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"Sometimes, too, it is controversial as to what constitutes a garment and what a bond. For example, is a slave harness a garment or a bond; objectively, I suppose, it is both. So, too, I would suppose, are the tunic chains of Tyros. A girl may be "set off," of course, and beautifully, even if, technically, she is not clothed. She may be garbed, for example, in netting, as the "Hunter's Catch"; or she may be bedecked in jewels and leather, and shimmering chains, dancing under a whip in a tavern in Port Kar; or she may have flowers intertwined in her chains, as when she is awarded to a victor in public games in Ar."
"Guardsmen of Gor" pages 105/9

"The girl was naked, save that she wore many strings of jewels and armlets. Too she wore bracelets and anklets of gold, which had been locked upon her, and were belled. Her collar, too, was of gold, and belled. She was blond and it was said she was from Earth. A single pearl, fastened in a setting like a droplet, one tiny golden chain, was suspended at the center of her forehead."
"Rogue of Gor" page 10/1

"My midriff, like my right thigh, was bared. The skirt was low on my hips. I wore a double belt of treaded, jangling coins, one strand high, one low (...)
I also wore a triple necklace of coins, together with necklaces of slave beads, of both glass and wood. These coins, all of them, would be counted by Mirus when I disrobed. On my left ankle were bound slave bells. My right ankle wore several anklets. I was barefoot. One my wrist were bracelets. On my upper left arm was a coiled armlet. A ruby, held by a chain, was at my forehead. Wound in and about my hair were strands of pearls."
"Dancer of Gor" page 223

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Ankle Rings

"The women in bondage present, who served us, each wore four golden rings on each ankle, and each wrist, locked on, which clashed as they walked or moved, adding their sound to the slave bells that had been attached to their Turian collars, and that hung from their hair; the ears of each, too, had been pierced and from each ear hung a tiny slave bell."
"Nomads of Gor" page 90

"She threw a linkage of rings and bells to the tiles beside me. 'Bell yourself,' she said.
'They lock,' I said.
'Bell yourself, 'she said.
I extended my left ankle and, carefully, aligned the four rings. The rings were linked vertically at five places by tiny metal fastenings; each ring, opened, hinged, terminated on one end with a bolt and the other with a tiny lock; I slipped the small bolts into the tiny locks; there were four tiny snaps; the rings, linked together, fitted snugly; each ring bor five slave bells."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 259

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"The sound was tiny, rich, sensuous. They were slave bells. They would draw men to my body. I moved slightly. I felt them stir on my body and on the loops that held them. So slight a movement made them sound!"
"Kajira of Gor" page 84

"I also purchased a set of slave bells, of the thong as opposed to the lock variety. They are less expensive than the lock variety, also, they may be tied at various places on the body, about the neck, the wrists, the ankle, about the thigh, about the arm, etc; it is delightful to bell a girl, she may not remove them, of course, without her master's permission."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 49

"I hated the bells, so many, so tiny, hung about my body, which I could not remove, which would draw them to me. The sound was tiny, rich, and sensuous. They were slave bells. They would draw men to my body. I moved slightly. I felt them stir on my body and on the loops that held them. So slight a movement made them sound! I, miserable, was caught in their lewd, delicious rustle. I suppose the sound of the bells, objectively considered, is rather lovely. Yet theirs was a music of bondage, one which, in its tiny, delicious sounds, rustling, whispered, "Kajira. Kajira." They said, "You are nothing, Girl. You are a belled Kajira. You are nothing, Girl. You exist for the pleasure of men. Please them well, lovely Kajira."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 84

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"The most exact translation of 'bina' would probably be "slave beads".
"Kajira of Gor" page 82

"She carried, in her hands, serveral strings of beads, simple necklaces, with small, wooden, colored beads. They were not valuable. She held the necklaces up for me to see. Then, with her finger, moving them on their string, she indicated the tiny, colored, wooden beads.
'Da Bina,' she said, smiling. Then she lifted a necklace, looking at it. 'Bina,' she said. I then understood the "Bina" was the expression for beads, or for a necklace of beads."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 81

