is everything."
"Yes, Mistress," I said.
"You are, as far as I know," she said, "the first male of Earth brought to Gor as a slave."
"Fighting Slave of Gor" Page 57

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"Some girls, I had been told, sometimes try to swallow small coins but this is foolish. The coin can be produced swiftly enough in such cases by emetics and laxatives. Similarly, her wastes my be subjected to unscheduled examinations. Too, even if she is successful in recovering the coin herself, there is usually little she can do with it. There are few places to conceal such objects in a cell or kennel. Similarly, she is often under surveillance, of one sort or another, by other slaves or free persons. Also, if she should be found to be in possession of a coin or coins, for example, by a tradesmen, guardsmen, or any free person, she will be expected to have an excellent explanation for this anomaly, which is then likely to be checked with her master. In most cities, even the touching of money, unless in an authorized situation, is prohibited to slaves. They cannot, of course, own money, any more than any other form of animal."
"Dancer of Gor" page 238

"I stopped a hurrying slave girl and inquired the way to the compound of Mintar, of the Merchant Caste, confident that he would have accompanied the horde back to the heartland of Ar. The girl was not pleased to be delayed on her errand, but a slave on Gor does not wisely ignore the address of a free man. She spit the coins she carried in her mouth into her hand, and told me what I wanted to know. Few Gorean garments are deformed by pockets."
"Tarnsman of Gor" page 165

"The girl did not now, of course, carry a purse. Slave girls are not permitted to carry such things. When shopping she carries the coins usually in her mouth or hand. Sometimes she ties them in a scarf about her wrist or ankle. Sometimes her master places them in a bag, which is then tied about her neck. Gorean garments, generally, incidentally, except for the garments of craftsmen, do not have pockets. Coins, and personal items, and such, are usually, by free persons, carried in pouches, which are usually concealed within the robes of a free woman, or slung about the waist, or shoulder, of a free man."
"Guardsman of Gor" page 250

"...such a girl, after a dance, may snatch up dozens of gold pieces from the sand, putting them in her silk, scurrying back to her master."
"Assassin of Gor" page 91

"I had scrambled on my knees for the coins flung to the floor, seizing them, thrusting them hastily, so many of them, with one hand, into the lifted, bunched portion, held by my other hand. These coins, all of them, would be counted by Mirus when I disrobed."
"Dancer of Gor" page 222

"What do you have there, in your hand?" he asked. She clutched the tarsk more tightly. "Open your hand," said the leader. She opened her hand, revealing the silver tarsk. He walked to her and removed it from her hand. "Have you been permitted to touch money?" he asked. "We could always check with her master," suggested a fellow."
"Dancer of Gor" page 275

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"It can be a capital offense on Gor, incidentally, for a slave to so much as touch a weapon."
"Mercenaries of Gor" page 57

"Too, a free person on Gor is almost never in any danger from a slave unless it be a guard slave, and he is attacking its master. In some cities a slave can be slain for so much as touching a weapon."
"Kajira of Gor" page 123

"Give me that crossbow," said one of my men to Sheera. She surrendered the weapon. Slaves are not permitted weapons.
"Kneel," I told her. She looked at me and, angrily, did so, at my thigh. She was only slave."
"Hunters of Gor" page 286

"He stood a few feet from me, a coil of rope in his hand. My hands clutched the handle of the hoe. He looked at me.
I flung it down. A girl dares not raise a weapon against a free man. Some girls have been slain, or had their hands cut off, for so much as touching a weapon."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 220

"Similarly in many cities a slave may be slain, or her hands cut off, for so much as touching a weapon."
"Vaganbonds of Gor" page 315

"She knelt beside the platform. Beside her, on the floor, rested a laver of polished bronze, filled with water, a towel and straight-bladed Gorean shaving knife.
I rubbed my chin.
She had shaved me as I slept.
I shivered, thinking of the blade and my throat. `Your touch is light,' I said. She bowed her head.(...) She then gathered up the shaving knife, the towels I had used, and the bowl and went to one side of the room. She rinsed the bowl again and set it against the wall to drain dry. She then rinsed and dried the shaving knife and put it in one of the chests."
"Priest Kings of Gor" page 34

