Princess of My Heart





Tania was walkingin the digiworld with her digimon Yazumon."Hey Yazumon,isn't

it a little quiet here".she asked.''Everything seems fine to me."he

replied.It was a sunny day and things were getting so boring.Tania looked at

her digivice to check for any sign of any other people like her."Where is

everybody!"she yelled."My guess is that they're around.''Yazumon replied.Just

then a digimon jumped out of the bushes."Who's this creep?"Tania

asked."That's Oasismon."he said.

"Oasis blast!"he shouted trying to hit them."So you wanna fight?!You just got

one! Plasma blaster!"shouted Yazumon.The attack hit dead on.

Oasismon howled in pain."Oasis cannon!"he retaliated.The attack was dissolved

when Yazumon attacked backed.Tania looked on from beside a tree.Yazumon was

gonna win for sure,or that's what it looked like.Yazumon was caught off guard

by the oasis blast thrown at him.Oasismon  knocked yazumon into the tree

Tania was watching from."Are you okay!?"Tania holding her digimon."I'm

fine!Let me at em'!"Yazumon yelled."No!You're hurt."she told him."Oasis


shouted Oasismon.The attack was going to hit them,but it was knocked away by

a electric flame.They all turned to see a young boy and  his digimon standing

there."You better leave them alone!"he said.Oasismon roared in

return."Okay,then you leave us no choice but to destroy you!"he yelled.He

then added"Go get em' Drakamon.The boy ran over to Tania and

Yazumon."Hello.Are you and your digimon alright?"he asked."We're fine."she

said.Drakamon  was about to get hit when the boy jumped in the air and hit

Oasismon with his staff.Then Drakamon and the boy yelled an attack."Fire

blaze!"drakamon shouted.''Magna Bomb!"the boy added.They destroyed the evil

digimon."I'm sorry for being rude.My name's Raheem Mcknight."he said.''I'm

Tania.This is Yaz.He's my digimon."she answered."Yeah so what."Yazumon

snarled."Be nice."Tania said.Raheem looked around then said"Hey follow us.We

know a great place where you can rest at."

"Okay,come on then yazumon."she said.So they traveled to the place they were

looking for."Here it is."Raheem and spyramon said in unison.

They walked inside the place.It was an old cave they had went into."I thought

there were no other digidestined here in the digiworld."she said."I

know.Somethings are not always what they seem."he said.Night had fallen over

in the digiworld.Tania was snuggled up to yazumon who

was next to the fire.Raheem stood up watching them both."Raheem,do you think

that she is a holder of a pure heart crystal?"spyramon asked.

Raheem looked back at his digimon then back at Tania and yazumon.

Then he said"I'm pretty sure of the possibilities."Then morning had

came.Yazumon and Tania had just woken up to see Raheem sleep on the floor and

spyramon setting some food on the little table he had made."Mmmmmm.That

smells good."she said."When are we gonna eat.I'm hungry."yazumon

complained."Would you please wait!"Raheem,

Tania,and spyramon said."Oh alright!Sheesh."yazumon said muttering.They

finished setting up the breakfast and then they ate.Tania was smiling while

they were walking.Raheem and spyramon began talking about her being a holder

of a pure heart crystal.She was unaware of that being the fact of her being

saved.Then another digimon jumped out the ground."Yaaaaaaaaah!Who's this

yazumon."Tania asked."That's tasomon.A big jerk.let me at em."Yazumon

said."That's one way to put."Raheem said."Taso blast."Tasomon yelled."Okay

guys.Let's move out!"Raheem said.The two digimon and Raheem ran at

Tasomon."Plasma Blaster!"Yazumon shouted.His attack attack connected with the

back of tasomon's head.Tasomon roared in pain and started to thrash

about."Fire spark!"yelled Spyramon.His attack also connected with Tasomon's

back.Tasomon roared and continued to thrash about.He thrashed in the area

where Tania stood.He thrashed a little too close.He grabbed her and proceeded

to suck the oure heart crystal out her

body."Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhh!"she yelled.Then Tania's body was

dropped on the floor where she was standing

at."Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"Yazumon yelled."Fool!"Raheem yelled

to Tasomon.Then something amazing happened.A white light surrounded Yazumon

and Spyramon."Yazumon warp digivolve to...PunkDjarumon!"he said."Spyramon

warp digivolve to...WarDrakamon."You'll pay for hurting her!"PunkDjarumon and

Raheem. yelled."Give her..."Raheem said knocking tasomon in his head.''Back

her..."PunkDjarumon yelled blasting tasomon in his back."Her pure heart

crystal!"WarDrakamon finished blasting tasomon in his stomach.Tasomon was now

dizzy.He kept on walking around in circles and bumping in to trees.then the

three gave one last attack to tasomon."Hyperblast!"PunkDjarumon yelled."Mega

Blast"WarDrakamon yelled."Uranus...starlite...shoken!"Raheem yelled.All three

attacks hit and tasomon was destroyed.In his place was a pure heart

crystal.The two mega's returned back to their in-training forms:drymon and

munamon.Raheem picked up the pure heart crystal and he and the digimon

in-training ran to Tania,who lay on the floor motionless."Please go back to

where you belong pure heart crystal.Please go back to the Princess of My

Heart."Raheem said with tears rolling down his face.Then the pure heart

crystal glew white and went back into Tania's body.Suddenly she awoke and had

spun around and white started applying to her.When she was stopped spinning

around she stood dressed in a white dress that was made for a

princess.Raheem's clothes also had changed from  his regular to a suit made

for a prince."You look like a princess."Raheem said startled."Same with

you."she said.Some music began to play."May I have this dance."Raheem said

blushing."Yes you may."she said.Then they began to dance."Princess Tania,can

I tell you something?"Raheem asked."Yes.What is it you want to tell me?"she

said.''To me you're a princess to me."he said.''Really?Why thank you."she

said.''You're a Princess of My Heart."he said.She smiled and they danced

through the entire song.


The End.



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