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*Rajini:has acted in the hindhi version of NATTAMAI!!!the shooting is
 over and he is will be deciding on the director of his next tamil 
 film very soon.sources say that it will be mostly Vikraman or Suresh
*Kamal:the pooja and release of the trailor of MARUDHUNAYAGAM is going
 to be held on the 16th October.Queen Elizabeth(!) will release the
 trailor,C.M. of tamilnadu will start the shooting and Moopanar will
 clap the clap board.the function of this directorial venture of
 Kamal is to be held in a very grand manner at the film city.all 
 leading stars of indian cinema will participate at this function.the 
 film itself is a very grand subject and needs 200 arabian horses,
 5000 supporting actors and is a high budget film involving more than 
 10 crores.like INDIAN and AVVAI SHANMUGI,he is going to have a very
 different makeup in MARUDHUNAYAGAM.he is going to have long hair
 like a sanyasi.since this will take a long time to grow he is now 
 testing wigs from different countries.meanwhile Kamal has signed to
 act in KADHALA KADHALA along with Prabhudeva.this film is directed
 by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao.Rambha and Soundarya are the heroines.
 music is by Karthik Raja.Crazy Mohan writes the dialogues(So is it 
 love+comedy movie?).Kamal says that this film is a light subject and 
 will help him relax in between his tedious MARUDHUNAYAGAM project.the 
 shooting for KADHALA KADHALA has started already.
*Sivaji:has agreed to act in Kasturi Raja's EN AASAI RASAVE.music is 
 by Illayaraja.
*Vijayakanth:his 125th film ULLAVU THURAI is going to be released on 
 Deepavali.his next film is going to be directed by Vikraman.
*Parthiban:is doing a guest role in SORNAMUGHI(directed by THOTTA 
 SINUNGI director,K.S.Adhiyaman).he has also signed to act in 
 VEVARAMANA AALU.he might also act in a film along with Prabhu.Parths 
 is presently one of the busiest actors.
*Revathi:is acting as Murali's mother in RATHNA.
*Roja:is acting without make-up in KADAVUL.the film is directed by 
 Velu Prabhakaran(director of ASURAN).Illayaraja scores music and 
 of course R.K.Selvamani is the producer.
*Kushbu:her brother Abdulla is acting as hero in KADHAL GEETHAM.
*K.T.Kunjumon:he has experienced severe production losses in RATCHAGAN.
 this Nagarjuna and Sushmitha Sen starrer is going to be released for
 Deepavali.the sets of this film were damaged by the recent rains and
 now the cinema strike has increased the losses even more.Meanwhile,
 Kunjumon has signed Murali for his next film.
*R.B.Chowdry:almost all his low budget films have been big hits.his 
 next film is DHARMA.the film is going to be directed by story
 writer "Erode" Sounder.
*R.Balu:the director of KALAMELLAM KADHAL VAZHGA is now going to 
 direct CHEMMA(music:Deva).he is also going to direct KADHAL PRATHANAI.
 Vignesh and 'Baby'Shalini play the lead.
*Fazil:after a long gap he is directing a tamil film,ANANDHA KUYILI.
 this film is a remake of Fazil's malayalam hit ANIYATHIPRAVU.Vijay is 
 the hero and Baby Shalini is the heroine.music is by Illayaraja.
*Seeman:the director of PANCHALAMKURICHI is now directing INIYAVALEY
 (with Prabhu as hero),ANANDHAM(Karthik) and KARAMA VEERAR(Sharath 
*Surya:is Sivakumar's son.he has acted in Vasanth's NERUKKU NERR.he 
 has signed two other films,VAANAVEDIKKAI(produced by BHARATHI KANNAMMA 
 producer) and KADHALEY NIMMATHI (produced by KADHAL KOTTAI producer).
*Visithra:alias 'Madippu'Hamsa is now acting as heroine in EN PIRIYA 
*K.Balachander:his Kavithalaya Productions is now producing VIDUKATHAI,
 directed by Agathiyan.this is a Deepavali release.Kavithalaya's next
 film is THULLI THIRINDHA KAALAM.this film is going to be directed by
 Balashekaran(LOVE TODAY).