"I went to the cave, Eta following. I lifted one of the chest’s covers. I took from the chest a strong of pearls, then one of pieces of gold, then one of rubies.
“Bina?” I asked, each time. Eta laughed.
“Bana,” she said, “Ki Bina. Bana.”
Then, from another box, Eta producted another necklace, one with cheap glass beads, and another with simple, small wooden beads. She indicated the latter two necklaces.
“Bina,” she said, pointing to them.
Bina, I then underood, were lesser beads, cheap beads, beads of little value, save for their aesthetic charm. Indeed, I would later learn that bina were sometimes spoken of, derisively, as Kajira bana. The most exact translation of “bina” would probably be “slave beads.”. They were valueless, save for being a cheap adornment sometimes permitted imbonded wenches."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 81/2

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"Unresisting, the girl extended her wrists, and the soldier snapped slave bracelets on them, restraining bracelets of gold and blue stones that might have served as jewlery if it had not been for their function."
"Tarnsman of Gor" page 102

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Breast Bondage

"Her breasts, of course, do not escape notice in her bondage. They are as open and available to the master as any other part of her, (...) so sweet and soft, so delicious and marvelous, so wonderful and exciting, will, like the rest of her, without a second thought, be submitted to attentions appropriate to her status. For example, they may be lovingly handled, and kissed and caressed by the master however and as long as he pleases. Too, they might be emphasized and accentuated by various forms of garments and bindings. The tying of slave girdles, for example, and the arrangement of binding fiber, often has this subtle, delicious feature in mind. Too, of course, they may be confined, if one wishes, in open brassiers of cord, or netting."
"Mercenaries of Gor" pages 389/390

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Body Chains

"The loop of the body chain was some five feet in length. It was made to loop the throat of a woman several times, or, by alternative windings, to bedeck her body in a variety of fashions. The chain was not heavy, but, too, it was not light. It had a solid heft in one’s hand. It was closely meshed, and strong. It could be used, if a man wished, and perfectly, for purposes of slave security. It was decorated sensuously with colorful wooden beads, semiprecious stones and bits of leather. Detachable, but now attached to the chain at one point were two sets of clips, one of snap clips and one of lock clips. It is by means of these clips that the chain can be transformed from a simple piece of slave jewelry into a sturdy and effective device of slave restraint."
"Rogue of Gor" page 71/2

"She saw now that the chains had been the loops of a single, graceful body chain, sinuous and glossy, closely mechsed and dar, ornamented with colorful beads of wood, semiprecious stones and bits of leather. Its full loop is some five feet in length, and it can be wound and looped, and twisted and strung about a woman’s body in a variety of intricate fashions. It is light and the closeness of its meshing allows it to follow closely the contours of a woman’s body. It is unbreakable. It may be worn with or without clothing."
"Guardsman of Gor" page 182

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Dancing Chains

"The girl in the long, light chain smiled at me. She, at any rate was pleased by my response. A wrist ring was fastened on her right wrist. The long, slender, gleaming chain was fastened to this and, looping down and up, ascending gracefully to a wide chain ring on her collar, through which it freely passed, thence decending, looping down, and ascending, looping up, gracefully, to the left wrist ring. If she were to stand quietly, the palms of her hands on her thighs, the lower portions of the chain, those two dangling loops, would have been about at the level of her knees, just a little higher."
"Kajira of Gor" page 143

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Four Chains

"His girls served nude and chained. Each ankle and wrist ring had two staples. Each girl's wrists were joined by about eighteen inches of chain and similarly for her ankles. Further each girl's left wrist was chained to her ankle and her right wrist to her right ankle. This arrangement, lovely on a girl, produces the "four chains," from which the establishment took its name. The four-chain chaining arrangement, of course, and variations upon it, is well known upon gor. Four other paga taverns in Port Kar alone used it."
"Captive of Gor" page 42

