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FIRST CALLS on PHONE, FLASHBACKS, Identity THEFT Protection and NBI Clearances

03WednesdaySep 2014


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#FirstMessage #Phone2063392624 #Year2008 #January26#SelfCALLvoicemessage This was the first message to my number 206-339-2624 after the number was associated with me in 26-January-2008. I made a test call voice message. It’s nice to recall after more than 5 years!


 This was the test call the following day! #ThirdMessage#Phone2063392624 #Year2008 #January27 #SelfCALLvoicemessage#TestCalls


This was officially the first call to my number 2063392624
because it was the first call that was not a test call. It
agent 1800 on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 12:28 AM. She gave her number as 877-237-5922 ext 1800
but records show she had called from 954-671-4811



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#MissUniverse #Year2014 #TentativeVenueandDate #BakuAzerbaijan#November23 It’s the mid of the 3rd quarter and still no official release from Miss Universe Organization on the official venue for this year’s Miss Universe pageant. 



#IdentityTheftProtectionandInsurances #ZANDERInsurance#OneMillionDollarsProtectionPLAN #FBI #NBI #PNP #ARESCOM #InterPOL#Year2014 Learn about IDENTITY Protection PLAN for US Residents, US Citizens and US-Based International Netizens.

 At about Php 300.00(Three Hundred Pesos) a month, you can be covered by Identity Theft Insurance with Zander Insurance (6.75 USD = 295.923 PHP)


#NBI #QualityControl #UNAvenue #NBIClearance #IDPurposes #Year2014#August23 #August27 #Tuesday #Interview I will be in Manila on 27-Aug-2014 Tuesday for an interview with NBI Quality Control !

The last time I was with Quality Control for interview was more than 10 years ago, prior to my dismissed complaint in 2004 with SPO3Agapito Rondon(Tresspassing on the middle of a Public road- 8th Ave.). I had sent Quality Control by mail the Letter of Dismissal issued by Aurora Calledon after the successful mediation with the City FISCAL Asst. Prosecutor 2 Nancy Rivas Palmones before the complaint was elevated to a full blown case. So this must be the subject of the interview and if there are other cases filed that are on the ïtenerary”.



Here’s an old blog about the Agapito Rondon brouhaha sometime back. The blog was written in 2005.


 —–Original Message—–
From: George Palaganas <[email protected]>
To: ictcpd <[email protected]>
Sent: Tue, Aug 26, 2014 4:54 am
Subject: Regarding the status of the CERTIFICATION of CASE DISPOSITION from MetC Court


Quality Control Officer
National Bureau of Investigation
New Building
Ground Floor, Quality Control SECTION
U.N. Avenue, Manila

Dear Ma’m:

Greetings! I was scheduled to be interviewed by Quality SECTION this morning, on 27-Aug-2014 Tuesday at 7:00am and I am glad I made it on time. Regarding the status of the CERTIFICATION of CASE DISPOSITION from MetC Court about a civil case of LOITERING(Violation of Ordinance No. 4638) CC# 434400 MTC Manila filed on 13-November-2006, the City Clerk who gave his name as OSCAR with phone number 302-6794 and cellphone number 0915-927-7655 said he will look-over the records and I have to call him this afternoon(I decided to call him tomorrow instead). Since MetC Court has Php75.00 FEE for processing plus the City Clerk declares a PENALTY of about Php 200.00 plus photocopies fees, I was short of the required funds so decided to complete the process Monday 02-September-2014 instead of what I had written at the back of the photocopies of the request form for CERTIFICATION of Case Disposition from your office and the request form from MetC Court for the records from the City Clerk (which is to return Friday 30-August-2014). The photocopies were put on the receipt box immediately outside the door of your office together with the receipts of other NBI Clearance seekers. I will just submit all ORIGINALS to your office by Monday.