"I recalled how a guard had once given me his spear, and it had been so heavy, I could throw it only a few feet. He had then taken it from me and hurled it into a block of wood, head deep, more than a hundred feet away. He then sent me to fetch it for him and I had scarcely been able to work it free of the wood."
"Captive of Gor" page 106

"Take the quiva," said Kamchak. The girl shook with fear. "Take it," ordered Kamchak. She did so.
"Now," he said, "replace it." Trembling, she did so.
"Nomads of Gor" page 142

"Eta and I were alone. She went and brought pins, tiny scissors, a needle and thread."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 38

"I cut at the soil with the hoe, chopping and loosening the dirt about the roots of the sul-plant. (...)
I worked in my master's fields."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 190/1

"Wasnapohdi thrust her knife in behind the neck, to make the first slash, from which the skin would begin to be folded back, to expose the forequarters on each side. Subsequently the hide, in the normal fashion, can be cut down the middle."
"Blood Brothers of Gor" page 57

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Playing Kaissa

"I am a slave," she said. I cannot so much as touch the pieces of the game without permission without risking having my hands cut off, or being killed, no more than weapons."
"Players of Gor" page 235

"It had been argued that slaves had no right upon the Kaissa board. One might note also, in passing, that slaves are not permitted to play Kaissa. It is for free individuals."
"Beasts of Gor" page 44

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Capture rights

"I recalled hearing now, in the house, of 'capture rights', respected in law. I had originally thought these rights referred to the acquisition of free women but I had later realized they must pertain, more generally, to the acquisition of properties in general, including slaves... (as a slave) theft, or capture, if you prefer, conferred rights over me. I would belong to, and must fully serve, anyone into whose effective possession I came, even if it had been by theft. The original master, of course, has the right to try to recover his property, which remains technically his for a period of one week. If I were to flee the thief, however, after he had consolidated his hold on me, for example, kept me for even a night, I could, actually in Gorean law, be counted as a runaway slave, from him, even though he did not technically own me yet, and punished accordingly...Strictures of this sort, of course, do not apply to free persons, such as free women. A free woman is entitled to to try to escape her captor as best she can, and without penalty, even after her first night in his bonds, if she still chooses to do so. If she is enslaved, of course, then she is subject to, and covered by, the same customs, practices and laws as any other slave... After the slave has been in the possession of the thief, or captor, for one week, she counts as being legally his."
"Dancer of Gor" page 95/6

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To attack Free

"When one who is a slave strikes a free person the penalty is not infrequently death by impalement, preceded by lengthy torture."
"Assassin of Gor" page 74

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"Did you know that Hendow is thinking of placing restrictions on your use?" he asked. "Why would he do that?" I asked. "I think he is fond of you," he said. "I am pleased, if my master finds me pleasing," I said."
"Dancer of Gor" page 234

"Please, Master," she said, "take pity on me. Take pity on the miserable needs of a girl." "You are not mine," I told her. "You are a pretty little thing, but I do not own you." "Please," she said. "Your master," I said, "if he chooses, will satisfy your needs. If he does not, he will not." For all I knew she might be under the discipline of deprivation. If that were so, I had no wish to impair the effectiveness of her master's control over her. Besides I did not know him. I did not wish to do him dishonor, whoever he might be."
"Beasts of Gor" page 49