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March Chain

"Usually the tallest girls lead the slave chain, the height decreasing gradually toward the end of the chain, where the shortest girl is placed. This was a “common chain,” sometimes called a “march chain” or “trekking chain”; "Tribesmen of Gor" page 14

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Walking Chains

"Following him, in a black haik, was a woman. Suddenly I was startled. As she passed me, her stride small and measured, I heard the clink of light chain, the sound of ankle bells. She was slave. She turned her head, briefly, to look at me; I saw her eyes, dark, through the tiny opening in the haik, through the tiny, black-lace screen, about an inch in height and four inches in width."
"Tribesmen of Gor" Page 44/5

"The use of a light walking chain, tethering the ankles, meant to be worn abroad, accompanying the master, incidentally, is not uncommon in the regions of the Tahari. A beautifully measured gait is thought, in the Tahari, to be attractive in a woman."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 45

"I paused before a given stall, where light walking chains were being sold. They were strung over racks rather like parrot perches. Without much haggling, I bought one, which seemed to me pretty. They are adjustable, with rings, from a length as small as two inches, for security, to a stride length of about twenty inches. Two keys are provided, each of which fits both ankle-ring locks."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 49

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"My midriff, like my right thigh, was bared. The skirt was low on my hips. I wore a double belt of treaded, jangling coins, one strand high, one low (...)
I also wore a triple necklace of coins, together with necklaces of slave beads, of both glass and wood. These coins, all of them, would be counted by Mirus when I disrobed. On my left ankle were bound slave bells. My right ankle wore several anklets. I was barefoot. One my wrist were bracelets. On my upper left arm was a coiled armlet. A ruby, held by a chain, was at my forehead. Wound in and about my hair were strands of pearls."
"Dancer of Gor" page 223

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"...she wore bells locked on both wrists, and on both ankles, thick cuffs and anklets, each with a double line of bells, fastened by steel and key."
"Nomads of Gor" page 29

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Thumb Cuffs

"I noted one girl on the landing. From the way she held her hands behind her back I could tell that she was in thumb cuffs. These are handy devices. They are light and take up little space in a warrior's pack."
"Renegades of Gor" page 326

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A chain formed of slave bracelets; each pair of bracelets locked at each end about one of the bracelets of another pair, the whole thus forming a circle. Now they removed this chain of bracelets, and, one by one, removed the pairs, closing them about the small wrists, behind their backs, of the female captives, now bonds-maids. These bracelets were of the sort to hold women in the north. They are less ornate and finely tooled than those available in the south. But they are satisfactory for their purpose. They consist of curved, hinged bands of black iron, three quarters of an inch in thickness. On one of each of the two curved pieces constituting a bracelet there is a welded ring; the two welded rings are joined by a single link, about an inch in width, counting both sides, each of which is about a quarter of an ich in diameter, and three inches long. Some of the girls cried out with pain as the fetters, locking, bit into their wrists."
"Marauders of Gor" page 46

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"The cord over Marcus' shoulder, of course, was the slave girdle, which is used to adjust the garment on the slave. Such girdles may be tied in various ways, usually in such ways as to enhance the occupant's figure. Such girdles, too, like the binding fiber with which the camisk is usually secured on a girl, may be used to bind her."
"Magicians of Gor" Page 21

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Harl Ring

"They were Harl rings, named for the slaver Harl of Turia, who is reported to have first used them. They consist, in effect, of four portions. First, there is a metal ankle ring, which snaps about the girl's ankle. Second, to the back of the ring, there is welded a closed loop. Third, to the front of the ring, fastened through another closed loop, is about a yard of chain. Fourth, this chain terminates in a locking device, which may then be snapped shut, if one wishes, through the welded, closed loop on the back of a second ankle ring. The Harl ring is a versatile piece of custodial hardware. It may be used to chain a girl to anything, say, about a tree, or stanchion, or the ankle of another girl, and then locked about its own chain, or through one of the links of its own chain. The chain, of course, may also be looped about, say, a tree, or a pillar in a public building, and the locking device snapped into the welded ring on the back of the girl's own anle ring. This is called a closed Harl Loop. One of the most frequent uses of the Harl ring, of course, is to form a segment in a slave chain, which may then be of any length, adding or removing girls, as short or long as the slaver wishes."
"Hunters of Gor" page 208

