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Goosemoor Lane Crime
(The unofficial crime news for Goosemoor Lane, Short Heath, Erdington, Birmingham, B23, United Kingdom)

Monday 12th October 2009 Edition

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Internet Eyes - Pilot CCTV Monitoring Project
This project allows online monitoring of CCTV cameras by the public (such cameras are not always live monitored and are merely recorded from). So far, CCTV cameras in Birmingham are not part of the project (though Internet users in Birmingham CAN monitor the cameras in other places that are presently part of the project).

A facility exists where such public online monitors can then alert about crimes they've just witnessed online (though it costs you money to do that - to stop malicious false-alarms). If the report is genuine, you get a reward more than enough to recoup the alerting cost.


(If and when the project starts in Birmingham, I'll put it on the Links Page)

Anti-Knifecrime Rave Event For Under 18's - Star Dust
At Premonition Nightclub, Birmingham. Tuesday 27/10/2009, 7pm - 11pm. For more info;


Police Surgery - Perry Common
Weds 14/10/2009, starts at 5pm. Hurstway Community Centre, The Hurstway. Residents are welcome to discuss crime issues.

[email protected]

The Station Road Sign Is Snapped In Half Again
(This might've been an accident) By the bridge, has been reported here  - www.fixmystreet.com/report/75734

Burglar Alarm Activated - Witton Lodge Road
On a house at the junction with Court Lane, Thu 24/9/2009 around midday. See if we get more about this.

Bus Shelter Damaged - 7 And 65 Terminus To-City
(This might not have been vandalism - but the way kids going past forever whack it I doubt it!) Part of the perspex has now been knocked out. Reported to Centro.

Hare And Hounds Murder - More
From Birmingham Mail website at www.birminghammail.net

`AN ANONYMOUS caller has named a person they suspect of killing of a quiet, family man who paid the ultimate price for acting as a peacemaker during a brawl in Birmingham.

Now detectives have urged the person who dialled the Crimestoppers hotline over the death of David Weaver to come forward and make an official statement.

And they pledged to use measures to protect witnesses fearful of giving evidence.

Mr Weaver, aged 44, suffered major head injuries in the attack in Marsh Hill, Stockland Green, last November, as he tried to stop fighting following a function organised in memory of murder victim Lee Wellard at The Hare and Hounds pub.

Despite brain surgery, the Erdington man never recovered and died in hospital on April 26.

Police believe people know who is responsible but they have not been able to charge anyone because key witnesses have been reluctant to come forward.

The anonymous tip followed a fresh appeal for help from police and came after Mr Weaver’s heartbroken family issued a shocking image of him as he lay in a coma at Good Hope Hospital to the Birmingham Mail.

Det Insp Nick Walton, from Queens Road CID, said:

"We had a very encouraging response and are following a number of lines of inquiry as a result of those calls. I now know there are a number of people who believe they know the identity of those responsible for causing David’s injuries. We are particularly interested in a call received to Crimestoppers. We would encourage this person or anyone else with information to make direct contact with police to help bring the offenders to justice. The information they hold may be vital to the inquiry."

Repeating his ‘we can protect you’ plea to potential witnesses, he said: "I understand some people may have some concern or anxiety in speaking to officers. Please be assured we can offer a full range of special measures to support witnesses."

Mr Weaver’s sister, Tina, said:

"He really suffered but is at peace now. I don’t think people realise how bad he was when he was in hospital and people need to see his injuries and it might urge people to come forward."

Anyone with information should call Queens Road CID on 0845 113 5000.'

Burnt Out Car In The Park
Police were made aware of the burnt out car at the back of the Substation on Goosemoor Lane (seemingly dumped overnight on 1-2/9/2009), has been removed. No confirmation on whether it was stolen.

Keep Left Signs Update
(Some of this damage may be accidental/high winds, not vandalism). We had got 2 uprooted ones on the Bend again, fixed.

TV's Ashley Jailed - The Place 2B - Chester Road - Update
From The Sutton Observer website at www.thisissuttoncoldfield.co.uk

<SACKED BBC presenter Ashley Blake is a 'ruined man' this week after being jailed for two years following his 'serious' attack on a teenager.

The former Midlands Today presenter whom the judge branded a 'repeat' liar was sentenced on Tuesday following his conviction last month for unlawful wounding and perverting the course of justice.

Sutton man Blake was at his former Chester Road bar, The Place 2B, when he struck the teenage customer in the face with a patio umbrella pole, scarring him for life.

Telling Blake that his TV career was over and he had only himself to blame, Judge Peter Carr quashed suggestions that the victim, Greg Jones, had acted like an 'inebriated hooligan'.

The judge said there was no evidence of it, but plenty to show that Blake's attack was deliberate and that he had 'repeatedly lied'.

During the trial, the jury had heard that Blake, 40, initially denied to police in interview that he had handled the pole at all. In addition, they heard that Blake who also presented consumer affairs show Watchdog had attempted to hide the weapon, leading to the conviction for perverting the course of justice.

For that offence, Blake was sentenced to six months in prison, to run concurrently to the two-year sentence for unlawful wounding.

