X-Men Yahoo Chat

Wed May 17 17:10:45 2000
Yahoo_Host1: We've got another exciting chat coming up in our series of X-Men chats
Yahoo_Host1: as we countdown the days to the premiere of the movie
Yahoo_Host1: In just about half an hour, Ray Park who plays Toad in X-Men the Movie, will be joining us
Yahoo_Host1: So start sending in your questions now by typing them in the Ask a question bar at the bottom of your screen.
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limp_pimp_2005 asks: i cant wait for the movie to come out
Yahoo_Host1: Neither can I - and the date is getting nearer each day
Yahoo_Host1: X-Men the Movie opens on July 14
Yahoo_Host1: Check out the site before then to get your fill of X-Men www.x-men-the-movie.com
Yahoo_Host1: and send in your questions for Ray Park who plays Toad in the movie, now by typing them
Yahoo_Host1: in the Ask a question bar at the bottom of your screen.
Yahoo_Host1: Many of you may know Ray Park as the man who portrayed Darth Maul in the latest installment of Star Wars series,
Yahoo_Host1: but this summer he'll be taking on a new role, that of TOAD
Yahoo_Host1: in X-Men the movie alongside
Yahoo_Host1: Professor X: Patrick Stewart
Yahoo_Host1: Wolverine: Hugh Jackman
Yahoo_Host1: Cyclops: James Marsden
Yahoo_Host1: Jean Grey: Famke Janssen
Yahoo_Host1: Rogue: Anna Paquin
Yahoo_Host1: Storm: Halle Berry
Yahoo_Host1: Magneto: Ian McKellan
Yahoo_Host1: Mystique: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
Yahoo_Host1: Sabretooth: Tyler Mane
Yahoo_Host1: Senator Kelly: Bruce Davison
Yahoo_Host1: and Henry Gyrich: Matthew Sharp
Yahoo_Host1: If X-Men isn't the most anticipated movie of the summer, I don't know what is
Yahoo_Host1: But you don't have to wait until July 14 to get in on the action,
Yahoo_Host1: Ray Park, Toad, will be joining us for a live chat in about 25 minutes,
Yahoo_Host1: so get your questions in now by typing them in the Ask a question bar at the bottom of your screen.

love1_27834 asks: when will it be released?
Yahoo_Host1: X-Men the Movie, will be released on July 14th - where have you been?!
Yahoo_Host1: Ray Park, Toad from the movie, will be joining us to chat in 20 minutes, keep those questions coming
Yahoo_Host1: Here's a little background info on Ray -
Yahoo_Host1: He was born in Scotland and moved to London at an early age.
Yahoo_Host1: Inspired by his father's great admiration of Bruce Lee and martial arts,
Yahoo_Host1: He currently holds a 2nd degree black belt, and is skilled in kick-boxing,Tae Kwon Do, and a bit of fire-breathing.
Yahoo_Host1: He took 4th place in the 1995 Martial Arts World Championships.
Yahoo_Host1: He played Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace and was also a stunt double in the movie "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation".
Yahoo_Host1: And this summer he'll be appearing as Toad in X-Men the Movie
Yahoo_Host1: In about 15 minutes, Ray Park will be chatting live with us, so send in your questions now by typing them in the Ask a question bar at the bottom of your screen.
Yahoo_Host1: Check out the website for X-Men the Movie www.x-men-the-movie.com
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Yahoo_Host1: Respect your fellow chatters and X-Men fans
Yahoo_Host1: Shouldn't be too hard to do!
Yahoo_Host1: I know you're all anxious to see the flick, not too much longer to wait now, it opens on July 14th,
Yahoo_Host1: but please behave!
Yahoo_Host1: Ray Park who'll be playing Toad in the summer's most anticipated film, X-Men, will be joining us to chat in about 10 minutes, so keep those questions coming
Yahoo_Host1: Type them in the ask a question bar at the bottom of your screen.

