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Fifteen-years old, Sarah's world is as much full of her childhood fantasies as it is with reality. When in a fit of temper she mistakenly wishes the goblins to take her baby half-brother Toby away, she finds that fantasy may be more entwined with reality than even she could have imagined.


King of the Goblins, torn between protecting his realm and keeping Toby to become a new (and perhaps even worthy) goblin, (usually babies wished away are not of such fine quality!) and the tortured love for Sarah he reluctantly finds growing within him.


Sarah's one-year old half-brother who gets captured by the goblins. Sarah considers him a terrible nuisance, although really she does love him.


Hoggle is Sarah's first aquaintance as she enters the Labyrinth. He is cantankerous, selfish, deceitful, and cowardly, but underneath he has a heart of gold and he becomes a loyal friend.


Ludo is Sarah's second companion, an eight-feet tall "big lovable lug".

Sir Didymus

Galliant Sir Didymus, the bravest of all of the inhabitants of the Labyrinth. He is only two-and-a-half feet tall, but contains the towering spirit of a Knight of the Round Table. (Unlike his faithful steed Ambrosius.)




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