As he was led away from court, Blake mouthed the words 'I love you' to his girlfriend Jessica Hayes with whom he used to run The Place 2B. She was escorted from the court room after becoming distraught.

Sutton Police said they welcomed Tuesday's outcome.

Passing sentence at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Peter Carr said: "Mr Blake, your career is over. You have no-one to blame for that but yourself. While I appreciate all you have lost, I bear in mind that a young man was injured, leaving a permanent scar. I also of course bear in mind the lies you told to the police. You could have chosen to co-operate fully with the police and told them the truth about what happened. You did not."

He told Blake:

"You deliberately and repeatedly lied to police about what you had done, and it was obvious to anyone watching the trial that you repeatedly lied then as well."

The incident in January came amid 18th birthday party celebrations at the venue.

Customer Stephen Sproule, aged 38, of Booths Farm Road, Great Barr, punched one of the teenage revellers, knocking him unconscious. Greg Jones, then 17, stepped in as peacemaker, the judge said, but Blake 'got the pole out' and deliberately 'hit out with the weapon'. Jones sustained a 'serious and unpleasant' facial injury which required ten stitches.

The court heard last month that between 1986 and 1993, Blake was convicted of a string of offences including theft and handling stolen goods.

Mitigating, Nigel Rumfitt QC said that Blake had a 'promising career in television ahead'.

He said of his client:

"He had achieved all of that despite a modest start. Although he had some minor brushes with the law as a young man, he had put all that behind him and was living a blameless and useful life. He stands before the court today in effect a ruined man. He has lost his job at the BBC. He was very successful. His career is in tatters. He will have to start all over again. Here is someone who had worked hard all his life, who has overcome a background which has caused many young men to lead a life of crime."

Blake was sacked by the BBC following last month's conviction.

Welcoming the sentence, DC Dave Bebb of Sutton Police said outside court: "Greg Jones was a young man studying for his A-levels. He received a scar that has wounded him for the rest of his life."

Sproule was sentenced to 13 months in prison for actual bodily harm.'

Resident's Appeal For Info - South Road
From a local resident;

"I am having a great deal of trouble defining an incident in the Stockland Green area last year (2008) in which the police sealed off South Road and Reservoir Road and most others adjacent as they chased a suspect across the gardens and alleyways surrounding my house. In giving chase, they broke down my rear fence.

Because of my job, I have spent long periods away from the UK and have only now had the opportunity to start putting in an official claim against the police for damage to my property.

Unfortunately, the police have no record and will not respond unless I can give them an exact date for the incident!

I'm therefore hoping that you or any one of those people from the area who contribute to this site, might be able to pin-point the date.

From my own vague memory and that of friends from the area, it was in the June/July 2008 time, but I cannot be more specific and it's the exact date I need. Can anybody help, please? I would be extremely grateful for any assistance in pinning down the date."

Contact the Webmaster and I will pass the info on;

[email protected]

Police Make Arrest In Connection To Double Shooting-Erdington
From West Midlands Police website at www.west-midlands.police.uk

`Police have arrested a man in connection to a double shooting incident which occurred in the early hours of Sunday 9 August in Erdington.

A 26 year-old man from Erdington was arrested earlier today (Tuesday 11) on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder. He remains in custody helping police with their inquiries.

Police were called to an address in Northcroft Way, Erdington at 0059 hours on Sunday. Two men aged 32 and 27 were found with gunshot injuries outside the address. They remain in hospital in a stable condition.

Anyone with information should contact CID at Queens Road on 0845 113 5000.'

(Northcroft Way is in Stockland Green).

Programme Paragon - West Midlands Police Public Consultation Project

Murder - Court Lane/Chester Road Junction - More
From the BBC website at www.bbc.co.uk

`Two men have appeared in court charged with murdering a man who died when a car mounted a footpath.

Antony Ames, 21, died after being hit by a car on Chester Road, Sutton Coldfield, early on Saturday. Two other people were injured.

Anthony Terry Stuart, 30, of Erdington, and Brett David Cole, 32, from Perry Common, have been charged with murder and attempted murder.

They were remanded in custody and are due at Crown Court on 6 August.

Mr Stuart, of Broomhill Road, Erdington, and Mr Cole, of Weycroft Road, Perry Common, appeared at Sutton Coldfield Magistrates' Court on Wednesday.

They are due to appear at Birmingham Crown Court.

Mr Ames was pronounced dead in hospital.

In a statement released by West Midlands Police, his mother, Michelle Ames, described him as "a character" and said he had "a loud personality".

She said: "Antony was my eldest son, he was only 21 years old and popular with all of his friends.

"He was just one of the crowd who liked going out with his mates and had just started to settle down with his girlfriend, Shaunie.

"Our house was never quiet when Antony was at home and things will never be the same again.

"Antony had his whole life ahead of him and our family and friends are devastated and distraught by his death. We will all miss him very much."'

Action - Community Priorities
From West Midlands Police website at www.west-midlands.police.uk

0845 113 5000 ext 7851 6252 Email: [email protected]

"The priorities for Erdington neighbourhood are:

Anti-social behaviour in Jarvis Road. Identified as a priority through police surgeries and neighbourhood tasking meetings in May 2009.