rage17_50317 asks: You forgot this yahoo host he was the headless horseman's stunt double too.
Yahoo_Host1: Oops, when I was going through Ray Park's biography, looks like I left out a pretty big credit -
Yahoo_Host1: he was the Headless Horseman's stunt double in Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow film -which was an excellent film as well
Yahoo_Host1: Thanks rage for pointing that out to me! We hosts don't know everything - obviously!
Yahoo_Host1: Ray Park, Toad from X-Men the movie will be joining us to chat shortly so send in your questions now
Yahoo_Host1: Ray Park, Toad from X-Men the movie will be joining us to chat in less than ten minutes, but you can continue to send in questions throughout the entire chat
Yahoo_Host1: Just type them in the Ask a question bar at the bottom of your screen
Yahoo_Host1: And don't forget to check out the X-Men the movie website for all the latest info on the film until it's July 14th release
Yahoo_Host1: www.x-men-the-movie.com
Yahoo_Host1: Remember guys - no spamming or obscenity in the chat room or your Yahoo! Account can be revoked.
Yahoo_Host1: Ray Park, Toad, from X-Men the movie has joined the chat room - so let's all welcome him!
xmen_ray_park: hi guys!
xmen_ray_park: how are you!

MelDanni asks: Were you a fan of X-Men before offered a part in the movie?
xmen_ray_park: I was as a kid
xmen_ray_park: I used to have the old Batman toys
xmen_ray_park: I wasn't a very deep fan,
xmen_ray_park: but I knew what it was about
xmen_ray_park: as a kid

eternalsaiyanempress asks: Did you choreograph any of the fight scenes in the X - Men movie?
xmen_ray_park: no.
xmen_ray_park: I worked with Conrad, the executive director
xmen_ray_park: I gave a little input
xmen_ray_park: but mostly it was written already
xmen_ray_park: I just had to jump in
xmen_ray_park: and do it

master_of_magnetism_2k asks: is it true that you have a very long tongue in the movie
xmen_ray_park: yeah....
xmen_ray_park: I have a long tongue anyway :)

Wed May 17 16:01:35 2000

lionmonitor asks: How long does it take to get Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do?
xmen_ray_park: I didn't do tae kwon do...I did northern shaolin kung fu
xmen_ray_park: and it took me about 4-5 years
xmen_ray_park: to attain a blackbelt

sweetlittlelis asks: How do you feel about having your own Fan Clubs and webpages devoted to you?
xmen_ray_park: it's mindblowing
xmen_ray_park: and overwhelming in a way
xmen_ray_park: but it's fun
xmen_ray_park: very nice

dew_9993 asks: How do you prepare for a part like the Toad?
xmen_ray_park: keep physically and mentally prepared
xmen_ray_park: if I'm competing, I'm already prepared
xmen_ray_park: I just have a go and try it
xmen_ray_park: if no one likes it ...they'll say so to me

seven7upp_99 asks: How do the stunts you do as Toad compare to the ones you did in Star Wars? Easier, Harder?
xmen_ray_park: I haven't seen the finished product yet
xmen_ray_park: so it's hard to say
xmen_ray_park: but it was physically demanding
xmen_ray_park: working as toad
xmen_ray_park: I had to be on the ball
xmen_ray_park: but it was fun!

limp_pimp_2005 asks: What does it feel like to become a big star overnight?
xmen_ray_park: I dunno
xmen_ray_park: :)
xmen_ray_park: I'm meeting new people and doing what I'm doing
xmen_ray_park: but I haven't changed what I'm doing
xmen_ray_park: I have all the same friends
xmen_ray_park: who I've told to give me a big kick on my backside if I do change
xmen_ray_park: but I haven't changed what I do...
xmen_ray_park: I love it!

lionmonitor asks: How did you get into the stunt business?
xmen_ray_park: by accident
xmen_ray_park: and my dream as a kid was to be in a martial arts movie
xmen_ray_park: one day I was training, and I met this guy....
xmen_ray_park: in the gym
xmen_ray_park: he said *they need guys for this movie called Mortal Kombat*
xmen_ray_park: and I thought: yes! I'll go!
xmen_ray_park: it was the break I was waiting for
xmen_ray_park: it was the break I had been waiting for!

