Height: 15-20 meters

Weight: 12,000 tons

Length: 80 meters

Weapons: Pincers, Speed, wings, tail, can absorb energy and use that energy to form an Energy Ball.

History/Origin: In the year 2001, mankind's technology had never been better (Until 2002). Their greatest creation (Or should I say Japan's) was the invention of a man-made "Black Hole". After testing their device on a school, the black hole greatest a door way through demensions/time. An ancient dragonfly egg was found by a young boy, who later flushed it down into Tokyo's sewers. There, thousands of bugs were born and fed upon the citizens.

Until they evoled and could fly, attracted by huge energy sources: Godzilla. They attacked Godzilla, but only a few survived to make it back with some of his energy. They implanted the energy into the egg, which had been growing the entire time...creating Megaguiras.

Megaguiras is one or the fastest Kaiju alive. Without trying, she already could fly faster then Rodan or Ghidrah. Godzilla was getting pounded, until he finally blasted her twice - engulfing her in flames, killing her.

But is it possible that there are more? After all, what if Megaguiras did come from prehistoric times? Could they still be somewhere on planet Earth? If so, will they return to feed on Godzilla's energy?

Fighting Power: 3

Her speed is what gives her the edge over her opponents. With that speed, she can absorb their energy and release a powerful "Energy Ball", which caused Godzilla to fall over (Staggered him at first). Despite all of her speed and abilities, she can be destroyed quite easily if finally shot at.
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