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[Most to North America[
1739                Neil Gillespie and Mary McIllfeder, his wife: Gilbert & Angus, their children, from        
                       Scotland to New York

1741, Aug 5     
Mary Gillispie, person ordered for transportation to America from Co. Donegal, Ireland
                       for Grand Larceny

Richard Gallispie, Irish immigrant to Boston, Massachusetts

1774, May 19 to July 22 
William Gelespie, on board the brigantine, Matty, from Scotland to New

Thomas Gelaspie on Austrialian Convict Ship from London, England to N.S.Wales
                         Australia. Sentenced at Hert, 14 years eviction.
1804, Sept 18   
Gillespie, Hugh, age 25, farmer; Alexander, age 32, farmer; &  Margaret,
                        age 22, all  from  Magherally Parish, Co. Down, Ireland. Sailed  from
                        Belfast 18 Sept on ship, 
Maria to New York

1804, June 9     
Patt, fair, age 35,  & Pegy Gillespy, fair, age 24,  of Glen, Donegal, Ireland on the ship
Catherine of Dublin, from Port of Killybegs and bound for New Castle & Philadelphia
                        Travelling with McGloghlen family also from Glen, Donegal.

1805, April 25   
Gillespie, James, age 26, farmer, from Fintona, County  Tyrone, Ireland, passenger to
                         New York via ship,
Eagle, from Londonderry.                     

Gillespie, Jane, Co.L'derry, Ireland to America.

Gillaspie, James from Londonderry, Ireland to Philadelphia via ship, Mary. Arrived
                         June 17th, 95 passengers.

Gillespie, Michael & Fanny Gillespie from Londonderry, Ireland to New York via      
Alexandria, 85 passengers. Date of Arrival June 12th.
Gillespie, Francis of Ballyshannon from Londonderry, Ireland to New York via ship 
Westpoint, 73 passengers

1816, May 21     
Mr. Armed Gillespie arrived Quebec on the vessel Mary. Sailed 43 days
                         from  Greenock..
1816                   J
ames, Mary, Mary Anne & Eliza Gillespie from Belfast to New York via ship, Ossian.                           Arrived June 20th, 90 passengers.      
Isabella Gillespie - no details

1822, Dec 31     
Ann Galaspy, age 20, seamster of Ireland to Baltimore, USA

1824, June 20     
James Gilespie, age 29, farmer of Ireland to W. Country.

1825, May 17     
Sarah  Gillespie, age 15, spinster from Ireland. Londonderry, Ireland to New York
                          via ship

1825, June 20     
Wm Gillespie, age 18, farmer from Ireland, destination New York, "one trunk"
                           via ship
General Putnam

1827, Sept 30     
George Gillispie, age 18, farmer of Great Britain to West Country. Also James
                          Gillispy,  age 18, weaver to USA.

1829                 ** 
William Gillespie, native of Ireland to Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada.(Co. Fermanagh)

1829                **  
Samuel Gillespie, native of Ireland to Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada (Co.Tyrone)

1829, May 22   **
Thomas Gillespie, age 40, born Ireland, from Belfast to New York City on ship                                   Atlantic (date possibly 1824).

Cornelius, age 24 & Biddy Gillespie, age 25 bound for Quebec aboard the Daniel
from Ireland

Robert Gillespie, Montreal Emigrant Society Passage Book: return of poor & destitute
                          immigrants forwarded by the Montreal Emigrant Society. Sent to Prescott.

1832, Sept 30     
Margaret Gilespie, age 66 of Great Britain to USA. Also Robert, age 20, weaver.

1833. April 4      
Allice Gillespie, passenger on Brig ODorcas Savage O of Belfast to New Brunswick.

1833, April 20     
John Gillespie, passenger on Elizabeth for St. John, New Brunswick. His
Sarah Mary & Eliza Gillespie..

1834, July 8         Margt Gillespie, age 34, May, age 13, Daniel, age 11 arriving in Philadelphia from
                          Liverpool on ship,
Brig Emerald, from Liverpool.

1837                   John Gillespie, age 70, 1901 census, immigrated to Canada to Victoria North, Sub
                          District F2, Eldon (National Archives Microfilm Reel T-6501.)

Alice Gillespie to St. Lawrence Ward, Montreal, Quebec

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