The Weak Two

The Weak Two bid is the most common and most natural use for an opening bid on the 2-level. For most people, it shows exactly 6 cards in the bid suit, and less than an opening bid (about 6-10 HCP). Deviations can be made according to style, position at the table, and the vulnerability.

The responder is usually in charge of the bidding. These are a common set of responses after the Weak Two (in the suit x).

Response to 2x

Further Bidding

New suit 5/6-card suit, forcing
2NT Strong asking bid See below
Jump in new suit Splinter bid
3x Pre-emptive
3NT To play

2x - 2NT - ?

As with the weak two itself, responses to 2NT come in many forms. The simplest is to ask for a feature, but there are better methods, for example Ogust:
  • 3: Minimum, bad suit
  • 3: Minimum, good suit
  • 3: Maximum, bad suit
  • 3: Maximum, good suit
  • 3NT: AKQxxx and nothing outside

    Of course, what constitutes a minimum or a maximum and a bad or a good suit is dependent on style and needs to be discussed. A possibility is to say that a good suit requires two of the three top honors. This has the merit that responder can easily tell if 3NT is a possibility.