eternalsaiyanempress asks: Was the tongue mouthpiece you wore very uncomfortable?
xmen_ray_park: it was weird
xmen_ray_park: I've never done anything like that in my life
xmen_ray_park: imagine being at the dentist
xmen_ray_park: and being fit for a mold of your teeth...it was like that
xmen_ray_park: it got a few jokes on the set...
xmen_ray_park: I went along with it
xmen_ray_park: :)

dew_9993 asks: As Darth Maul, you had very few lines, but a major character. Is that the same with Toad?
xmen_ray_park: yes...I have more lines at the moment as Toad
xmen_ray_park: and it's me...my voice
xmen_ray_park: and that's a big thing for me as well
xmen_ray_park: it's 4 bad guys this time...not just one

dew_9993 asks: Do you think Toad will return in any other X-Men films?
xmen_ray_park: possibly...I don't know.
xmen_ray_park: I'd come back if invited though....
xmen_ray_park: in a week I do weight training, martial arts, kickboxing
xmen_ray_park: and if I'm back home in London I do gymnastic training...trampoline

frog_twinkies asks: What do you think of your action figure?
xmen_ray_park: Toad or Darth Maul?
xmen_ray_park: I haven't seen Toad...
xmen_ray_park: but I have a 12" Darth on the TV at home
xmen_ray_park: it's cool...I like it....I'm a big boy....:)

mauls_child asks: How would you compare Toad with Darth Maul?
xmen_ray_park: Toad is evil, slimy, in your face, and out of your face real quick...
xmen_ray_park: but Darth is more arrogant, domineering, confident...
xmen_ray_park: they're different characters

Harlem07 asks: How was it to fight Halle Berry? As we can see in the trailer this particular scene looks to be quite impressive!
xmen_ray_park: it was nice.
xmen_ray_park: I got to know Halle better
xmen_ray_park: it was good fun..she was up for it.
xmen_ray_park: The first time I saw her was in Boomerang...
xmen_ray_park: I was 15
xmen_ray_park: and when I met her I thought...wow!
xmen_ray_park: she was fantastic

hiebpaul asks: WHo do you think could win in a fight: Toad or Darth Maul?
xmen_ray_park: that's not fair!
xmen_ray_park: I'd be fighting with myself then!

darthkinn asks: Ray, being from Glasgow, who do you support, Celtic, or Rangers?
xmen_ray_park: another trick question....
xmen_ray_park: my dad supports rangers
xmen_ray_park: I just support myself
xmen_ray_park: :)

flyin_hawaiian_1 asks: Ray, you truly inspire!!! what are you working on next? Any luck with participating in Matrix 2/3?
xmen_ray_park: Nothing yet, but I'm working on it.
xmen_ray_park: I enjoyed the first Matrix
xmen_ray_park: and I thought *that's the movie I'd want to do*!
xmen_ray_park: I'm working on it.

djhfkdflkdsfkjdsf asks: Who would win in a fight? Wolverine or Darth Maul?
xmen_ray_park: I think Darth has the advantage
xmen_ray_park: with the double-ended light saber
xmen_ray_park: but you never can tell because wolverine is TOUGH
xmen_ray_park: Hugh...is such a nice guy
xmen_ray_park: everybody on the set was sooo nice...I really enjoyed it
xmen_ray_park: the funny thing is we used to bump into each other in the gym when we weren't on the set
xmen_ray_park: me, Hugh, Tyler, Jimmy, Famke,
xmen_ray_park: it was nice!