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Ear Rings

"Too, I thought I would, before giving her to such a taverner, have her ears pierced. This would, in effect, guarantee that she would remain always only a slave on Gor. Gorean men find pierced ears, as do many men of Earth, stimulatory. To the Gorean such ear-piercing speaks blatantly of bondage. Penetration of a woman's flesh is publically symbolized, in her very body; the wounds inflicted on her were intended and deliberate; and her body has now been prepared to bear, fastened in its very flesh, barbaric ornamentation. These things all speak to the Gorean of the female slave."
"Blood Brothers of Gor" page 48

"The women in bondage present, who served us, each wore four golden rings on each ankle and each wrist, locked on, which clashed as they walked or moved, adding their sound to the slave bells that had been fixed on their Turian collars, and that hung from their hair; the ears of each, too had been pierced and from each ear hung a tiny slave bell."
"Nomads of Gor" page 90

"To be perfectly honest, however, ear piercing for Gorean slaves is now much more common than it was a few years ago. Perhaps the time will come when the slave will be a rarity who has not felt the two thrusts of the leatherworker’s needle. The growing prevelance of ear piercing probably has to do, at least significantly, with its tendency to stimulate the sexual aggression of the Gorean male. Accordingly, girls with pierced ears, “pierced-ear girls,” tend to bring higher prices in the markets."
"Blood Brothers of Gor" page 336/7

"I knelt on the low wooden platform, while one of the leather workers, with a long needle, approached my face. (...)
I closed my eyes. No anesthetic was used, for I was a slave, but it was not particularly painful.(...)
The leather worker then went to the other side of the platform.
There were tears in my eyes, for my eyes smarted.
I felt the second pain, sharp, followed by an unpleasant burning sensation. The leather worker stood up.
My ears had been pierced.
The girls, in line, kneeling, cried out, whimpering and shuddering. Guards stood on either side of the line. (...)
He then fixed two tiny steel rods, with threaded ends, through the wounds. To each end of each of the rods he threaded a tiny steel disk, that the tiny rods might be held in the wounds. the disks and rods would be removed in four days."
"Captive of Gor" page 157

“I thought of the slave girl, Dorna. The earrings had been quite attractive on her. I suspected that she might now be quite fond of them. That seems to be the way it is with the women of this world. They fear them. Then they love them. To be sure, they also made her only a pierced-ear girl."
"Witness of Gor" page 500

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Nose Rings

"To Gorean eyes, the piercing of the ears, this visible set of wounds, inflicted to facilitate the mounting of sensual and barbaric ornamentations, is customarily regarded as being tantamount, for most practical purposes, to a sentence of irrevocable bondage. Normally ear-piercing is done only to the lowest and most sensuous of slaves. It is regarded, by most Goreans, as being far more humiliating and degrading to a woman than the piercing of a girl's septum and the consequent fastening on her of a nose ring. (...)
On behalf of the nose ring, too, it should be mentioned that among the Wagon Peoples, even free women wear such rings. This however, is unusual on Gor. The nose ring, most often, is worn by a slave. (...)
The nose ring too, of course, makes clear to the girl that she is a domestic animal. Many domestic animals on Gor wear them."
"Savages of Gor" pages 10/1

"In his hand he held something which looked like a pair of pliers, except that the claws were extremely slender, and bent in such a way as to touch one another, at the tips scarcely more than a needle's width.
“What is that?” I asked.
“A punch,” said Targo.
“Put your head back, “ said the leather worker.(...)
I felt the back of the claws of the punch enter my nostrils, distending them. There was a tiny, sharp click. Tears burst into my eyes. I felt acute pain for an instant, and then a prolonged, burning, stinging sensation.
"Captive of Gor" page 163