*Ve.Shekar:is upset about the flop of his PONGALO PONGAL.almost all his 
 films have never been a flop like this.his next film is VIRALUKETHA 
*Kathir:more than one year after the release of his KADHAL DESAM,he is
 now directing KADHALAR DHINAM.the film is produced by A.M.Rathnam,
 music is by Rehman.Sonali Beandre is the heroine(Kunal,new face is 
 the hero).
*Rajkiran:Ever since he switched the music director(Illayaraja),all 
 his films have been a flop.now Rajkiran is planning to go back to 
 Raja for his THANGA MEDAL.the film is going to be produced and 
 directed by Rajkiran himself.
*Henry:the producer of BHARATHI KANNAMMA has booked Ajith as the hero
 of his next film MAZHAI VARA POGUTHU.the film is going to be directed
 by a new director,Pramoth.
*Arjun:after THAYIN MANIKODI(dir by Arjun) he will be acting in
 KONDATTAM.Mantra is the heroine and K.S.Ravikumar is the director.
*Chinni Jayanth:is acting as hero in VAYJAALAM.Kanaga is the heroine.
*Sunder.C:is going to direct a NAAM IRUVAR NAMMAKU IRUVAR with 
 Prabhudeva as hero.Maheshwari is the heroine.
*Chelvaa:the director of THALAIVAASAL,KARNA...is going to direct a 
 film with Arjun as hero.the name of the film is JAYASURIYA.
*A.M.Rathnam:is producing a movie with Nagarjuna and Prabhudeva has
 hero.Manisha Koirala is the heroine.the director is Sunder.C
*Balumahendra:is happy about the success of his latest film RAMAN 
 ABDULLA.his next film is VAARAYO VENILLAVEY.Prabhu is the hero.
*Vasanth:is going to direct a film with Prabhudeva as the hero.music 
 is by A.R.Rehman.
                   FILM REVIEWS
*RAMAN ABDULLAH:this film is doing well.such things are possible only
 in Tamil Nadu.this film is SABASH MEENA(Part-n).though it is a comedy
 film,it is a similar to SABASH MEENA and ULLATHAI ALLITHA.Raman
 (Vignesh)and Abdullah(Karan) are friends.Abdullah gets a job in Ooty 
 as a school teacher.Abdullah asks Raman to go to Ooty instead of him.
 Raman goes as Abdullah to Ooty and soon Abdullah joins him as Raman.
 the remaining story is known to you.even the comedy scenes in this 
 film are a copy and one major comedy scene is stolen from POOVE 
 UNAKKAGA.during the titles,they say Balu Mahendra is the director.
 i strongly disagree to it.the only good thing about the movie is 
 Illayaraja's music.once again he has proved that he is a Maestro.
*NERUKKU NERR:this film was released on Sept 6th.This film is part deux
 of AGNI NATCHATHIRAM.Raghuvaran and his wife split due to some family
 problem.Vijay is Raghu's brother and Surya(debut-Sivakumar's son) is
 wife's brother.Vijay and Surya fight throughout the movie(like Prabhu
 and Karthik in AN) and finally unite to save Raghuvaran's daughter.
 the heroines Simran and Kousalya(KALAMELLAM KADHAL VAZHGA)are the 
 major assets(like VIP,they will have a major contribution to the films 
*ADRA SAKHAI ADRA SAKHAI:this Pandiyarajan starrer is doing well in all
 the centers.though the film has a lot of double meaning dialogues it 
 has managed to pull the "Cinema mania" ladies crowd of Tamail Nadu.
 though the comedy is good,this film lacks something....bad screenplay,
 confusing climax(where suddenly you come to know that Pandiyarajan is
 doing a dual role) etc. anyway the film is doing well.
*AAHA ENNA PORUTHAM:(Ramki,Goundamani,Senthil and Sanghavi).this film
 is indeed a hilarious one.actually Gounds is the hero of this film(he
 fights with 4 villains at a time while Ramki fights only with one).the
 film is actually a spoof on tamil films.Senthil's father is a very 
 rich man.he goes in search of Senthil by singing their family song.
 Ramki and Gounds learn the song and enter the house in place of 
 Senthil.the remaining part of the film should be watched in order to 
 enjoy.the canteen had very good sales during the song sequences(music 
 is by Vidhya sagar).
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