"I have abused your slave," said Bran Loort.
"That is what slaves are for," said Thurnus.
"We took much pleasure in her!" said Bran Loort, angrily.
"Did you find her pleasing?" asked Thurnus.
"Yes," said Bran Loort. He gripped the long, heavy staff more firmly, standing ready.
"Then," said Thurnus, "it will not be necessary for me to beat or slay her." Bran Loort looked puzzled.
"Surely you know, Bran Loort," said Thurnus, "it is the duty of a slave girl to be fully and completely pleasing to men. Were she not so she would be subject to severe punishment, including even torture and death, should it be the master's wish."
"We took her without your permission," said Bran Loort.
"In this," said Thurnus, "you have committed a breach of code."
"It does not matter to me," said Bran Loort.
"Neither a plow, nor a bosk, nor a girl may one man take from another, saving with the owner's saying of it," quoted Thurnus.
"I do not care," said Bran Loort.
"What is it, Bran Loort, that separates men from sleen and larls?" asked Thurnus.
"I do not know," said Bran Loort.
"It is the codes," said Thurnus.
"The codes are meaningless noises, taught to boys," said Bran Loort.
"The codes are the wall," said Thurnus.
"I do not understand," said Bran Loort.
"It is the codes which separate men from sleen and larls," said Thurnus. "They are the difference. They are the wall."
"I do not understand," said Bran Loort.
"You have left the shelter of the wall, Bran Loort," said Thurnus.
"Do you threaten me, Thurnus of Tabuk's Ford?" asked Bran Loort.
"You stand now outside the shelter of the wall," said Thurnus.
"I do not fear you!" cried Bran Loort.
"Had you asked of me my permission, Bran Loort," said 'Thurnus, indicating me with a gesture of his head, "willingly and without thought, gladly, would I have given you temporary master rights over her."
I lay in the dirt, my hands bound behind my back, the rope on my neck, watching. It was true what Thurnus had said. I could have been loaned to Bran Loort, and would have had to serve him as though he were my own master.
"But you did not ask my permission," said Thurnus.
"No," said Bran Loort, angrily, "I did not."
"Before, too, you have done such things, you, and these others, though not to the degree nor with the intent of this day."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 225/6

"These girls may be exchanged among the men, but commonly they are not. Most masters are rather possessive about their slaves, particularly if they are fond of them."
"Guardsman of Gor" page 209

"Some masters enjoy having their girls raped occasionally; it serves to remind them that they are slaves."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 227

"I heard the miserable cries of two girls. A man was coming from the cook shack, where Thimble and Thistle had hidden themselves. He now dragged them before us, bent over, a hand in the hair of each. “What have we here!” cried a man cheerfully.“Slaves!” cried others. “Hold,” said I. “We are honest men, and are not thieves. Release them.” The man loosed the hair of the girls. Swiftly they knelt, frightened.
"These girls,” said I, “belong to Imnak.” “He is a red hunter,” said a man. “He is one with us,” I said. There was an angry cry. I drew my blade.
“None may use them without his permission,” I said. “I shall maintain discipline, if need be, my comrades, by the blade.”
"Beasts of Gor" page 174

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"Gorean slaves, incidentally, wherever they may be found, say, in the cities or in the Barrens, are generally kept under an iron discipline. It is the Gorean way."
"Savages of Gor" Page 214

"“You cannot punish me!” she cried. “You are not my Masters!” “Any Free Person can punish an errant slave girl,” I said. “Surely you do not think that her behavior fails to be subject to supervision and correction as soon as she is out of her Master's sight?”"
"Magician of Gor" Page 225

"The discipline of a slave may be attended to by any Free Person, otherwise she might do much what she wished, provided only her Master did not learn of it. The legal principle is clear, and has been upheld in several courts, in several cities, including Ar."
"Magicians of Gor" Page 122

"“Any Free Man may discipline an insolent or errant slave,” I said, “even one who is the least bit displeasing, even one he might merely feel like disciplining. If she is killed, or injured, he need only pay compensation to her Master, and that only if the Master can be located within a specific amount of time and requests such compensation.” In virtue of such customs and statutes the perfect discipline under which Gorean slaves are kept is maintained and guaranteed even when they are not within the direct purview of their Masters or their appointed agents." "Players of Gor" Page 235

""She is a slave," I said. "Anything could be done with her." "By her master," he said. "Not just anyone." "True," I said. One did not have the right, for example, to kill or maim the slave of another, any more than any other domestic animal which might belong to someone else. In this sense the slave is accorded some protection from free persons who do not own her in virtue of certain general considerations of property law. The power of the master over the slave, on the other hand, is absolute. He can do whatever he wishes with her. She belongs to him, completely."
"Magicians of Gor" page 330