master_of_magnetism_2k asks: did you audition for the role or did they want you
xmen_ray_park: They called me when I was at the Star Wars convention
xmen_ray_park: in Denver
xmen_ray_park: and they asked if I would come to LA to see them anytime
xmen_ray_park: and when I met the producers I did a small audition on tape

mauls_child asks: Any particular characters from the film that you found intriguing, other than Toad?
xmen_ray_park: Mystique...
xmen_ray_park: I thought the makeup was fantastic
xmen_ray_park: and I was also a big fan of wolverine
xmen_ray_park: as well

sabretooth2k asks: Is Toad portrayed as a mindless lackey as in the early years of X-Men or the evil genius he has more recently become?
xmen_ray_park: he's more of an evil, twisted, guy....
xmen_ray_park: I tried to make him loopy, nutty, but calculating
xmen_ray_park: nutty, but he knows exactly what he's doing
xmen_ray_park: that's how I tried to portray him.. i haven't seen he finished product yet though

alakinsky asks: What was the best part about filming "X-Men"?
xmen_ray_park: just being part of it
xmen_ray_park: having a chance to show my stuff off, again
xmen_ray_park: and also when I was working in front of the camera

AmandaS_19 asks: How long did it take to film X-men?
xmen_ray_park: I think we started end of September
xmen_ray_park: and we finished February 2000
xmen_ray_park: so...5 or 6 months

princessrebs asks: Are you planning on acting in any non-action films, like maybe a dramatic or comedy role someday?
xmen_ray_park: I would like to
xmen_ray_park: that'd be good fun
xmen_ray_park: but at the moment
xmen_ray_park: martial arts and gymnastics
xmen_ray_park: and do some more action type movies
xmen_ray_park: if I can

roguequeenofhearts asks: I've heard that you were supposed to play Pyro, would you rather play Pyro than Toad?
xmen_ray_park: I dunno...Pyro would've been different, but I had so much fun with Toad
xmen_ray_park: so I think Toad was the right choice for me

rage17_50317 asks: HOW IS BRYAN SINGER
xmen_ray_park: I liked him. As a director, he knew what he wanted...he was passionate...
xmen_ray_park: I liked working for him. It was cooooool

doulos_926 asks: So, any chance you'll be in the Director's seat in the near future?
xmen_ray_park: I think it'll be a long time yet, for me
xmen_ray_park: but you don't know what's around the corner, do you?
xmen_ray_park: it could be a possibility

flyin_hawaiian_1 asks: During your years of martial arts training, what did you feel was the most important thing (or philosophy) you'd learned?
xmen_ray_park: discipline.
xmen_ray_park: self-control
xmen_ray_park: when you understand those things, you respect everything more

Arnaxis asks: aren't you getting tired of playing the bad guy all the time?
xmen_ray_park: no. not at all.
xmen_ray_park: they are more fun.
xmen_ray_park: I haven't played a good guy yet, but if I do I'll be able to compare, I guess.

seiferslasher999 asks: What certain powers/moves do you have/show in the movie?
xmen_ray_park: Toad has a long tongue
xmen_ray_park: and he can leap and jump
xmen_ray_park: and stick on walls
xmen_ray_park: and his legs are powerful
xmen_ray_park: and he's got gooey slime!

spaded4life asks: beyond the cool costumes and computer graphics do you think the storyline and plot go well with the movie
xmen_ray_park: yeah, I do!

Joester23 asks: Do you see yourself possibly playing Batman?
xmen_ray_park: yeah -- definitely....
xmen_ray_park: I know it sounds funny, but before I worked on X-Men I used to tell friends *it'd be cool if I was Batman, huh*
xmen_ray_park: I've been doing all these super-villain type roles at the moment, so I don't know...maybe!

djhfkdflkdsfkjdsf asks: I heard that you use your own voice in the X-Men movie. Did you change it all to match the character?
xmen_ray_park: I still have to go back and do a day's looping with my voice,
xmen_ray_park: so I'll tell you about that bit when it goes down.
xmen_ray_park: but of course it's not the way I speak normally.

