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Where can I get the Labyrinth computer game, and how can I run it on my PC?

Labyrinth- The Computer Adventure Game: Download it. Excellent Apple ][ emulator for Windows: Applewin
There do seem to be some problems with it, I have not had a lot of luck, so pleaaase don't email me to ask for instructions on how to run it.

Help! I can't find the Labyrinth Soundtrack ANYWHERE!!!

The soundtrack is probably the easiest Labyrinth thing to track down.
I got mine at Best Buy, and apparently CD NOW also has it. I have also heard that
Sam Goody (used to be Musicland), Border Books and Music, and Silver Platters
can order it. Try any other record store and see if they can order it. It is
manufactured by Capitol Records Inc.

WHERE can I find the Labyrinth novel, storybook, and book full of Brian Froud's goblin drawings?

All labyrinth-related books are out-of-print, except for The Goblin Companion,
Look for the novel and storybook in sales of used fantasy and science fiction books.
There is also a fair bit of Labyrinth and Dark Crystal material included in
Jim Henson The Works and No Strings Attatched.

Where can I get Labyrinth on DVD, Laserdisc or Video?

Order Labyrinth on DVD or VIDEO from!

The labyrinth laserdiscs are now very hard to find, but check e-bay and
used Laserdisc sellers.

What is the difference between Froud's Goblins of Labyrinth and The Goblin Companion books?

The Goblin Companion (still available), is a smaller reprint of The Goblins
of Labyrinth (out of print) without the full page Labyrinth illustrations.
Its is still worth getting, as it does include so many wonderfully disgusting
examples of the Goblin City's inhabitants, complete with vivid stories about them.

Is there a Labyrinth newsgroup, mailing list or IRC channel?

alt.movies.labyrinth is available on some news servers,
but you may have to request others to add it. Labyrinth is also often
a topic in the rec.arts.henson+muppets newsgroup.

The latest info on the Labyrinth mailing list can be found

Amethyst, the maintainer of the Labyrinth mailing list created an
IRC channel on DALnet called #jareth. I don't know if it is still there.

What was the cost of Labyrinth, and how much has it earned?

The figures for Labyrinth have been hard to find. So far all I
have learned is that its domestic gross earnings are $12.730 million (the
All-Movie guide). If anyone knows its cost, its foreign gross earnings, or its
foreign and domestic rental earnings, you can let me know

How can I contact Jim Henson Productions?

They are now known as The Jim Henson Company,
and can phoned or mailed as follows:

Raleigh Studios
5358 Melrose Avenue
West Office Building, third floor
Hollywood, CA  90038
(213) 960-4096
Fax:  (213) 960-4935
117 East 69th Street
New York, NY  10021
(212) 794-2400
Fax:  (212) 570-1147
1(B) Downshire Hill
Hampstead, London NW3 1NR
(071) 431-2818
Fax:  (071) 431-3737

They also have a website at

Have you seen the B&W publicity stills for Labyrinth? What are the pictures, and how many are there?

There are 17 stills:
	L-1: Sarah running through Labyrinth
	L-2: Sarah & Jareth "you have 13 hours..."
	L-3: Sarah & Hoggle outside Labyrinth
	L-4: Jareth with the goblins in his castle
	L-5: Sarah & Hoggle emerging from urn
	L-6: Sarah & Fireys
	L-7: Sarah & Ludo
	L-8: Sarah gazes off into peach-induced dreams
	L-9: Sarah & Jareth at the Ball
	L-10: Sir Didymus
	L-11: Sarah, Ludo, Hoggle, Sir Didymus and Ambrosius in Goblin City
	L-12: Goblins
	L-13: Sarah at the Ball
	L-14: Jareth and crystal ball
	L-15: Jim Henson & Hoggle
	L-16: Jim Henson & George Lucas
	L-17: George Lucas

Is there anything extra on the Laserdisc version of Labyrinth?

My laserdisc version is wide screen/letterboxed, meaning it appears
on the screen in the same 2.35 to 1 aspect ratio as in the theaters! As
normal television is less then a 1.4 to 1 ratio, that means the normal
video is showing less then 60% of the laserdisc. You can see a lot of detail
or things in the corners that are completely cut out in the video. When I
saw it, I saw parts of scenes I hadn't seen in 10 years. The video has a
lot more panning and scene jumping than the laserdisc. For example, the Door
Knockers scene doesn't have very many camera changes, where you can see both
knockers, Sarah, and Ludo playing with the ring all at once. This had to be
many different scenes on the video. Other than things like this throughout
the film, they are the same length and all. Except one small difference I
noticed is that where the video in the final credits shows the ending lines
THORN EMI SCREEN ENTERTAINMENT LTD." and leaves them still on the screen for
a minute, the laserdisc shows the words, fades them out, and plays the last
minute of Underground with a blank screen.
	- Walter Pullen ([email protected])

I have the NON-widescreen laserdisc version of Labyrinth from Image
Entertainment. I would say the only thing extra on it is the speckling
all over the screen due to laser-rot. :(
	- Monica

How can I get the Labyrinth Script?

