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*Rajini:with ARUNACHALAM not doing well,Rajini is keen to make his
 next film a super hit.some say that the film is to be produced by 
 GV.the director is yet to be decided.one thing is for sure after a 
 gap of 3 years Illayaraja and Rajini unite(atleast now we can expect 
 some quality music in Rajini's films).
*Kamal:Rajkamal's LADIES ONLY(hindhi version of MAGALIR MATTUM) is 
 ready for release.Kamal has almost completed the shooting of AVVAI 
 SHANMUGI's hindhi remake.he has approached A.R.Rehman to score the 
 music for the film.Kamal has plans to start MARUDHUNAYAGAM before 
 July.the budget of the film is 15 crores.Kamal says that the rumors 
 about Rajini,Prabhu,Amitabh,Sathyaraj.... acting in the film are not 
 true.Madhuri Dixit might be the heroine(or is this also a rumor?).
 one additional news-Kamal's sister's son,Gautham is the hero of next 
 Rajkamal International's film.
*Karthik:is doing 3 roles(hindu,muslim and christian)in UDAVIKKI
 VARALAMA.the heroines are Devayani(hindu),Anju Arvind(muslim) and 
 Ravali(christian).his recent releases SISHYA and PISTHA are doing 
 well at the box office(Karthik kattula mazhai).his next film is 
 SUNDARAPANDIAN.Heera is the heroine and the film is directed by 
*Sivaji:for the first time is acting in a tele serial,MEENDUM 
 GAURAVAM.his son,Prabhu is also acting in this serial.Sivaji's 
 latest film,ONCE MORE is releasing on july 4th.he has also sung a 
 song in that film.Sivaji might act in a film with Arjun as hero.this 
 film will be directed by K.S.Ravikumar.
*Prashanth:is expecting JEANS to give a break for him.meanwhile he 
 has signed a film under the banner of Sivasakthi Movie Makers
 film is KADHALE NIMATHI.the film is to be directed by Rajan.
*Prabhudeva:has signed a hindhi film.the producer is Anupam Kher.the 
 film is going to be directed by Manirathnam's assistant,Krishna.
*Vikram:though ULLASAM flopped at the box office,it has earned Vikram
 nearly 3 movies.his next film is SETHU(music by Illayaraja).
*Livingston:this villain turned into a hero in SUNDARA PURUSHAN.the 
 film was a hit.he is now acting as hero again in AADI MAAPILAE.the
 heroine of the film is Suvalakshmi.
*Manivannan:is now the no:1 comedian.his salary is 2 lakhs/day.he has
 signed nearly 25 films.
*Mansoor Ali Khan:is producing VETTU ONNU THUNDU RENDU.he is also the 
 hero of that film.Mansoor has sung a song in MARUMALARCHI.
*Rambha:is now the busiest actress in tamil field.some of the films 
 she is acting in are JANAKIRAMAN(Sarathkumar),NINAITHEN VANTHAI(the 
 film is a remake of telugu hit PELLI SANTHADI,hero is Vijay),V.I.P
 (Ajith,Abbas),VAALI(Ajith),UNNAI VIDA MATTEN(remake of AGNI SAKSHI 
 with Sathyaraj in Nana's Role and Abbas in Jackie's role).she is  
 doing the role of Madhuri in the remake of SAAJAN.Ramba is also
 acting in 3 hindhi films opposite Anil Kapoor,Akshay Kanna and 
 Salman Khan.
*Ravali:is making a re-entry to tamil films.she is now acting in
 ABHIMANYU opposite Parthiban.she has also replaced Sruthi(KALKI)in 
*Fathima Babu:is too busy to continue her NEWS reading job.she did a
 small role in KALKI and is now acting in half a dozen films,including
*Manirathnam:his next film is in Hindhi.Shah Rukh Khan will be the 
 hero.music is by Rehman.
*Shanker:only 3 more schedules left in JEANS.the film will be released 
 for Deepavali.unconfirmed news says that after JEANS,Shanker is going 
 to produce his next film with Kamal and Manisha playing the lead.
*Vikraman:is directing POOVE UNAKKAGA in hindhi with Sanjay Dutt as 
 hero.Aishwarya Rai and Karishma Kapoor are the heroines.