SithSiubhan asks: What was it like working with Sir Ian McKellen?
xmen_ray_park: it was nice. I remember just standing there with him, watching, observing, standing there...absorbing
xmen_ray_park: I tried to learn as much as I could
xmen_ray_park: I was so fortunate to work with such a great cast of people.

xdude62 asks: Were you injured on the set from stunts?
xmen_ray_park: no, not at all.
xmen_ray_park: not while filming, no

Harlem07 asks: Other then the costume you have in the trailer, do you wear any others in the movie?
xmen_ray_park: there's a couple variation, but not a lot of differences.

mauls_child asks: There are many people who have been inspired by you to take martial arts, myself included. Do you have any thoughts on that or any advice for us?
xmen_ray_park: that means a great deal to me
xmen_ray_park: I teach kids
xmen_ray_park: and I try to educate them and give them experience
xmen_ray_park: and if somebody gets something from me
xmen_ray_park: I feel really good about it
xmen_ray_park: so thank you!

kara_and_melissa_1112 asks: Do you read your own fan mail and answer it?
xmen_ray_park: I've got big piles of fan mail...and the postal service has asked me not to receive it anymore
xmen_ray_park: so I have to pass it all to my agents now,
xmen_ray_park: but my friends and I opened a huge bag one day
xmen_ray_park: and read it all
xmen_ray_park: I hope one day to answer them all
xmen_ray_park: :)

superbitchingirl asks: What time period of the X-men is the movie based on?
xmen_ray_park: I think...the present day

lord_mauls_temple_guardian asks: Ray, do you like or dislike sci-fi conventions?
xmen_ray_park: I did a few big ones last year
xmen_ray_park: that's where I get to meet the fans and talk to them
xmen_ray_park: sit down with them
xmen_ray_park: it's really good!

Joester23 asks: Does Toad fight Wolverine in the movie??
xmen_ray_park: no, he doesn't.
xmen_ray_park: it's a shame though.

Wed May 17 16:31:42 2000
xmen_ray_park: I don't know how big it is in relation to the whole movie...so I couldn't say right now.

beam77 asks: How did it take to put on Toad's makeup?
xmen_ray_park: I felt privileged that I was in and out
xmen_ray_park: I admire Rebecca, for the patience she had in makeup.
xmen_ray_park: she did look fantastic, though!

rogue7799 asks: I read in an article that you are taking acting lessons. What kind of acting lessons are you taking?
xmen_ray_park: just general normal lessons
xmen_ray_park: bits and bobs
xmen_ray_park: sitting down with an acting coach and going through techniques
xmen_ray_park: and other things I have to learn...

SpaceMonkey556 asks: do you fight with Cyclops ?
xmen_ray_park: we don't...no

face_1982 asks: What did you like most about working with Johnny Deep?
xmen_ray_park: he's cool.
xmen_ray_park: I remember thinking Wow, I'm on Sleepy Hollow
xmen_ray_park: with Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci,
xmen_ray_park: WOW!
xmen_ray_park: it was really good

CUTe_SKATER_DuDE asks: did you ad in any of your own ideas for toad's character or was it all already planned out for u?
xmen_ray_park: it was planned out, but they wanted to use the full potential of my ability
xmen_ray_park: but my part was on the storyboard the way Bryan wanted it
xmen_ray_park: so I didn't have a big input into it....
xmen_ray_park: I did try to improvise a bit in the fights
xmen_ray_park: because they rely on us to show what we can do

paul_014 asks: Are there any surprises in X-Men for fans?
xmen_ray_park: I think everyone has their ideas of what they want from the film, or what they want the film to be...
xmen_ray_park: so I think the best thing is to just ENJOY it
xmen_ray_park: it's gonna be a good movie...you'll like it

The_Daysleeper_98 asks: Ray, have you any plans to work on the new Lord of The Rings movie????
xmen_ray_park: last year when I heard that was coming, I thought YEAH--I wanna work on that
xmen_ray_park: but nothing's come my way
xmen_ray_park: nothing--that is
xmen_ray_park: I think they've started shooting anyway

sabretooth2k asks: What is Toad's background in the movie? What is his history?
xmen_ray_park: he's from England
xmen_ray_park: and in the comic he is Magneto's lackey...in a way

zkv1742 asks: what would you like to be known for?
xmen_ray_park: I'd like to be known just as a good actor
xmen_ray_park: performing and entertaining everyone
xmen_ray_park: for working in action and doing good quality movies.