"I saw the leather worker approaching my face with a tiny, steel ring, partly opened, and a pair of pliers.
As I was held he inserted the ring in my nose. It was painful. Then, with the pliers, he closed the ring, and turned it, so that its opening, where the closed edges met, was concealed within, at the side of the septum."
"Captive of Gor" page 163

"The piercing of the ears is far more terrible...Nose rings are nothing. They are even pretty. In the south even the free women of the Wagon Peoples wear nose rings."
"Captive of Gor" page 166

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Slave Hobble

"The slave hobble consists of two rings, one for a wrist, the other for an ankle, joined by about seven inches of chain. In a right-handed girl, such as either Aphris or Elizabeth, it locks on the right wrist and left ankle. When the girl kneels, in any of the traditional positions of the Gorean woman, either slave or free, it is not uncomfortable."
"Nomads of Gor" page 154/5

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Iron Belt

"I felt then the encircling clasp of metal closed about my waist, and then, swinging up between my legs, another piece of metal. These things were fastened into place, the right side, and the lower portion, hasp like, over the staple on the left side of the apparatus. The whole then, was secured behind my back with a padlock. Once again, I wore an iron belt."
"Mercenaries of Gor" page 99

"She also wore an iron belt. This belt consisted of two major pieces, one was a rounded, fitted, curved, barlike waistband, flattened at the ends; one end of this band, that on the right, standing behind the woman and looking forward, had a heavy semicircular ring, or staple, welded onto it; the other flattened end of the waistband, looking forward, had a slot in it which fitted over the staple; the other major portion of this belt consisted of a curved band of flat, shaped iron; one end of this flat band was curved about, and closed about, the barlike waistband in the front; this produces a hinge; on the other end of this flat band of iron is a slot; it fits over the same staple as the slot in the flattened end of the left side of the barlike waistband. The belt is then put on the woman in this fashion. The waistband is closed about her, the left side, its slot penetrated by the staple, over the right side; the flat U-shaped band of iron, contoured to female intimacies, is then swung up on its hinge, between her thighs, where the slot on its end is penetrated by the staple, this keeping the parts of the belt in place. The whole apparatus is then locked on her, the tongue of the padlock thrust through the staple, the lock then snapped shut."
"Kajira of Gor" page 103

"I felt then the encircling clasp of metal closed about my waist, and then, swinging up between my legs, another piece of metal. These things were fastened in place, the right side, and the lower portion, hasplike, over the staple on the left side of the apparatus. The whole was then secured behind my back with a padlock. Once again I wore an iron belt."
"Dancer of Gor" page 99

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"I felt the hands of soldiers at my clothing. It was torn from me, before the very throne. Then, when I was absolutely naked, a golden collar, to which a chain was attached, with wrist rings and ankle rings, was brought. It was a chaining system of that sort called a sirik. My chin was thrust up and I felt the golden collar locked about my throoat. Almost as the same time my wrists, held closely together before me, were locked helplessly in the wrist rings. In another instant, my ankles, held, were helplessly in the ankle rings. A chain then ran from my collar to the chain on my wrist rings and from thence, the same chain, to the chain on my ankle rings. My ankle rings chain was about twelve inches in length, and my wrist chain was about six inches in length. The central chain, where it dangled down from the wrist rings, lay on the floor before the throne, before it looped up to where it was closed about the central link of the ankle ring chain."
"Kajira of Gor" page 185/6 "(...) both girls wore the Sirik, a light chain favored for female slaves by many Gorean masters; it consists of a Turian-type collar, a loose, rounded circle of steel, to which a light, gleaming chain is attached; should the girl stand, the chain, dangling from her collar, falls to the floor; it is about ten or twelve inches longer than is required to reach from her collar to her ankles; to this chain, at the natural fall of her wrists, is attached a pair of slave bracelets; at the end of the chain there is attached another device, a set of linked ankle rings, which, when closed about her ankles, lifts a portion of the slack chain from the floor; the Sirik is an incredibly graceful thing and designed to enhance the beauty of its wearer; perhaps it should only be added that the slave bracelets and the ankle rings may be removed from the chain and used separately; this also, of course, permits the Sirik to function as a slave leash."
"Nomads of Gor" page 42