Anti-Social Behaviour in Chipstead Road. Identified as a priority through police surgeries and neighbourhood tasking meetings in May 2009.

Obstruction to resident access at junction between Dare Road and Robin Road. Identified as a priority through police surgeries and neighbourhood tasking meetings in June 2009.

Highways defects in Jarvis Road. Identified as a priority through police surgeries and neighbourhood tasking meetings in April 2009.

Answers - feedback and solutions

The following are the issues raised from our last neighbourhood meeting and what we are doing to tackle them:

Anti-social Behaviour in Jarvis Road. Update June 9th - PCSOs are conducting 'walk-throughs' in all flat buildings in Jarvis Road with a view to setting up agreed behaviour contracts for ASB offenders. These will be actioned in conjunction with local authority partners.

Update July 7th- PCSOs have conducted 'walk throughs' in all the flats in Jarvis Road and have reported fewer youths in this area that were causing Anti-social Behaviour. Officers from this team are working in partnership with Birmingham City Council (BCC) to evict tenants that are anti-social and using drugs at this location. A recent injunction has been obtained by BCC to prevent an anti-social ex-tenant returning to this neighbourhood.

Anti-social Behaviour in Chipstead Road. Update June 9th - Officers are working with the Birmingham Anti Social Behaviour Unit (BASBU) and Birmingham City Housing to deal with the issues, and letters are being sent out to parents of the ASB offenders.

Update July 7th - Officers are continuing to work with BASBU and Birmingham City Housing to deal with the issues of Anti-social Behaviour in this street. We have not received as many calls from the community, and are now looking at improving local residents' rear fencing and gates at properties local youths have been climbing over to cause ASB. This will be done in partnership with the housing department.

Obstruction to resident access at junction between Dare Road and Robin Road. Update June 15th - Following a site inspection, the skip at the above location has been removed and a letter has been sent to the owner/occupier requesting them to remove building materials from the footpath. The Planning Department is also currently investigating this issue and appropriate action will be taken.

Update July 7th - Following a site inspection in June 2009, the skip at this location has been removed and a letter has been sent to the owner/occupier requesting them to remove building materials from the footpath. Highways have been requested by your local neighbourhood team to re-attend this location to carry out further site inspections to improve access to pavements.

Highway defects in Jarvis Road. Update June 9th - Residents have reported a number of holes which have appeared in Jarvis Road. This is to be addressed by the Highways department.

Update July 7th- This matter is still ongoing with Highways and will be raised at the next Erdington tasking meeting in August.

Influence - over policing priorities

Your next neighbourhood tasking meeting will be held on:


Meeting Type


Wed 29 July 2009 6pm Neighbourhood Tasking These are not public meetings, but if you have any issues you would like raised at the next neighbourhood tasking please contact the team on the telephone number or email address detailed above.
Wed 26 Aug 2009 6pm Neighbourhood Tasking These are not public meetings, but if you have any issues you would like raised at the next neighbourhood tasking please contact the team on the telephone number or email address detailed above.
Fri 28 Aug 2009 6pm Police Surgery 1 Alnwick House, Jarvis Road, Erdington.
Wed 16 Sept 2009 6pm Police Surgery 1 Alnwick House, Jarvis Road, Erdington.
Wed 23 Sept 2009 6pm Neighbourhood Tasking These are not public meetings, but if you have any issues you would like raised at the next neighbourhood tasking please contact the team on the telephone number or email address detailed above.
Tues 6 Oct  2009 6pm Police Surgery 1 Alnwick House, Jarvis Road, Erdington.
Wed 21  Oct 2009 6pm Neighbourhood Tasking These are not public meetings, but if you have any issues you would like raised at the next neighbourhood tasking please contact the team on the telephone number or email address detailed above.
Mon 26 Oct 2009 6pm Police Surgery 1 Alnwick House, Jarvis Road, Erdington.
Wed 18 Nov 2009 6pm Neighbourhood Tasking These are not public meetings, but if you have any issues you would like raised at the next neighbourhood tasking please contact the team on the telephone number or email address detailed above.
Mon 23 Nov 2009 6pm Police Surgery 1 Alnwick House, Jarvis Road, Erdington.

The issues highlighted during the police surgeries will be addressed at the monthly Neighbourhood Tasking meetings."

Burglary - Chester Road
From a resident;

"There was a break in at a house on Chester Road between 10am and 2pm today (8th July 2009). The thieves got in by climbing on the rear extension roof and breaking a window. The house is located on the row of houses between Sycamore Road and Beech Road, Erdington. The police are aware but would appreciate any information regarding unfamiliar vehicles or people loitering in this area around the time of the break in."

Erdington Bus Onboard Robberies
A man has now been charged with several offences.

Court Lane Paedophile Jailed
Another one I'm afraid - bear in mind though these crimes were in the 1970's and the offender is now locked up - so no immediate danger in the area now. From a Birmingham Mail report;

"A former officer in the Sutton Coldfield Boys Brigade who serially sexually abused a boy ..... has been jailed for 3 years. Martyn Park, aged 57, of Court Lane, Erdington ........ had previously admitted 17 charges of indecent assault and six of indecency with a child.

