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Ugly, smelly, foul-mouthed, undisciplined and generally repulsive. Goblins are the natural outcome of putting the most nasty, spoiled and rotten brats society has to offer (or wish away) in such an environment as Jareth's castle, (magic applied or not).


Beautiful, delicate, childish, and extremely fast-breeding, fairies inhabit the bluebell gardens around the entrance to the Labyrinth


A naturally occuring animal/plant simbiant found in the Labyrinth's outer stone ring. Extremely curious, but not unfriendly in nature. Goblins would probably recommend it as a great sandwich filling, (if it were in their nature to recommend things).

Friendly Worms

Alph & Ralph

Helping Hands

False Alarms

The Wise Man

The Door Knockers


Bog of Eternal Stench

While the Bog, strictly speaking, is not really a creature, it certainly does qualify as a presence, a presence that has been felt more thickly than those of many sword carrying wayfarers, trundling off into the shadows of pulpy fantasy fiction.

Ballroom Dancers

Junk Women


Goblin Riders




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