"She lifted up some loops of chain; there were linked ankle rings and linked wrist rings and a lock collar, all connected by a length of gleaming chain running from the collar. It was rather lovely' Sirik,' said Eta."
"Slave Girl of Gor" page 83

There, held by a snap catch against the silken lining of the great cloak, looped, in coils, there hung a set of light chains. I coul not determine the exact arrangement of the chains, coiled as they were. There seemed, however, to be a longer chain, which was a base chain, and two smaller, subsidiary chains. At one end the base chain was attached to a rather small neck ring, but suitable for closing about a womens neck; at the other end it was attached to one of the subsidiary chains, about a foot long, and terminating on each end with a ring; those rings looked as though they might fit snugly about a woman's ankles; the other subsidiary chain seemed to be placed about two feet or so below the neck ring; at its terminations were smaller rings, which looked as though they might close snugly, locking, about a woman's wrists."
"Kajira of Gor" Page 126

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Work Sirik

"The chain she wore was a work sirik. It resembles the common sirik but the wrists, to permit work, are granted about a yard of chain. Like the common sirik, it is a lovely chain, Women are beautiful in it." "Kajira of Gor" page 145

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Slave Sack

"One of the simplest and most common is the slave sack, into which the girl, gagged, and with her hands braceleted behind her back, is commonly introduced headfirst. These devices have in common the feature of ensuring the total helplessness of the slave and, if one wishes, her ignorance of her destination, route and such."
"Vagabonds of Gor" page 125

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Slave Socks

'Put you hands on the armwrests,' I said, 'but back behind the slot in the armwrests. I will tell you when to bring them forward.' I then slid the lower board of a hinged pair of boards, with matching semicircular openings, into position in the slots in the armrests. The height of this bottom board came about a hurt above the level of the armwrests. 'You will now bring your hands forward, placing your wrists in these semicircular openings.' I told her. She did so, in an almost unreal, trancelike fashion. I then swung the upper board up, on its hinge, and then down and over the lower board. I then, with the attached clip, using the hasp and staple, locked the two boards together. 'You are now in wrist stocks,' I told her. I then thrust two clips through the matching rings, one set on the stock and armwrest to my left, the other on the stock and armrest to my right, securing the stocks in the armrests. 'You are now in wrists stocks held on the benches,' I said. 'Although the prisoner is unable to reach any of the devices of closure another might be able to do so. Thus, if one wishes, these devices could be locked into place.'
She tried to withdraw her hands, but could not do so.
'Put your ankles back,' I said.
I guided them into their places. The ankle stock is a simpler device, as the read board is part of the bench. I then found the front board and fixed it in place. I then stepped back to regard her.
'Either the wrist or the ankle stocks would serve to keep you in place.' I said. However, the wrist stocks may be removed from the bench and serve as its own bond, if one wishes.'"
"Vagabonds of Gor" page 254

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Slave Strap

"She wore a slave strap, a heavy strap, buckling in the back. In the front, at her belly, there was, fixed in the strap, a plate and ring. Through the ring passed a chain, of come five inches in length, each end of which terminated in a bracelet. Her hands were confined before her body." "Hunters of Gor" page 65

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Northern Yoke

"The Northern yoke is either of wood or bone, and is drilled in three places. The one Thistle wore was of wood. It was not heavy. It passed behind her neck at which point one of the drilled holes occurred. The other two holes occurred at the terminations of the yoke. A leather strap is knotted about the girl's wrist, passed through the drilled hole at one end of the yoke, usually that on her left, taken up through the hole behind the neck, looped twice about her neck, threaded back down the end, usually the one on her right, and tied about her right wrist. She is thus fastened to the yoke. From each end of the yoke hung a large sack."
"Beasts of Gor" page 196

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