Detective Inspector Shaun Edwards from Sutton Coldfield CID said it might act as a `trigger' for anyone to come forward who might have been the victim of similar offences by Park - who had held a senior position at the Sutton Sea Scouts.

Robert Price, prosecuting ............  said the abuse went on for five years between 1973 and 1978."

Park Play Area Fence Damaged - News
The iron fence that encloses the play-area in Short Heath Park has been knocked down in places and strewn about, needs fixing.

From Erdington Tories;

`We reported it to the Parks department and were told there was not enough budget for it's repair. Cllr Gareth Compton said;

"This was clearly unacceptable and we have not let the matter drop, we are demanding it is fixed at the start of the new financial year and have reported the graffiti for removal."'

Home Office Reducing Violence Against Women Page

Community Payback (Making Criminals Wear Orange etc)

Policing Pledge

Cable Box Busted Open - Witton Lodge Road - Fixed
By the to-city 7 and 65 bus stop. Fixed.

Man Jailed For Life For Murder Of Lee Wellard - Wyrley Birch
From the Birmingham Mail website at http://www.birminghammail.net/

`A MAN was today starting a life sentence for murdering a father-of-two by plunging a knife into his neck at a party in Birmingham. Kevin O’Keefe, attacked Lee Wellard at a party on the Wyrley Birch estate, near Erdington, in revenge for being taunted about being a paedophile, the city’s Crown Court heard. O’Keefe, 47, of Lakes Road, Erdington, denied murder.

When the jury returned its guilty verdict, it was greeted with clapping and cheering from a public gallery packed with friends and family of the victim, who had been described as a "larger than life" character.

Judge Richard Griffith-Jones told O’Keefe: "I am quite satisfied when you went back to the flat, although you had been insulted and taunted to some extent, you intended to kill Lee Wellard.

"I base that conclusion on the weapon you selected, and the force you applied, and the part of the body that you struck. Your response afterwards, simply by leaving the hapless Mr Wellard in the state he was in, leads me to the conclusion that the appropriate number of years before you can be considered for release is 15."

During the week-long trial, there had been a substantial police presence following disturbances at previous court hearings.

David Williams QC, prosecuting, said there had been a "background" between the two men, and that Mr Wellard, aged 34, was known to have made disparaging remarks about the defendant because of his supposed interest in young girls.

This was based on the fact that O’Keefe had been accused of sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl, although he was later acquitted following a trial.

On August 2 last year, O’Keefe and Mr Wellard had gone to a party being held in Faulkners Farm Drive, Wyrley Birch.

At one point during the evening, after O’Keefe had suggested going to another party, Mr Wellard had called the defendant a paedophile and a nonce.

O’Keefe went home, brooded about what had happened, and returned to the party about 10 minutes later, rushing up to the victim and stabbing him twice in the neck.

Mr Williams said O’Keefe was later caught on CCTV in Erdington High Street going to an off-licence serving hatch and re-enacting what he had done.'

Police Website - Keep It Safe
Police are warning young people about showing off Christmas presents in public;


Crime Above Is For 2009

Man Found In Erdington With Fatal Stab Wounds
More havoc in Gravelly Hill. From http://www.thisissuttoncoldfield.co.uk/

`Part of an Erdington street remained cordoned off on Christmas Eve following the discovery of a man with fatal head wounds. A 47-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Around 4.30pm on December 23, a 59-year-old man - believed to have been assaulted - was found lying in Prince William Close. He was taken to hospital where he later died. A post-mortem was due to be carried out on Christmas Eve.

A police cordon was set up to allow forensic investigations. Anyone with information is asked to phone officers at Queen's Road Police Station on 0845 113 5000.'

Top Croft Fence Vandalised
The new wooden one enclosing the Large Island, someone has knocked large holes in it.

Man Charged Over Erdington Stabbing - Landsdowne Road
Not that far from us, just off Gravelly Hill.

From http://www.birminghammail.net/

`A MAN was due to appear in court today charged with attempted murder after a father-of-two was stabbed outside his Birmingham home.

The victim, named locally as Lee Lavintine, remained critically ill in hospital after being attacked in Landsdowne Road, Erdington.

Neighbours today described Mr Lavintine, aged 39, as a "very caring, helpful man" and added that he doted on his children.

He was taken to Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield, after being stabbed in the neck and back at 5pm on Friday.

Mr Lavintine’s neighbour Alan Bean was in the victim’s third-floor flat shortly before he was stabbed and said he was hurt after a fight.

Mr Bean said: "I went in to stop a fight between Lee and another man."

He said Mr Lavintine then appeared at the door holding his hand to his neck, claiming he had been stabbed.

"I hadn’t heard any shouting or screams but when I came outside there was blood everywhere," Mr Bean said.

Police cordoned off the road on Friday evening and erected a tent outside Mr Lavintine’s property.

Another neighbour Lily Pyke, aged 66, said she knew Mr Lavintine well.

She said: "He could be a very caring, helpful man who would be the first person on your doorstep if you needed anything."

She said he was a former van driver who doted on his children.

"I was shocked when I heard he’d been stabbed," Ms Pyke said. "It was absolutely chaotic on the road on Friday with police stopping people going up and down."