Cyclone6_9 asks: Are you proud of this movie?
xmen_ray_park: yeah...I've made a lot of good friends,
xmen_ray_park: and it was good experience
xmen_ray_park: I'm anticipating it as much as the fans....since I haven't seen it
xmen_ray_park: I think I've done a good job, but I'm very self-critical

odin_2100 asks: What do you consider yourself to be first Ray? an actor or a martial artist?
xmen_ray_park: a martial artist

SpaceMonkey556 asks: how old is your character toad?
xmen_ray_park: hmmm....
xmen_ray_park: let me think...
xmen_ray_park: I think he is about 26, 27

redwingfan23 asks: What do u think was the most challenging part of the movie for you to do?
xmen_ray_park: the whole thing was a challenge
xmen_ray_park: not the action..because I know what my body can do,
xmen_ray_park: but to come up with something new and different for the character
xmen_ray_park: was more challenging

mattb81 asks: How do you find time to learn to act, go to the gym, do martial arts work, train gymnastically etc. etc.?
xmen_ray_park: there's not enough time
xmen_ray_park: you have to fit it in
xmen_ray_park: I put my training before everything else
xmen_ray_park: that's my way of releasing it all
xmen_ray_park: but it IS hard to find time

vyattaw asks: Are Toads fx CGI or props?
xmen_ray_park: CGI....whenever you see the tongue...that's CGI
xmen_ray_park: a computer generated image

kevkev76 asks: How high can you jump?
xmen_ray_park: how high do you want me to jump?
xmen_ray_park: :)
xmen_ray_park: I haven't tested myself out lately...
xmen_ray_park: standing still....over 6 foot, 7 foot

Joester23 asks: Do you fear anything?
xmen_ray_park: spiders
xmen_ray_park: I don't like creepy crawlies...I'm big girl when it comes to that
xmen_ray_park: I don't like dragon and demons

xmen_ray_park: I dunno...there's a lot of people waiting to see it...so I think it'll be good....

cwcomics asks: Will any members of the X-Men cast be attending the Comic-Con International?
xmen_ray_park: Is that the Chicago one?
xmen_ray_park: I will be at the Wizard Comic Con in Chicago
xmen_ray_park: I think it's the first or second week in August
xmen_ray_park: August

cherinchak asks: which X-Men do you fight in the movie?
xmen_ray_park: I have a conflict with Jean Grey, Storm, Cyclops
xmen_ray_park: Toad is all over the place....
Yahoo_Host1: What are some of the coolest stunts - or what are your favorite ones?
xmen_ray_park: The fight scene I had with Halle, who plays Storm is my main fight scene
xmen_ray_park: I can't wait to see the other fight scenes though....
xmen_ray_park: that the other actors did...
xmen_ray_park: bouncing, jumping, being toady, was really fun.
xmen_ray_park: I hope the fans won't be disappointed

armark45 asks: Do you think you would ever want to work with Jackie Chan in a movie?
xmen_ray_park: Definitely.
xmen_ray_park: and Jet Li
xmen_ray_park: and SamoHung

Charlie_Wagons asks: ray who is your inspiration in life?
xmen_ray_park: when I was younger I looked up to my dad
xmen_ray_park: he was a big fan of Bruce lee
xmen_ray_park: I had posters of Bruce and Jackie chan in my room
xmen_ray_park: I used to do my workouts and visualize
xmen_ray_park: and think
xmen_ray_park: *I want to do that one day*

stargazer325 asks: Is Gambit going to be in the movie?
xmen_ray_park: not in this one, no....

mmm_free_wig asks: is that you in we see in the trailer being levitated by Jean?
xmen_ray_park: yes it is!

flyin_hawaiian_1 asks: Hi Ray, first off.. you are AMAZING.. :) who was your favorite actress/actor to interact with...and why?
xmen_ray_park: thanks flyin! I've met so many good people, I've learned something from everyone...I try to take the best from them all and listen and learning.