George C Palaganas
OR No. 6253480 Date: 13-August-2014 Amount: Php 115.00
NBI Clearance Purpose: ID purposes

Phone: +1206-339-2624
Fax: +1-206-339-9327
e-mail: [email protected]

PS. Thank you for forwarding this e-mail to Quality Control Section.

—————————————————Nothing Follows ————————————————–




#Ecumenism On 19-Aug-2014, George Palaganas posted a comment on a POST by Burke Bluemel

From George Palaganas: Apostle Paul has the most anecdotal Christian example of a GOOD TURN-AROUND in a person's character. Before he was Paul, he was Saul, a persecutor of Christians and a warrior soldier serving under the Roman Empire before it was a Holy Roman Empire and transferred it's seat from Jerusalem in Israel to Vatican in Rome. The premise, "...greatest stumbling blocks ever placed in front of the
words of Christ are the canon of “scriptures” presented by the early Catholic(worldwide) Church as the letters and words of Paul." may have come from the early character of Paul, when he was still named SAUL, and not yet a convert to the Christian faith. Wherever this thing boils down to, the Letters to the Faithful around Midetteranean including the Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians,Ephesians, Romans, etc. contains plenty of profound passages for the Christian faith to emulate and follow especially on the "holding out to the Christian faith"like it is the most important strand of rope while cliffhanging. There is another Paul though, that travelled around the islands in Greece, and travelled with the Apostle Barnabas and later on dissented in his ministry. It is to him, that these letters was attributed instead of SAUL. While SAUL is a natural warrior rather than a man of letters, the "lesser"Paul carries the premise that the PEN is always mightier than the SWORD.

From Burke Bluemel at
21 hrs ·

One of the greatest stumbling blocks ever placed in front of the
words of Christ are the canon of “scriptures” presented by the early Catholic(worldwide) Church as the letters and words of Paul. Not only is there no verification that Paul actually wrote these words, but in many instances, what is presented as Paul’s counsel to various nations contradicts the words of Christ.

An honest investigation into most of what the New Testament canon
attributes to Paul, reveals they were letters and doctrines made up by the early leaders of the Catholic Church in an effort to present its corrupted doctrine the way the leaders wanted the people to understand it. When the modern Catholic Church is presented with inquiries from historians researching the roots and formation of Christianity, and requesting visual evidence of the original manuscripts from which the New Testament was constructed, the Church remains illusive and prohibitory, because it knows these documents do not exist.

The teachings and counsels of Jesus Christ are the words that he
spoke to the multitude, known ecumenically as the Beatitudes (i.e., in
which attitude we should be), or better, The Sermon on the Mount. The
words of Christ—the fullness of his gospel—are the only commandments
and requirements ever given to the human race. They are contained in their completeness in book of Matthew, chapters 5, 6 and 7—This is the work of Christ that he was given to do by his Father, and which he accomplished before he was killed by the Romans upon the cross. Here are the words of Christ given many months before he was crucified and died on the cross:

I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the
work which thou gavest me to do. (See John 17:4.)

The Lord finished his work when he had taught the people how to
get along with each other properly—the only thing he was sent by God to do.


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#PostedLastYear #AnswersTHON #ANSWERS #Year2013 #August17 #August18 #TwoDayNonStopEvent #GeorgePalaganas #QUIZBEE COOL Answers of the Day! Card No. 20130813

The space shuttle Challenger, mission designation: STS-51-L.

Christa McAuliffe, the teacher, was one of 7 crew members on that flight. The proximate cause of the accident was determined to be a faulty O-ring that allowed a fuel leak, beginning the tragic chain of events resulting in the disintegration of the vehicle and the deaths of its crew members. Although this is the declassified release, the possibility of failing to coordinate with Federal Authorities on the existence of a laser grid on the day of take-off known as closed skies may had caused the Challenger's explosion. A laser grid appeared on top of Luzon, Philippines sometime in 1997.


#WhiterShadeofPale #HelmutLotti #Year2003 #ProcolHarum #Year1967 Best Rendition for the song, A Whiter Shade of Pale (Cool's Choice)

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