Taxi driver Tahir Ahmed, who has lived in Lansdowne Road for 30 years, said the area was normally quite peaceful.

West Midlands Police would not formally name the victim but said a man, also aged 39, was arrested on Saturday night in connection with the incident.

Anyone with information should call West Midlands Police on 0845 113 5000.'

Man Fighting For Life After Huge Birmingham City Brawl (Stockland Green) - Police Appeal For Information
From the Birmingham Mail website at http://www.birminghammail.net/

`A man was fighting for life today after being beaten up during a huge brawl in a Birmingham street. Up to 50 people were involved in the fight which spilled into the road after starting in the Hare & Hound pub, Marsh Hill, in Stockland Green.

Motorists driving past were forced to stop as the men clashed on the busy dual carriageway. The victim, said to be in his 40s, was found on the ground with head injuries, police said.

It is thought that he may have been chased across the road before being attacked on a pavement outside a row of residential homes shortly before midnight on Saturday (22/11/2008).

He has undergone surgery to remove a blood clot and today remained critically ill in hospital.

Police are treating the attack as attempted murder.

Acting Det Chief Insp Nick Walton, from Queen’s Road CID, said:

"This was a very serious incident and a man is still critically ill in hospital. The incident started inside the pub and spilled out into the road. Motorists driving through the area had to stop as the fighting continued across the street. We would like to speak with those motorists who were passing at the time of the original disorder and saw what happened. I would appeal to them to come forward."

He added:

"There were about 40 to 50 people involved and there were pockets of fighting going on. Witnesses said the victim had been chased across the road."

The fight, broke out at the pub which had been hosting a private party.

A blue tent erected on the pavement on the opposite side of the road to the pub marked the spot where the man was found.

The Hare & Hound was temporarily closed while detectives and forensics experts examined the scene but it has since been allowed to re-open.

Detectives were also looking to examine footage from closed circuit security cameras in the area in the hope of identifying those behind the trouble. No arrests have been made.'

Tyre Tracks In The Park
A vehicle has been clearly been racing round the Park again. Entered and left via the car-park in the far corner where two of the wooden posts have been uprooted.

We seem to be simply painting the Forth Bridge with those wooden perimeter posts which are designed to keep vehicles out - as quickly damaged again to let vehicles in as repaired. Finding those actually racing round the Park might be a better idea.

Halloween Havoc
Reports are already coming in of Trick or Treat havoc by kids on Goosemoor Lane - e.g. a car wing mirror ripped off, frontt garden fences damaged, etc.

(Residents may want to check outside just in case).

I'm no spoilsport of course and I don't yet support an outright ban, but we can't have this each year.

Mini Wrecking Spree - The Woodyard
We often get drunken people attacking front gardens etc on weekend nights, this time the front of The Woodyard (Travis Perkins) got it. From the pavement, lots of it's signs were damaged or ripped down and strewn about. Friday 10/10/2008 - Saturday 11/10/2008.

Park Graffiti - On The Court Lane Substation Wall
This graffiti has been reported for removal.

Kids Hanging Around The Road Causing Problems
Goosemoor Lane is of course more than 1/2 mile long - so lots of scope to shift one problem just to another part of it - so not much use in that.

So we've got problems at night at the Top Croft junction and other places. The alley by the Rose And Crown was cut back recently (see News Page) and the entrance into the car-park of the new apartments from there is now padlocked, still stuff being thrown into the compound from that alley though.

Meanwhile we had kids wandering into the alley between 65 and 69 causing problems, it's now been gated, however they are now simply causing problems in OTHER alleys (like the one more or less opposite it). That one can't easily be gated - though it might be at some point.

Further, the land behind the Woodyard is ANOTHER gathering places, plans now afoot to trim it's areas

Basically though, there are just TOO many gathering places and they CAN'T all be gated and shrubbery trimmed back (street corners at all the junctions of the side roads? How can THEY be gated?)

If the people causing problems here are doing so simply because they've been shifted here by police crackdowns in other parts of Erdington, then police have NOT solved the overall problem - and that needs to be made clear to them.

Police need to identify who is causing the problems for a start off - then takes things from there.

I'll keep adding stuff to the Games/Fun Page, and I suggest those in contact with young people in the area make them aware of it too.

Are there official tie-ups between local leisure centres and sports clubs etc with local schools? Or do schools just let young people find out about local sports facilities etc by themselves? And if they do, is THAT a satisfactory situation?

We could rant on about National Service etc or expect Gordon Brown to give over 15 proverbial minutes to some gimmick, courtesy of the fawning Andy Marr - but that wouldn't get us very far.

Top Croft Paedophile Jailed
From the Birmingham Mail at http://www.birminghammail.net/

"A PERVERT who sexually abused a young boy over a two-year spell was today starting a 14-year jail sentence.

John Reeves, aged 59, of Topcroft Road, Erdington, molested and raped the vulnerable young boy, now aged 24, during karate lessons which the victim’s parents had asked him to take him to to bolster the youngster’s self-esteem.