tomag123 asks: Ray, from pics I've seen you seem to have a thing for Rouge, is this true?
xmen_ray_park: ummm...no...
xmen_ray_park: there's no thing between us.

xbeast64 asks: How did they pull off the levitation thing? Was it wires?
xmen_ray_park: we did different things, wires, I was pulled up, suspended
xmen_ray_park: and then they'd drop me
xmen_ray_park: and raise me back up
xmen_ray_park: and then they'd drop me again
xmen_ray_park: on my belly
xmen_ray_park: I landed on the concrete floor
xmen_ray_park: there was a small carpet
xmen_ray_park: :)
xmen_ray_park: I'm a tough guy!

AmandaS_19 asks: Is it tough working in the movie business?
xmen_ray_park: hanging around...waiting
xmen_ray_park: its not all glamour....there's a lot of hanging around
xmen_ray_park: I hate doing nothing
xmen_ray_park: I get frustrated
xmen_ray_park: so I spend that time getting to know everyone
xmen_ray_park: bringing my books and magazines...reading

Joester23 asks: Do you get lots of women now that you are a famous actor?
xmen_ray_park: no...I'm wanting for the lingerie to come through the mail
xmen_ray_park: I'm disappointed...
xmen_ray_park: C'MON girls!
xmen_ray_park: :)

face_1982 asks: Will you fall in love in the X-men movie?
xmen_ray_park: no he doesn't...

SithSiubhan asks: You mentioned reading earlier. What do you like to read?
xmen_ray_park: anything...I was reading Lord of the Rings on the set
xmen_ray_park: I didn't read it as a kid
xmen_ray_park: I'd read anything though...magazines.....

vyattaw asks: Of all your parts, what did u most like playing?
xmen_ray_park: I've enjoyed them all.
xmen_ray_park: I've learned something important about myself from the all too.
xmen_ray_park: there's not one bad thing I could say about any of the movies I worked on.

Savvy813 asks: Are you afraid of being typecast as action-only actor, or is that what you prefer?
xmen_ray_park: I think that's my strongest quality at the moment
xmen_ray_park: I don't see me going to do Hamlet at the moment
xmen_ray_park: the reason I started martial arts
xmen_ray_park: was to show them off in movies

darthadidas asks: do you think that you can relate to any of the characters you have played?
xmen_ray_park: when I played Darth...I used the same feeling I had when I was competing

redwingfan23 asks: What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time , if u have any?
xmen_ray_park: eat.
xmen_ray_park: I'm an active person...I have to play tennis
xmen_ray_park: go out on my mountain bike
xmen_ray_park: go to the beach (in LA)
xmen_ray_park: I like to go out and do stuff
xmen_ray_park: normal stuff
xmen_ray_park: simple things
Yahoo_Host1: Thanks so much to Ray Park for stopping by to chat with us today.
xmen_ray_park: Thanks Everyone.
xmen_ray_park: Go see the movie it's gonna be fantastic!
Yahoo_Host1: Check out the website for X-Men www.x-men-the-movie.com
xmen_ray_park: I hope you all enjoy it!
Yahoo_Host1: X-Men the movie opens on July 14 - and for all the up-to-date-info on the film, check out www.x-men-the-movie.com

spaded4life asks: Ray you are cool!!!!

mr_sean_uk asks: RAY RAY RAY RAY RAY RAY!

sabretooth2k asks: Ray, you are the man!!!! You are an inspiration to many! Keep it up! :o)
xmen_ray_park: thanks spade!

RedCatsHarlequin asks: Ray Park, you're the best
xmen_ray_park: sean, sabre: :)

aries8_1999 asks: good luck!

Wed May 17 17:02:04 2000

roguequeenofhearts asks: Thanks Ray, I'm sure you will be great as Toad!

dew_9993 asks: We love ya ray! Keep kicking butt!
xmen_ray_park: thank you all! I really hope you enjoy X-Men.

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