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           Ubarate of Bila Huruma    Nyuki   Nyundo   Ukundo   Ancient City of Lake Shaba  

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"Have you heard of Bila Huruma?" asked Samos.
"A little," I said.
"He is a black Ubar," said Samos, "bloody and brilliant, a man of vision and power, who has united the six ubarates of the southern shores of Ushindi, united them by the knife and the stabbing spear, and has extended his hegemony to the northern shores, where he exacts tribute, kailiauk tusks and women, from the confederacy of, the hundred villages. Shaba's nine boats had fixed at their masts the tufted shields of the officialdom of Bila Huruma."
"Explorers of Gor" page 17

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"His father had, many years ago, fled from an inland village, that of Nyuki, noted for its honey, on the northern shore of lake Ushindi."
"Explorers of Gor" page 219

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"We stood in the clearing of Nyundo, the central village of the Ukungu region."
"Explorers of Gor" page 451

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"Ukungu," said Kisu, "lies to the northeast, on the coast." Ukungu was a country of coast villages, speaking the same or similar dialects. It was now claimed as a part of the expanding empire of Bila Huruma.
"Explorers of Gor" page 277/8

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"Here and there, emerging from the lake, were great stone figures, the torsos and heads of men, shields upon their arms, spears grasped in their hands. These great figures were weathered, and covered with the patinas of age, greenish and red. Lichens and mosses grew in patches on the stone; vines clambered about them. Birds perched on the heads and shoulders of the great figures. On ridgework near the water turtles and tharlarion sunned themselves.
"How ancient are these things?" asked Janice.
"I do not know," I said.
I looked at the huge figures. They towered thirty and forty feet out of the water. Our canoe seemed small, moving among them. I studied the faces.
"These men were of your race, or of some race akin to yours, Kisu," I said. "Perhaps," said Kisu. "There are many black peoples."
"Where have the builders of these things gone?" asked Ayari.
"I do not know," I said."
"Explorers of Gor" page 417/8

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