John Attwood, prosecuting, said Reeves became violent towards the 12-year-old victim when the abuse started, after he told Reeves he was not gay. The victim’s family were so trusting of Reeves that they allowed their son to stay overnight at his home where many of the sex acts took place, Mr Attwood said. Reeves was arrested in January 2007 after the victim plucked up the courage to approach the police.

At Birmingham Crown Court Reeves was found guilty of six counts of indecent assault and four of rape.

He was placed on the sex offender’s register for life and is subject to an indefinite sexual offences prevention order."

Phone Cleared Of Graffiti - Court Lane/Jerrys Lane Junction
Photos were being  taken of it first, in case the culprit can be traced later

Car Broken Into - Jarvis Road
From a resident;

"I had my car broke into between 7 Sept 7pm and 8 Sept 11am. Side passenger window smashed, glove compartment contents strewn across car along with glass. Car parked in parking spaces alongside Arundel House, Jarvis Road. Police came but nothing they could do, although very courteous.

Presume that Sat Nav suction marks on windscreen indicated to them that I had Sat Nav and they looked in glove compartment for it. Paid 60 excess on Insurance, not able to afford but what can you do?

Thought this area was getting better. I have got rid of Sat Nav now, never used it anyway much."

West Midlands Police Sat Nav Advice Page;


CCTV In Police Base - Jarvis Road
The cameras in Jarvis Road only cover a limited area. Maybe a good idea for the Police to have a camera in their office at Arundel House?

From http://www.west-midlands.police.uk/

Police are appealing for witnesses and information following a robbery assault on a taxi driver in Erdington, Birmingham.

The incident occurred last night (Sunday 31) around 10:40pm. A taxi driver, aged 29, picked up two men from outside Star Private Members Club in Sutton New Road, Erdington around 10:30pm.

He drove them to Yenton Grove in Pitts Farm, arriving around 10:42pm. As the car came to a stop, the two men assaulted the driver causing small wounds to the back of his head.

The victim managed to escape from the vehicle and the two offenders drove off in his car.

The vehicle, a silver Peugeot 408 with ‘Regency Cars’ sticker on side of car and registration number SB51 DHK remains outstanding.

Both offenders are described as black, aged around 28, between 5ft 11ins and 6ft 3ins tall, both slim build with cropped black hair, wearing black tracksuit and black gloves.

The victim, aged 29 was treated at hospital for minor injury to his head and knee. He has since been released.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or anyone with information is urged to call CID at Sutton Coldfield police station on 0845 113 5000 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. "

Two Alarms To Note
We had burglar alarms going off on the odd side at the junction with Kirkwood Avenue around 8pm, Friday 22/8/2008. Then another in roughly the same area at around 3am Sunday morning 24/8/2008. See if we get more about these.

have vital information.”

West Midlands Police YouTube Site
West Midlands Police shorts films on crime prevention etc - www.youtube.com/westmidlandspolice

Erdington MP Joins Police On Front Line
From the Sutton Observer website at http://www.thisissuttoncoldfield.co.uk/

`Erdington MP Sion Simon will be on the front line of policing over the next few weeks ahead of a government review into law and order.

This week he has been talking to police officers in Erdington about their views on law enforcement, and is due to spend time with the community watch in Perry Barr next week. Mr Simon, who is chair of the government's law and order manifesto group, has been asked to draw up a crime and order review, which is due to be published later this year, and information from these fact-finding sessions will form part of the draft.

"I was very much looking forward to getting the views of the people on the front line of law enforcement, it is a very difficult job and I wanted to know what they thought we should be doing centrally to make it easier," said Mr Simon.

"Some of the issues discussed included the courts system, the important role of Police Community Support Officers, how to deal with youth offenders and the huge impact alcohol and drug related crime has on our communities. We know that great work has been done in Erdington by the police and local residents which has seen a consistent fall in levels of crime over recent years. However, we must also face up to the fact that much more still needs to be done, especially to reassure the public."

Sion has also met with neighbourhood watch schemes and various other organisations over recent weeks to discuss the future of law and order.'

Youth Pod Set On Fire - Short Heath Park
It'll probably survive since made of metal, but a motor-bike of some kind full of fuel was set on fire underneath it on Monday 16/6/2008 around 2pm. Police and Fire Service attended.

Court Lane Allotments Havoc - Yet More
The area bounded by the Park, Court Lane, Jarvis Road and the Top Croft Estate. They are having major problems. This from the Sutton Observer (which got the name wrong) at http://www.thisissuttoncoldfield.co.uk/

`It was supposed to be a community project that would bring people together. But this week the mindless acts of vandals have halted that dream. Allotment holders on Crown Lane (actually Court Lane - Webmaster) in Erdington had spent hundreds of pounds transforming a scrubby bit of wasteland into a wildlife and educational garden that the public could enjoy.

Complete with a bird garden, picnic area and plots for local school children to grow their own vegetables, and an old portable cabin as an education centre, the project was all set to be launched this week.

But on Tuesday night (June 10) vandals put a stop to the allotment holders' plans.

"They're nothing but mean, low-life scum," said Julie Trahearn, allotment holder and project member, who was faced with ringing the schools to break the bad news to disappointed children.

"How can they just attack all the work we've done? They've got wire cutters and taken out the whole window to gain access to the cabin," she said.