"Master," said the girl.
"Yes," I said.
"You need not have struck me, earlier this afternoon," she said. "But I suppose that you are the judge of that, for you are the Master," she added, airily. I looked at her.
"Surely one needs a reason for striking a slave," she said.
"No," I said.
"I see," she said, putting her head down. She trembled.
"Come here," I said. "Kneel before me, back on your heels." She did so, looking at me. "Master?" she asked. Suddenly I struck her, a fierce blow which flung her, mouth bloodied, to her side in the dirt.
I stood up. "Do you see?" I asked.
"Yes, Master," she whispered, looking up at me, horrified.
"Now kneel before me and kiss my feet," I said, "and thank me for having struck you." Tremblingly, she crawled to me, and knelt before me. She put her head down. I felt her lips on my feet. "Thank you for having struck me, Master," she whispered. She looked up at me.
"Do you now understand that you are a slave?" I asked.
"Yes, Master," she said.
"Do you still think that a Master requires a reason to strike you?" I asked.
"No, Master," she said.
"And why is that?" I asked.
"Because I am a slave," she said.
"Explorers of Gor" page 295

"The whip on Gor, incidentally, though it is much in evidence, is seldom used. That it will be used, and promptly, if the occasion arises, is perhaps, paradoxically perhaps, why it seldom needs to be used. Most girls avoid feeling it, at least generally, by striving to be excellent slaves. To be sure, every female slave will have felt it, upon occasion. It is then common that they try to make certain that these occasions are quite infrequent. To be sure, some women do not fully understand they are owned, until they are whipped."
"Vagabonds of Gor" Page 21

"I then heard, again and again, the fierce, snapping crack of the slave lash. It fell again and again on the vulnerable, secured bodies of girls in bondage. Its searing cruelty would teach them, and swiftly, that no choice was theirs but immediate complete and abject obedience. I heard no screaming. A girl cannot scream under the lash. She can scarcely breathe. She can scarcely whisper, hoarsely, piteously, begging for mercy. In Port Kar I had seem the fingernails of girls torn to the quick as they scratched at stones against which they were tied. If she is bound against a wall her entire body may be injured, wiped with abrasions, as she tried to escape the whip. For this reason a girl to be whipped is often suspended from a ring or a pole."
"Hunters of Gor" page 250

"Excellent slaves are seldom beaten, for there is little, if any, reason to do so. To be sure, such a girl, particularly a love slave, occasionally desires to feel the stroke of the lash, wanting to feel pain at the hands of a beloved master, wanting to be whipped by him because she loves him, in this way symbolizing to herself her relationship to him, that of slave to master, her acceptance of that relationship, and her rejoicing in it."
"Magicians of Gor" Page 124

“Strip,” he said. “There are others present,” she protested. His right hand, in a backhand blow, lashed forth, fierce and powerful, striking her from her knees to her side on the tiles. She rose to her hands and knees and, blood at her mouth, regarded him, disbelievingly. “Must a command be repeated?” he inquired. Swiftly she tore away the slave tunic, stripping herself."
"Guardsman of Gor" Page 257

"`What do you think should be her punishment ?' asked Callimachus of me. `If she is guilty,' I said, `whatever you wish, as she is a slave.' This was in full accord with Gorean law. Indeed, anything, for whatever reason, or without a reason, may be done to a slave."
"Guardsman of Gor" page 115

"Her name might be changed, or altered, as often as a Master wished. Indeed, he need not even give her a name. Changing a girl's name, or taking it away, are common modes of Gorean slave discipline."
"Hunters of Gor" page 225

"Some masters may reward a hardworking girl with a lovely name; others may torment a slave who has been insufficiently pleasing with a cruel or ugly name. Most girls, of course, are given beautiful and exciting slave names, for the masters wish the girl, too, to be beautiful and exciting. She is, after all, a slave."
"Explorers of Gor" page 366

"When one who is a slave strikes a free person the penalty is not infrequently death by impalement, preceded by lengthy torture."
"Assassin of Gor" page 74

"Surbus threw the girl over his shoulder and went to the counter. "I am not pleased with her," he said to the proprietor.
"I am sorry, Noble Surbus," said the man. "I shall have her beaten."
"I am not pleased with her!" cried Surbus.
"You wish her destroyed?" asked the man.
"Yes," said Surbus, "destroyed."
"Her price," said the proprietor, "is five silver tarsks."
"Raiders of Gor" page 121

