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*Rajini:after Rajini praised Cheran for the excellent direction of
 PORKAALAM, people in film industry say that Cheran might direct the 
 next Rajini film.So is it Cheran or Vikraman or Suresh Krishna? anyway
 some say that the heroine is decided and that it is Simran.
*Kamal:KADHALA KADHALA is almost ready and will be released for Pongal.
 MARUDHUNAYAGAM will be released for next Pongal(1999).meanwhile after
 KADHALA KADHALA,Kamal might do another light subject movie.
*Vijayakanth:after a long wait ULLAVUTHURAI(his 125th film) will be 
 releasing for Pongal. his next film is a village subject and will be 
 directed by Kasthuri Raja (music will be by Illayaraja).
*Sarathkumar:his next film is MOOVENDAR.it is a story about three 
 generations.Nambiar and Ramdass act as grandfather and father to 
 Sarathkumar.Devayani is the heroine.
*Prabhu:his pongal release is PONMANAM.Suvalakshmi and Priyaraman are 
 the heroines.after PONMANAM he will be acting in NANBA NANBA along 
 with Jayaram.after that comes INIYAVALLEY(Kousalya and Keerthi Reddy 
 are the heroines).
*Abbas:after his marriage to Ms.Uren Khan,everyone thought he will no 
 longer have that much girl fans as he used to have.now the success of
 POOCHUDAVA has proved that he is stiil the hearth throb of Chennai 
*Sathyaraj:is upset about the flop of PERIYA MANUSHAN. his next film is 
 K.B.Film's ANANDA VIKATAN.heroine is Manthra.he will also act in 
 VANTHANGA JEYUCHANGA, directed by Guruthanabal(they will be joining 
 together for the 4th time).
*Vijay:KADHALUKKU MARIYADHAI is yet another super hit.this years most 
 successful actor is now acting in PIRIYAMUDAN (Kowsalya is the 
 heroine).the film is being directed by debutant director, Selvam. he 
 is going to produce and act in NILAVEY VAA. it is a love story and will 
 be directed by Venkatesh(director of MAHAPRABHU and SELVA). Vijay 
 is also acting in NINAITHEN VANTHAI.the film will be directed by 
 Selvabharathy.Rambha and Devayani are the heroines.
*Surya:his role in NERUKKU NERR was appreciated by all. his next film 
 is KADHALEY NIMATHI (produced by Sivasakthi Pandiyan).the heroine is a
 9th standard(?) girl,Jevetha Sharma. Surya is also acting in a film 
 with his father Sivakumar.
*Karthik:is a very busy man.he is acting in UDAVIKKU VARALAMMA,SUNDARA 
 produced by K.B.Films,Thiruppur Mani.
*Arvindswamy:has signed EN SWASA KATTREY.the film will be directed by 
 K.S.Ravi(director of Mr.ROMEO).music is by A.R.Rehman(there is a rumour 
 in the industry that he is the producer of this movie). 
*Pandiyarajan:his pongal release Kabadi Kabadi is ready.Bhakyaraj has
 written the story and has produced the film.after that Pandiyarajan
 will act in MAJA MAPILLAI directed by V.C.Guhanathan(their combination
 was a success in ADRA SAKHAI ADRA SAKHAI).he recently signed ATHANDA
 ITHANDA(Rasika is the heroine).
*Mohan:have u forgotten him? yes,"mike" Mohan is now back to the big
 screen.he is now producing and directing ANBULLA KADHALLUKU.story and
 dialogues is also by Mohan.
*Madhuri Dixit:is going to act in a tamil film, ENGINEER!!! Arvindswamy
 is the hero. the film is directed by Gandhi Krishna(he worked as 
 asst. director to Shanker.
*K.R.: is directing a full length comedy film, KAVALAI PADATHEY 
 SAGOTHARA with Pandiyarajan as hero.
 signed to act in two other films. the first film,MAZHAI VARA POGUTHU is 
 produced by Henry (producer of BHARATHI KANNAMA) and the second film is 
 produced by "Pyramid" Natarajan.for the first time,Prabhudeva is acting
*Vikraman:last year POOVE UNAKKAGA ran for 230 days and this year 
 SURYAVAMSAM's collection has broken all the records in the entire south
 indian film industry. Vikraman will be starting UNNIDATHIL ENNAI 
 KODUTHEN very soon.Karthik is the hero of this film and music is by 
 S.A.Rajukumar. everything depends on Rajini's decision.
