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A Video Documentary
Shadows from my past: Concept

The Bruno Kreisky Foundation for Human Rights invites an American-Jewish woman, Gita Kaufman to Vienna; the city she fled as a child in February, 1940.  The documentary is based on excerpts of archival letters, documents, and photographs from Gita's family from 1939-1941.  Most of her family has perished.  The video also features many face-to-face, unrehearsed interviews.  Those interviewed include Chancellor Wolfgang Schussel, Dr. Simon Wiesenthal, Theodore Bikel, Ronald Lauder, Dr. Jorg Haider, Dr. Kurt Waldheim, survivors, family members, and others.  This movie underlines the need for Holocaust Memory preservation and tolerance education
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To avoid being arrested and interned by the Nazis, Gita Weinrauch-Kaufman and her family fled World War II Austria.  Returning to Vienna, the city of her birth, she and her husband traced the events of her parents and relatives experienced under the German rule and spoke with prominent Austrians regarding their ordeals.  Shadows From My Past interweaves the memories of her family with Austria's present perception of its role in the holocaust.
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What people are saying about Shadows of my Past
"Shadows from my past is a moving addition to the historical record of the holocaust from one of its survivors." - Edward Bligh VP International Rescue Committee
"Shadows From My Past went directly from your heard to mine.  Very touching, I'll never forget." Albert Maysles
"The film [you] has given the tragic account a human face, and showed viewers a close-up picture of the suffering caused by the Nazis." Lloyd Brown
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