"In this punishment, the girl, clothed or unclothed, is bound tightly on an oar, hands behind her, her head down, toward the blade. When the oar lifts from the water she gasps for breath, only in another moment to be submerged again. A recalcitrant girl may be kept on the oar for hours. There is also, however, some danger in this, for sea sleen and the white sharks of the north occasionally attempt to tear such a girl from the oar. When food is low it is not unknown for the men of Torvaldsland to use a bond-maid, if one is available on the ship, for bait in such a manner. The least pleasing girl is always used. This practice, of course, encourages bondmaids to vie vigorously to please their masters. An Ahn on the oar is usually more than sufficient to make the coldest and proudest of females an obedient, eager-to-please bondmaid. It is regarded as second only to the five-lash Gorean slave whip, used also in the south, and what among the men of Torvaldsland is called the whip of the furs, in which the master, with his body, incontrovertibly teaches the girl her slavery."
"Marauders of Gor" page 66

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"The penalty for attempted flight by a slave girl, for the first offense, is commonly a severe beating. The girl is, so to speak, permitted that mistake, once. If she should attempt to escape again, the master’s patience is usually less willing to be presumed upon. It is not uncommon to hamstring her.
This makes her worthless, but is thought to provide an excellent lesson for other girls. Gorean slave girls, those that are familiar with their collars, know that there is no escape for them. They know in their hearts that they are truly slave, and will remain so, unless it might please their master to grant them freedom. It is seldom done. There is a Gorean saying that only a fool frees a slave girl. When a girl on Gor is slave, she is truly slave. She is nothing more. She cannot be more. Most slave girls know this. All, in time, learn it.
"Hunters of Gor" page 67

"I looked at the girl. She had tried to run away. She lied at predators desk. Yet her feet had not been removed. Her nose and ears had not been cut from her. she had shown incedible mercy. she had only been whipped. Her transgressions,of course had been her first offenses,and she was only an ignorant barbarian. I think now,however,she clearly understood that Gorean men are not permissive,and that her second offense in such matters would not likly to be reguarded with such lienience."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 71/2

"I did not know at that time what was commonly done to a girl who has Attempted to escapes, and has been recaptured. It is just as well. Much depends on the master but commonly the first time she is recaptured, she is treated with great leinience,as being a foolishgirl. commonly, She is only tied and lashed. Should she attempt a second time, and be recaptured she is commonly hamstrung, then tendons behind the knees being severed. Almost no girls attempt escape the second time."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 98

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"You have not yet begun to learn what it can be, to be a slave," I said. She looked at me, frightened. I then snapped the collar about her throat. "Do you know, ultimately," I asked, "who will prove to be your one best trainer?" "No, Master," she said. "You, yourself," I said, "the girl, herself, eager to please, imaginative and intelligent, monitoring her own performances and feelings, striving lovingly to improve and refine them. You yourself will be largely responsible for making yourself the superb slave you will become."
"Savages of Gor" Page 210

"As a warrior applies himself to the arts of his weapons, so I applied myself to the arts of the female slave, which I was. I became sleek and more beautiful from the diet and the exercises. I learned things of which I had not dreamed. Our training, because it was limited to a few short weeks, did not include many of the elements that are normally included in a full training. I remained ignorant of Gorean cooking and the cleaning of Gorean garments. I learned nothing of musical instruments. I remained ignorant even of the arrangements of small rugs, decorations and flowers, things that any Gorean girl, slave or free, is likely to know. But I was taught to dance, and to give pleasure, and to stand, and move, and sit and turn, and lift my head and lower it, and kneel, and rise."
"Captive of Gor" page 169

