The Story

"Somewhere on the edge of your imagination,
there is a Labyrinth.

It twists and turns like wicked thoughts,
and no one--no man, woman or child--
has ever reached its center.

standing within the walls of Goblin Town,
is the castle of Jareth,
the goblin king.

Goblins are nasty little creatures whose
greatest delight is in stealing babies
and turning them into goblins.

But this can only happen if you
wish for it.

You must say exactly the right words
for your wish to come true.

"I wish that the goblins would come and
take you away right now!" are the right words.

When the goblins hear them,
they will come...."
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"And they did."

From The Storybook Based on the Movie
by Louise Gilkow, illustrated by Bruce McNally



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