"But because there's nothing to steal in there they've just vandalised the lot. They've set a fire extinguisher off, smashed up the security cameras and made a complete mess.

"We haven't been inside the cabin yet because the police are going to take prints, so we can't see the full extent of the damage, but it looks pretty bad. It's got to the stage where we're thinking, 'is it worth it'?

But we'll carry on because we don't want to let anyone beat us."

Another project member, Shirley Hughes, said she was "gutted" by the incident.

"We've worked hard to make something out of nothing - it was a complete eyesore before," she said.

"It makes you wonder if someone out there doesn't want us here. It's done with such vengeance and bitterness. I don't know what sort of people they are."

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Erdington police on 0845 113 5000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.'

More on this from an actual Allotment holder;

"This time it was really bad. The area in question is for the local school children to come along and grow things. The portacabin is the target at the moment. 2 weeks ago it was broken into and everything was stolen, on Monday night this week they tried and failed to get in but caused loads of damage which we repaired, then on Tuesday night they came back armed with wire cutters and got in by cutting the guards off the windows, and because there was nothing to steal they trashed the place.

All three incidents were reported to the police and they finally came out on the third time.

S.o.c.o (Scenes Of Crime Officers) were supposed to come out the same day and guess what? They didn't, so we started to clean up the following day, and then we got a phone call from them saying they could come today so I had to explain that it was to late as they were supposed to have come the previous day and the response was,

`Oh well, if it happens again we will try to get to you'!

After the second incident we put up ...... CCTV  ....... but this was no deterrent as they smashed them off. There were people on the site until 10pm that night and some back on at am next morning.

So if anyone seen anything please let me know - my number is 07748 152 957.'

Meanwhile - More havoc there;

`The vandals were in again last Friday night (13/6/2008) and set on fire 2 scarecrows, also they decided to have a "party" in one of the sheds making a mess but luckily for us they left some empty beer cans which s.o.c.o have finger-printed so with any luck they might find out who it was.'

Police Plea Over Erdington High Street Church Arson Attack
From Birmingham Mail at http://www.birminghammail.net/

`THE church arsonist who destroyed the "jewel in the heart of Erdington" could escape scot-free unless the public come forward with information, police warned today. Detectives investigating the blaze which destroyed the historic St Barnabas Church, last October, have now exhausted all possible leads.

But officers are convinced someone in the community knows the identity of who started the blaze which tore through the 18th century listed building. Today Det Con Laura Burrows, from Queens Road CID, appealed directly for anyone with information to come forward.

"The investigation is at a point where we are relying on another piece of information from the public, no matter how small, to progress the investigation," she said.

"Without that vital information we may not be able to find who is responsible."

The blaze was discovered at about 6am on October 4. The building was engulfed in an inferno which gave off smoke and flames that could be seen on the city's skyline for miles around.

All that remains of the church, famous for its stained glass windows, is the clock tower and the partial remains of some of the walls. A forensic examination of the scene indicated that the fire was started near the church's front door, off Erdington High Street.

The blaze caused so much damage that it was not possible to find any evidence of whether an accelerant was used. Church leaders have pledged the building will rise from the ashes.

Police have investigated a number of leads including teenagers playing with fireworks, down and outs hanging around and even if someone had a grudge.

Det Con Burrows said: "We haven't been able to determine a motive for the fire."

* Detectives at Queens Road CID can be contacted on 0845 113 5000 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.'

Latest From West Midlands Police on www.west-midlands.police.uk/suttoncoldfield/erdington.shtml

"Anti-social behaviour (updated 20/03/08):

The neighbourhood team are working with housing and residents to identify offenders. Pupil Watch have also been informed in cases where youths are causing a nuisance during school hours.

Litter in Jarvis Road (ongoing):

Rubbish collection is to be monitored by residents who should feed back to the Waste Management department at Birmingham City Council. The council has assigned an officer to fix any broken bins and Councillor Alden has been informed.

Recycling (ongoing):

Looking into the possibility of underground recycling area.

Mini Motos and quad bikes (ongoing):

Reports are being monitored by the neighbourhood team in conjunction with the Erdington Constituency and housing. Residents are urged to contact the police each time they see anyone on these vehicles.

Contact the team:

Telephone: 0845 113 5000 ext 7851 6252

Email: [email protected] "

CCTV - Station Road
CCTV has been put up on Station Road, on the lamp-post opposite the Johnson Road junction and on the lamp-post nearest the bridge on the same side of that bridge.

Car Vandalised/Theft - Goosemoor Lane
A car parked secure overnight Wednesday 9th - Thursday 10th of April 2008 at the Kirkwood Avenue junction of Goosemoor Lane on the even-side had it's rear windscreen wiper ripped off. Was not found nearby etc so possibly a theft.

Mini Wrecking Spree - Gravelly Lane - Fri 11/4/2008
Two Chavs were running down Gravelly Lane around 10pm (from the Chester Road end) knocking down every wooden For Sale sign in front-gardens etc.

