History (Miscellaneous)

# According to legends, a saint named "Ne" served to the people of this place, so the place is named Nepal. This saint made a shephard named Bhuktaman the first king of Nepal, thus patenting the Gopal Dynasty.

# The last king of Gopal dynasty, Yakshya Gupta, was childless so the man named Bar Singh from India came to Nepal and patented Mahispal(Amir) Dynasty.

# The Kiratas ruled Nepal for 526 years.

# Arniko was honored by "Cyanliu Knife" and "Nasayu" in China.

# The man to patent Khas Dynasty in Karnali Area was Nagraj.

# King RagavDev patented "Nepal Sanwat" in 937 BS with the suggestion of Sankhadhar Sakhwa.

# The oldest idol or statue uptodate is "Birupakshya" situated at the bank of Bagmati river established by Kirati Kings.

#The passport system was started by Bhimsen Thapa in 1863 BS.


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