" The lessons of which the man had spoken were not all linguistic, of course. I had also received lessons in the proper performance of domestic servilities, such as cooking, sewing, laundering, cleaning, and such. Other lessons were almost lessons in customs, manners and decorum. For example, we were taught how to serve at a table, deferentially, skillfully, unobtrusively and, for the most part, silently, and how to move and walk, and kneel and rise, gracefully, and even such tiny, interesting things, as how to pick up a fallen object, by crouching down, retrieving it, rather than bending over. we were being taught, it seemed, to be graceful and beautiful. Too, of course, we were taught our place, and proper relations with men. A significant portion of our training was intimate and erotic, or sexual and sensual, in nature, ranging from such things as make-up, body ornamentation, cosmetics and perfumes, to techniques, psychological and physical, usually a combination of both, of pleasing men. In the latter range of our studies some of the girls were even instructed in the rudiments of what, perhaps for lack of a better word, might be described, using the Earth expression, as "ethnic dance." It did not surprise me that the men of this world, who seemed to have such a lust for, and such a relish for, and appreciation of females, such a dance of them. I gathered this form of dance was quite common here and that it might be required of any female, or any female of our sort. Interestingly enough I had had only two days of this sort of instruction before I was stopped, and sent from the room, to be applied to other lessons. I was told that my skills in these matters, as they had now ascertained, and confirming reports on my "papers," or "records," were already far beyond the rudiments that I would obtain in such a class. I was simply dismissed from the class, to address myself to other lessons; I had, so to speak, "validated that requirement."
I put my head down, gratefully. I was pleased that he was pleased. Girls such as I are eager to please such men. It makes us happy to do so. It satisfies something warm, and deep and marvelous, in the very bottom of our bellies to do so. If we do not, of course, they simply see to it that we do. Our behavior is then quickly, and often painfully, corrected. "It is hard to believe that you are a virgin," he said."
"Dancer of Gor" page 69/70

"In the beginning, when moving about the house, the girls had been permitted only the garb customarily worn in the sweat and motion of the training, a rectangle of silk, about a foot long, thrust into a silken string knotted about the waist; Virginia and Phyllis would not even leave their cells so clad until Elizabeth called upon them, so clad herself, ordering them forth; Phyllis had been tearfully furious that she should be so seen, Virginia terrified; but, on the orders of Elizabeth, who spoke with authority, they followed her forth, frightened, but heads high and shoulders back, and soon they were delighting in the sights of the house, for they had seen little but the kennels, the training room and their cells; it had been a good day for them; each was female and Elizabeth had taught them that this was a permissible thing to be."
"Assassin of Gor" Pages 199

"Later, in the eighteenth week of their training, they were given brief silken slave livery, sleeveless, fastened by the loop on the left shoulder. Virginia and Phyllis were given white livery, Elizabeth red. It was at this time also that Virginia and Phyllis had been given their lock collars, white-enameled, and that the slave anklets, the identification bands, had been removed from their left ankles. Elizabeth, at the beginning of her training, had simply exchanged her yellow collar for a red one. She had already been a lock-collar girl.
By the twentieth week of their training the girls could converse rather adequately in Gorean, and Virginia and Phyllis continued to improve. Elizabeth, of course, was totally fluent in the language. Elizabeth's accent was interesting, for it was, in effect, Tuchuk; the accent of the girls was that of Ar. I noted, however, that Sura had insisted that the girls not refine their accents overly much, for it must remain clear they were barbarians; further, Virginia and Phyllis were encouraged to slur and lisp certain sounds, it being though appealing in female slaves; on the other hand Sura, who did not slur and lisp these sounds herself, did not insist on it, for some reason, with the girls; accordingly Elizabeth, Phyllis and Virginia, not being forced to do so, did not, adopt this affectation. I learned independently, from Ho-Tu, that this particular form of speech defect was, however, no longer in style; perhaps if it had been Sura would have been more adamant."
"Assassin of Gor" Pages 200

"At last, after this cruel and almost interminable repetition, utilizing simple psychological principles, intended to brand into the girls' psyche the identity of a Pleasure Slave, the girls began the period of exercises, many of which would, for certain periods of the day, be carried through the next months."
"Assassin of Gor" Pages 198