Short Heath Park Perimeter Stumps - Were Uprooted Again - Fixed<
From Erdington Conservatives;

"In the past, cars have been dumped in the park and burnt out, this is why the stumps were put in place in the first place. It is also why we are quick to ensure they were mended ........... If residents spot one out, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can get it sorted quickly."

A stretch of them opposite the Inset had been torn out again though - fixed now again.

This seems the usual "Forth Bridge" thing - never sorting the core problem, i.e. the people actually doing it.

Erdington MP Sought Ideas On Tackling Crime
From Sutton Observer http://www.thisissuttoncoldfield.co.uk/

`Erdington MP Sion Simon is asking the public to share ideas on tackling crime. Mr Simon, chair of the Labour Party Manifesto Group on Law and Order, intends to look at ways in which communities and police can work together.

He said:

"Nobody knows more about the needs of an area than the people who live there. This review puts power back in the hands of the people by asking how police and other organisations can work with communities to cut crime, how best to police local neighbourhoods and how to ensure the justice system has the public's full support by being more open and responsive."

Anyone wishing to add their views is asked to visit www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/crime or write to Freepost, PO Box 1748, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 4XR.'

Child Abduction - Sutton New Road - Erdington - E-Fit Of Offender - Click Here
An extremely serious incident has occurred at the junction of Station Road and Sutton New Road. This from West Midlands Police;


Police are appealing for help in tracing a vehicle which has been involved in an abduction and attempt abduction of children.

Police are looking at links between two incidents which have occurred today and yesterday involving a dark green saloon 5 door vehicle.

The first incident took place at 11am on Sunday (March 2) in Fillimore Road, Alum Rock. A nine year old girl was approached by a dark green saloon vehicle as she walked along the road. The male driver, described as being white in his 30s and wearing glasses tried to entice her into his vehicle, but she ran off.

The second incident took place at around 8.15 this morning (Monday 3 March) in Sutton New Road at the junctions with Edward Road and Station Road in Erdington.

A 12 year-old girl was walking along the road, when a dark green saloon vehicle pulled up alongside her, the male driver, described as being white in his 30s and wearing glasses, opened the passenger door and pulled her into the vehicle and drove away. The girl escaped unharmed a short time later in the Nechells area.

Police are investigating both incidents and are appealing from anyone in the Alum Rock and Erdington areas who may have seen this vehicle acting suspiciously to contact them at Queens Road CID on 0845 113 5000.

DS Chris Vyse from Queens Road CID said: "Enquiries are ongoing, we have been speaking to local schools in the areas and issuing descriptions of the driver and the vehicle and offering advice to youngsters when out walking. We are also examining CCTV in the areas and increasing police patrols to reassure members of the communities concerned. If anyone has any information on this or if anyone else has been approached by a similar vehicle they should contact the CID on 0845 113 5000."'

As you can imagine with this serious (but rare) incident, it has attracted national media attention. The media will carry more on this ongoing incident.

A Similar Incident Reported Near Goosemoor Lane - 26/2/2008
Birmingham Mail reporting this;

`A YOUNG mum told today how a man tried to snatch her daughter as she played in the back garden of her Birmingham home.

Pennymarie Haddock said she screamed when she saw the suspected pervert with his hand on the arm of her three-year-old daughter, Rhiannon.

She fears it could be the same man who grabbed a 12-year-old girl, near Highclare School, on Monday.

The schoolgirl was bundled into a car and taken on a 25-minute terror ride by the man, before escaping unharmed at the Star City entertainment complex, in Nechells.

Pennymarie, who lives off Goosemoor Lane, Erdington, said the incident involving her daughter occurred a week last Tuesday. "It all happened in seconds," said the 25-year-old, who has two other children.

"Rhiannon was playing in the garden and I was watching her from the living room while doing the ironing. I popped into the kitchen to get some water and when I came back he was there.

"It was absolutely terrifying, the man was leaning into the garden and had his hand on my daughter's arm. I just screamed.

"He ran off. But I'm sure he intended to take her. It's horrible to think what might have happened."

The man was white and in his mid to late 20s.

No-one from West Midlands Police was immediately available for comment on the incident.

Pennymarie's home is a short walk from Sutton New Road where the 12-year-old girl was snatched by the man at 8.15am on Monday. Police were today continuing to hunt the 'silent abductor' who took the schoolgirl but never spoke to her during her ordeal. They said they had an "encouraging" response from the public.

The man is described as white, in his mid 30s and skinny with brown, short hair. He was wearing a white V-neck T-shirt, dark trousers and black rectangular glasses and driving a dark green saloon car.

They said they had received numerous calls from the public offering help and were today sifting through the information.

Officers were also continuing a trawl of footage from CCTV security cameras in the hope one may have recorded the car or registration plate of the offender.

Det Insp Nick Walton, from Queens Road CID, said: "We've had numerous calls and not just Birmingham. It was a really encouraging response.

"We are prioritising that information and there are a number of positive leads. There are a number of people we are looking to eliminate.

"We believe this was an isolated incident.

"We are continuing to encourage people to come forward. We hope someone will put the description together with the car and come forward with a name."'

Cable Box Busted Open - Fixed - But Busted Open Again! Fixed. Witton Lodge Road
By the first 7/65 bus stop. Fixed - Again!

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