*Pandiyarajan:has signed to act in VIKATAKAVI.this film is a remake of
 malayalam super hit BOEING BOEING.presently he is acting and 
 directing KABADI KABADI.after VIKATAKAVI his next films will be 
*Bhakyaraj:the shooting for VETTIYA MADICHU KATTU is over.the film is 
 to be released in july.Nagma is the heroine.his next film is RAHINI
 ROHINI SUBRAMANI.Bhakyaraj is going to produce,act and direct the 
*Parthiban:has finished the shooting of ABHIMANYU.for the first time 
 in indian film industry,this film's trailor was taken 200 prints.the 
 film is scheduled to be released in July.Meanwhile Parthiban is
 doing a guest role in SORNAMUGI(the film is to be directed by 
 Adhiyaman who is now directing the hindhi version of his tamil movie
 THOTTA SINUNGI with Salman and Madhuri).When the entire tamil film
 industry is holding high the flag of love(with hits like KADHAL 
*Bharathiraja:according to film sources,he is going to re unite with
*Kadhir:has dropped the plan to produce and direct I LOVE YOU.he is
 now directing a film in telugu.his next film might have A.R.Rehman
 as the producer(!?).
*T.Rajendar:has a happy news for us.he is not acting in his next film,
 MONISHA.there are nearly 16 new faces in this film.Silambarasan(T.R's 
 son)is the asst.music director of the film and has also sung a song.
*Nasser:i met him in ONCE MORE preview.he told me that he has plans 
 to direct a love story with new faces.he might start the movie in
 november.Illayaraja will be the music director.
*K.S.Ravikumar:is going to direct a film with Arjun as hero.the name 
 of the film is UTTHAMA PUTHIRAN.the heroine is yet to be finalized
 (Yaradi Ne Mohini?).Sivaji might act in this film.
*Balu:directed the hit film KALAMELLAM KATHAL VAZHGA.his next film is
 NEW YEAR.he has approached Abishek(Amithab's son) and Manisha to act 
 in this film.
*Velu Prabhakaran:the director of ASURAN is now directing KADAVUL.
 Manivannan is acting as God(Kadavul).music is by Illayaraja.
*Balasekaran:was the director of LOVE TODAY.the film is a hit.his next
 film is also for Super Good Films.the title of the film is SOLLAMALEY
 and the motive of the film is to say that there should be no Ego 
 between lovers(!!?)
*Henry:the producer of BHARATHI KANNAMMA is now producing MARUMALARCHI
 with Mamooty and Devyani.his next film is VAANA VEDIKKAI.Shivakumar's 
 son Surya is the hero of this film.
*Masala Mix:director Mahendran's son,John Roshan is going to direct a
 film.Bharathiraja's son Manoj is the hero.the film is to be produced
 by Manirathnam.
*Title Mania:Annamalai Cine Combines(Producer of ARUNACHALAM)have 
 to prevent others from using it as a title for any their movie.
*Hello Brother:Oorvasi,Kushbu,Ramba and Sangeetha's brother's are 
 acting in one film each.
                     July Releases
*V.I.P:Prabhudeva's career depends on this film.this film is Abbas's
 second film.this is the first film of Simran(even before this film is 
 released she has already signed 8 films).The songs by Ranjith Barot
 are already a big hit.Rambha is also there in this movie.the film is
 directed by Sabapathy(dir of BHARATHAN,SUNDARA PURUSHAN...).the 
 trailor of this film is available over the net(first indian film).
*RATCHAGAN:Nagarjuna and Sushmitha Sen enter Kollywood thru this film.
 K.T.Kunjumon is the producer.director Pravin Gandhi says that this 
 film is one of the costliest productions in tamil cinema.A.R.Rehman 
 has tuned 8 songs(6+2 small songs).sources say that "Mercury Pookal"
 (by Swarnalatha),"Bombay Madras Delhi"(by Kavitha Pothwal),"Lucky 
 Lucky"(SPB) and "Nenje Nenje"(Jesudas) are going to be a sure hit.
 nearly 10 villains have acted in this film.the film is going to be 
 dubbed in English.the audio cassette will be released in mid july.
*VIDUKATHAI:tamil's first national award winning director,Agathiyan 
 directs this film for Balachander's Kavithalaya Productions.Prakash 
 Raj and Neena are the lead pair.it is a love story involving a 40+ 
 man and a 20 yr old girl.
*NERUKKU NERR:Vijay,Surya(Shivakumar's son),Simran and Kouslaya are 
 directed by Vasanth.Manirathnam is the producer and music is by Deva.
 the songs are already a big hit(like AASAI).the film has created a 
 lot of expectation.
*ONCE MORE:Sivaji,Saroja Devi,Vijay and Simran act in this film.
 Vijay's father Chandrashekar is the director.                     

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