"In the hours that Virginia and Phyllis were not in training, and the training hours are only five Ahn a day, they were, particularly in the beginning, intensively drilled in Gorean. Elizabeth, on the other hand, usually assisted Caprus in his office. Later, when the girls became reasonably proficient at Gorean, they were permitted the freedom of the House baths, which they enjoyed, and the liberty to move about the House rather as they pleased, saving that they must be locked in their cells by the eighteenth bar. The foods given them also changed with the advance in their training, and the desire to have varied, tasty fare, and sometimes a small bowl of Ka-la-na with their supper, drove them to perform well. Further, each must eat the same, so pressure was brought on Each to come to a given level, for the food of all remained the same until each had attained the desired next level of training. By the end of the twelfth week of their training they were eating well, and by the end of the fifteenth, very well, generally low-calorie foods, nourishing, a good amount of protein, diets supervised as carefully as those of racing tarns or hunting sleen; Elizabeth was the only girl who had, so to speak, a compartment, for some moments of privacy. At these times they would, as well as possible, converse in Gorean; Elizabeth taught them much; she did not permit them to know she spoke English; I would often leave the compartment at these times but sometimes I would remain. Elizabeth led them, to some extent, not to fear me, leading them to believe that she had so well served me that she had, to some degree, engaged my affections. I think she didn't realize how true her words were. In the beginning, when moving about the house, the girls had been permitted only the garb customarily worn in the sweat and motion of the training, a rectangle of silk, about a foot long, thrust into a silken string knotted about the waist; Virginia and Phyllis would not even leave their cells so clad until Elizabeth called upon them, so clad herself, ordering them forth; Phyllis had been tearfully furious that she should be so seen, Virginia terrified; but, on the orders of Elizabeth, who spoke with authority, they followed her forth, frightened, but heads high and shoulders back, and soon they were delighting in the sights of the house, for they had seen little but the kennels, the training room and their cells; it had been a good day for them; each was female and Elizabeth had taught them that this was a permissible thing to be."
"Assassin of Gor" Pages 199

"The training of the slave girls progressed. It had begun, following the period entirely consumed with exercises, with such small thinks as instruction on how to stand, to walk, to kneel, to recline, to eat, to drink. Grace and beauty, following Sura, and I would scarcely dare dispute such an authority, is mostly a matter of expression, both that of the face and body. I could, week to week, see the change in the girls, even Elizabeth. Some of the things they were taught seemed to me very silly, but I, at the same time, found it difficult to object.
"Assassin of Gor" Pages 203

"A good deal of the training of the slave girl, surprisingly, to my naive mind, was in relatively domestic matters. For example, the Pleasure Slave, if she is trained by a good house, must also be the master of those duties commonly assigned to Tower Slaves. Accordingly, they must know how to cut and sew cloth, to wash garments and clean various types of materials and surfaces, and to cook an extensive variety of foods, from the rough fare of Warriors to concoctions which are exotic almost to the point of being inedible. Elizabeth would regularly bring her efforts back to the compartment, and the nights were not infrequent when I longed for the simple fare at the table of Cernus, or perhaps a bowl of Ho-Tu's gruel. One dish I recall was composed of the tongues of eels and was sprinkled with flavored aphrodisiacs, the latter however being wasted on me as I spent, to Elizabeth's consternation, the night lying on my side in great pain. Elizabeth was, however, to my satisfaction, taught a large number of things which, to my mind, were more appropriate to the training of slave girls, including a large number of dances, dozens of songs, and an unbelievable variety of kisses and caresses. The sheer mechanics of her repertoire, theoretically outfitting her to give exquisite pleasure to anyone from an Ubar to a peasant, are much too complex and lengthy to recount here. I do not think, however, that I have forgotten any of it. One thing that I thought was nice was that Elizabeth had asked Sura about the dance she had begun to perform but could not finish, when we had first come to the house of Cernus, the dance which is accompanied by the Tuchuk slave song. Sura, who seemed to know everything, taught the rest of it, song and all, to her, and to the other girls. For good measure she also taught them the independent dance, sometimes called the Dance of the Tuchuk Slave Girl, which I had once seen performed at a banquet in Turia."
"Assassin of Gor" Pages 204/205

"Another loot-girl taken by our noble Captain, Bejar, in his brilliant capture of the Blossoms of Telnus," called the auctioneer. He was also the slaver, Vart, once Publius Quintus of Ar, banished from that city, and nearly impaled, for falsifying slave data. He had advertised a girl as a trained pleasure slave who, as it turned out, did not even know the eleven kisses."
"Explorers of Gor" page 36

"New slaves are often treated with great harshness. It helps them learn quickly that they are slaves. Later, when the girl is well trained and her services become perfections, she may be treated more leniently, even lovingly, like a dog."
"Dancer of Gor" page 90

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