There is an OCRed copy of an older script version on this site.

Or you can buy a hardcopy (photocopy actually) of this same older version with pictures from Andy Wolf for $15 [email protected], or from Script City for $20, (213)871-0707. It is 100 pages long.

As far as newer versions are concerned, there is some peculiar copyright situation with Jim Henson Production scripts, so you won't find offical copies of scripts for any Muppet or related movies anywhere. :( -Monica

What posters are there for Labyrinth?

Note: Most US single-sheet theatre posters do come folded,
(so they fit in the box with the film cans that are shipped to the theatre)

1) US theatrical release one-sheet 27x41:
        Shows same image as LP and Laserdisc covers, (eg. white background
        with illustration including Jareth, Sarah, and Labyrinth creatures).
	($25 from Cimema City, $25 from Movie Poster Warehouse

2) International version/Style B:
   US 1 sheet, folded, ~27x41:
   Dutch 1/2-sheet 14"x21":
   Italian 1-sheet 55"x40":
        Sarah and her friends runing in front of a big green Labyrinth in
        the background, Jareth & crystal ball in the sky above them, castle
        in the background. Very saturated colors, predominantly blue and
	($20 from Cimema City, $25 from Movie Poster Warehouse

3) US teaser/advance one-sheet 27x41:
        Jareth holding a big crystal ball with an image of Sarah running
        through the Labyrinth in it, the same as the novel cover.
	($30 from Jim's Spotlight [email protected], $45 from Cimema City)

4) I have also been lucky enough to find a rare Italian variation of the
   International/Style B version:

         It is a HUGE (55"x40") wall-sized poster, and while it is based
         on the Style-B graphic, it has a much more flattering picture of
         Jareth instead, and the bright colors of the Style-B have been
         darkened and desaturated. The bright blue sky has been replaced
         with a much more appropriate night-time sky.

   I expect it was a one-time find, (the people I ordered it from only had
   one), but I will eventually take a photo of it and put it on the site.
   And hey! Maybe I will even get some large photo prints made, and have
   them available to trade for other Labyrinth merchandise..... :)

You wouldn't happen to know where I could find the music video for Labyrinth? It was one of Bowie's songs, and it showed clips from the movie.

Yes. It is included on Ryko Vision's "Bowie The Video Collection", which
ought to still be available on VHS (RYVC 0290) & laserdisc. It has the
videos for both "Underground", and the previously unreleased "As the
World Falls Down". "Underground" doesn't use actual movie footage, but
features footage of Bowie as himself with a number of creatures from the
movie. "As the World Falls Down" has a lot of actual movie footage.

Trivia Note: Some purist Labyrinth fans are only semi-fond of the
"As the World Falls Down" video, because a young woman who vaugely
resembles Jennifer Connelly is used in the video scenes that are not
Labyrinth movie footage instead of the REAL Sarah.

You have to consider though, that Jennifer was a 14 year old girl, (even
if Sarah's concept was for a 16 year-old girl). THINK: The ageless members
of the Fae, (i.e. Jareth), may get away with falling in love with young,
sub-legal age human girls. David Bowie as himself however, (as featured in
the video), took the societally acceptable route for a 48-yr old human,
i.e. the 20-something year old Jennifer Connelly-esque woman.

Where can I find the Theatrical Trailer(s) for Labyrinth?

Good question. Normally such things show up on Laserdisc releases of
movies, but I know my early, 1986 Pan & Scanned Embassy Home
Entertainment disc doesn't include any, and I have heard that the
widescreen one doesn't offer anything extra either. If Labyrinth ever
makes it to DVD, **MAYBE** it might have a trailer included.

OK, I know it can't be Bowie spinning those crystal balls himself, so how did they do it?

This has go to be one of the biggest questions for Labyrinth fans who
never got to see the Making-of documentary, (or never took the time to
really scrutinize the credits).

The balls are spun by the famous juggler Michael Moschen, and the technique
is known as "contact juggling". Because Jareth is wearing gloves, it made
it less obvious that it was someone else's hand being used, (but harder
for Michael!). Michael had to crouch in an uncomfotable position behind
Bowie, and spin the crystal balls not only with gloves on, but without
even being able to see what he was doing! And after all that, most people
didn't even if know he had done it! :(

Where can I get the Labyrinth Making-of documentary, "Inside the Labyrinth"?

This may be one of the hardest pieces of Labyrinth merchandise to track
down. Basically, distributors have run out. :(  I first tracked it down
through Interlibrary Loan (a service most Librarys offer, frequently for
a small fee), and was able to make a duplicate for myself before I
returned it. I was then lucky enough to track down a distributor that
had one copy left. They refused to sell to me directly, but I was able
to go to a local video rental store and have them order the same copy
from the same distributor for me. If you are persistent enough, you might
be able to locate and order old stock in a similar manner, otherwise, you
need to get someone who owns it to dub it for you. Or perhaps you might just
settle for getting Jim Henson The Works and No Strings Attatched, as they
include some of the same background info as the documentary, in their
Labyrinth and Dark Crystal sections.

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