*Bharathiraja:is introducing his son,Manoj in TAJ MAHAL.the film is 
 produced and directed by Bharathiraja,story is by Rajeev Menon,
 screenplay by Manirathnam and music is by A.R.Rehman.
 VAZHGA director,Balu), he will be producing three more films.the first
 film THILLANA THILLANA will be directed by Balachander himself.the 
 other two films will be directed by Suresh Krishna and Vikraman.
*Balu Mahendra:is going to direct VARAYO VENILLAVEY.Prabhu and Devayani 
 play the lead role.music is by Illayaraja.
*Charan:has created a lot of expectation for his film KADHAL MANNAN.
 Ajith is the hero. music director M.S.Viswanathan is doing a comedy 
 role in this film.Vivek is acting in a totally different role(he is 
 also the asst. director of this movie).one song "thilotthamma" was shot 
 in Taj Mahal. Even before the release of this movie, Charan has signed 
 a movie for Balachander's Kavithalaya.
*K.T.Kunjumon: had a very grand inauguration of his next movie 
 KOTTESWARAN. his son Ebby is the hero. SPB,Simran,Raghuvaran,Senthil 
 and Ambika are there. the film is going to be directed by Nandakumar.
 Karishma Kapoor and Jayapradha might do a guest role.music is by Ashok.
*Kalanjiyum:directed the hit film POOMANI. he is now directing 
 POONTHOTAM (Murali is the hero) and KIZHAKKUM MERKKUM(Napolean and 
 Nasser).Illayaraja is the music director for both the movies.
*C.Ranganathan: has given 3 hits in a row.he is the director of 
 Jayaram for his next movie, INDRU MUTHAL HAPPY (ofcourse Goundamani and 
 Senthil are also there).
*Deva:has sung a "Gana" song in UDAVIKKU VARALAMMA.Sirpi is the music 
 director for that movie.
                  Deepavali Film Reviews
*KADHALUKKU MARIYATHAI:(Vijay,Shalini music:Illayaraja dir:Fazil)
 i havent seen such a movie in recent times.this movie was released on 
 the 19th of Dec and in 10 days i saw this movie thrice.Vijay falls in
 love with Shalini(ex-baby shalini has acted very well).her brothers 
 dont like this.the lovers elope.the brother's search for them with 
 vengeance.The lover's realize what they are doing will be hurting their 
 parents and brothers a lot and so they return to their respective 
 houses.what follows is a beautiful climax which i dont want to reveal.
 Illayaraja is at his musical best.the background score and the overall 
 music helps the movie a lot.Anandakuttan,the cinematographer has done a 
 fine job.this movie is another super hit.the NSC distributor,Mr.Ravi is 
 full of smiles(he was also the distributor of SURYAVAMSAM) and is 
 minting money.this movie is overtaking PORKAALAM in collection.
*PORKAALAM:(Murali,Meena,Sanghavi music:Deva dir:Cheran)
 Cheran strikes again.after BHARATHI KANNAMA,his second film is also a 
 super hit.when Rajini appreciated Cheran at his ARUNACHALAM function,
 it gave this movie a lot of publicity and made this movie no:1 amongst
 the Deepavali releases.Murali's sister is dumb and he loves her a lot.
 her marriage gets stopped three times.finally one day,Murali realizes 
 that he has been wasting a lot of time,when there was a very nice guy
 (Vadivelu)always near him.he prepares for his sisters marriage when he 
 gets the shock of his life.the climax is an heart moving one and a lot 
 different from the other movies.Deva's songs are a hit(i still dont 
 know how they became a hit esp. "Pachaiku azhagu jinguchan,Sevappukku 
 azhagu jinguchan")and i had to accept the truth.this movie is doing 
 well in all the centers.
