Capone's Pedigree - (ADBA Registered)


First Second Third Fourth
Hughzee's "Sky Blue"

Green's "Rambo" Green's Hulk" Keller's "Sampson"
Woods "Mandy"
Metzger's "Goldy Rae" Fontaines "Mack"
Hapes "Rose"
Persinger's "Molly B" Persinger's "Raider" Napier's "Swingin Dick"
Knight's "Scooby II"
Watchdogs "Blue Glory" Watchdogs "Wolverine"
Toreres "Blue Sadie"
Chaos "Blue Bionic"

Watchdogs "Beelzebub" Courturiers "Blue Bully" Courturier's "Blue Max II"
Foxfire's "Mistie Blue"
Watchdogs "Zulu" Watchdogs "Big Thor"
Watchdogs "Moon Shadow"
Hughzee's "Brat" Winegarner's "Kong" Green's "Rambo"
Luschs "Storm"
Jollif's "Buzzsaw Rosie" Green's "Rambo"
Persinger's "Molly B"

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