 Sunderajan music:Sirpi Dir:Sundar.C)
 seeing the cast,one can know that this is a comedy movie.yes,it is
 yet another comedy movie from Sundar. Sarthkumar is falls in love
 with Nagma and gets married to her(after a lot of humourous confusion 
 in the marriage hall).When they reach home they find Ramba waiting for 
 them.Ramba(she looks very very cute in this film) claims that she is
 Sarath's first wife.How he solves the problems form the rest of the 
 story.this film has managed to get the initial pickup.Sirpi's music
 asusual....he must have listened to a lot of westerm music.this movie 
 is also doing well in all the centers.
*AAHA:(music:Deva,dialogue:Crazy Mohan,dir:Suresh Krishna)
 this film is also a hit.this is a story within a family.the debutant
 hero(not so good looking) is the second son of a rich businessman,
 Vijayakumar.he falls in love with Sulekha(antha moonjiku ithu podhum),
 the daughter of a cook,Delhi Ganesh.the hero is helped by his 
 Bhanupriya,his brother's(Raghuvaran) wife.their love is opposed by 
 Vijayakumar.how the lover's unite form the rest of the story.the film 
 is humourous (Dialogues by Crazy Mohan) and moreover it makes u feel a 
 part of the family.one small sample.(hero meets heroine in the kitchen 
 of a marriage hall)
 hero    : "enna panarenga?"
 heroine : "sweet panaren"
 hero    : "peru enna?"
 heroine : "jangeri"
 hero    : "ayyo,nan unga pera ketten"
 heroine : "Janaki"
 hero    : "sweet name"
 heroine : "jangeri"
 Deva's music.....Old habits die hard(kadhula panju).it is a clean
 story and is doing well in A & B centers.
*THEDINEN VANTHATHU:(Gounds,Prabhu,Mantra music:Sirpi Dir:Raja Varma)
 it would be better to call this as another Crazy Mohan's drama.an 
 astrologer's bag containing olai chuvadigal and a bag containing one 
 crore rupees belonging to two bank robbers gets interchanged accidently.
 Goudamani & Prabhu get the money bag and they hide it in an unoccupied
 house.Soon the house gets occupied by Manthra's family.then the chase 
 begins for the money bag.though some of the jokes are stale,the movie 
 is humourous.Manthra.......hmmmmmmmmm.Gounds sidelines Prabhu.Sirpi's 
 music not so impressive except for "Alps mala kattru vanthu".the film 
 is having average collection in all the three centers.
*POOCHUDAVA(Abbas,Simran music:Sirpi)
 this film was released after Deepavali.it was a bonus to the already
 mad followers of Simran.if the tamil people can build a small temple
 for Kushbu then i am sure they will be building one similar to the 
 Tanjore temple for Simran.the story is very simple. Abbas and Simran 
 fall in love with each other.They elope from the house.due to some
 reason Abbas is arrested by the police at a railway station.Simran 
 thinks that he deserted her.how the lovers unite forms the rest of the
 story.Manivannan kalakkal.Simran pettaiiiiii.Sirpi copy.
*RATCHAGAN:(Nagarjuna,Sushmitha Sen mus:Rehman dir:Praveen Gandhi)
 K.T.Kunjumon must have thought that just by spending crores of ruppees,
 he can make a hit movie.nealy a 100 cars are destroyed in this film.
 though the film is runiing well in A and C centers,it can never recover 
 the capital invested.this is a pukka masala movie(it looks like a telugu 
 film).the only person who impresses the audience is A.R.Rehman. 
 Sushmitha is well utilised.
*VIDUKATHAI:(Prakash Raj,Neena mus:Deva dir:Agathiyan)
 i liked this movie very much.Prakash Raj is in his fourties and falls 
 in love with Neena,a college girl.after the marrriage,Prakash has an 
 inferiority complex.towards the end of the movie,Neena realizes the 
 child inside him and helps him ovecome the complex.except for Deva's 
 music everything else is okay in this film(i swear i dont have anything
 against Deva).too bad,this movie flopped very badly at the box office.
*PERIYA MANUSHAN:(Sathyaraj,Ravali mus:Deva dir:Guruthanabal).
 this movie ran for exactly one week.Sathyaraj and the director were
 known to be a success combination.my friends warned me not to see this
 movie and i repent for not listening to them.i cannot review this movie 
 because i rushed out of the theater during the Interval.Deva..........i 
 think he has got something against me.
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