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Jefferson Davis BALCH was born on 30 Jun 1861 in Alvarado, TX. Parents: John Bryant BALCH and Mary Ann "Polly" KING.

Spouse: Dora WILKS. Jefferson Davis BALCH and Dora WILKS were married. Children were: Carp BALCH, Leta BALCH, Betha BALCH, Ogie BALCH.

Jeffie D. BALCH was born on 7 Jan 1861 in Jackson Co., AR. She died on 9 Sep 1866. Parents: John Colwell BALCH and Mary Caroline BAKER.

Jeffrey Scott BALCH. Parents: Marcus Dean BALCH and Brenda FARRIS.

Spouse: Lori MEEKS. Jeffrey Scott BALCH and Lori MEEKS were married.

Jeffrey Tyler BALCH. Parents: Jimmy Don BALCH and Terri Renai GORDON.

Jenna Rene BALCH was born on 12 May 1993. Parents: James Michael BALCH and Lori PANCRATZ.

Jennie Lea BALCH was born on 22 Nov 1958 in Newport, AR. Parents: Billy Evins BALCH and Glenda HONEY.

Spouse: Dennis R. WATSON. Dennis R. WATSON and Jennie Lea BALCH were married. Children were: Timothy Evins WATSON, Robert Harley WATSON.

Spouse: Michael Lee WILLIAMS. Michael Lee WILLIAMS and Jennie Lea BALCH were married. Children were: Amanda Michelle WILLIAMS.

Jennie Lee BALCH was born in 1890 in Salem, Benton Co. MS.. She died in 1891. She was buried in Antioch Cem., Tippah Co., MS. Parents: John Thomas BALCH and Louisa Elizabeth PEARSON.

Jennie V. BALCH was born on 19 Oct 1872 in Henry, Sligo, Co., KY. Parents: Armstead V. BALCH and Annie COLLINS.

Jennifer Angela BALCH was born in 1976. Parents: David Kenneth BALCH and Cindy Joan WALL.

Jennifer Claire BALCH was born on 5 Nov 1975 in Galveston, TX. Parents: Michael Tol BALCH and Nell DUNCAN.

Jennifer Denise BALCH was born on 19 Dec 1958 in San Jose, CA. Parents: Michael Eugene BALCH and Joyce (UNK).

Jennifer Rebecca BALCH was born on 10 Dec 1976 in Richfield, Sevier Co., UT. She died on 30 Apr 1982. Parents: Terry Lynn BALCH and Barbara Jean NICKLE.

Jeremy James BALCH was adopted. Parents: James Ferguson Jr. BALCH and Nancy BUHR.

Spouse: Tristan WINGET. Jeremy James BALCH and Tristan WINGET were married on 8 Jul 1989 in Zionsville, IN..

Jeri Lynn BALCH. Parents: Henry Scott BALCH and Hilda CLAY.

Spouse: Jeff HUGHES. Jeff HUGHES and Jeri Lynn BALCH were married. Children were: Stephanie HUGHES.

Jerry Don BALCH was born 27 Dec (abt 1930). Parents: Elmer Rabe BALCH and Addie Marie CRAWFORD.

Spouse: Mary Adele WILSON. Jerry Don BALCH and Mary Adele WILSON were married. Children were: Nancy Anita BALCH, Anna Elizabeth BALCH.

Jesse Burton BALCH was born on 21 Jul 1878 in Madison, AL. He died on 5 Oct 1953 in Madison, AL. He was buried in Mt Zion Cemetery. Parents: James Hezekiah BALCH and Lou Ella MCCOLLUM.

Spouse: Ruthie Gertrude CLUTTS. Jesse Burton BALCH and Ruthie Gertrude CLUTTS were married on 5 Feb 1902 in Madison Co., AL. Children were: Cleva Lila BALCH, Ada Mabel BALCH, Horace Elon BALCH, Mary Adeline BALCH, Phylis Omelia BALCH, James Edward BALCH, Woodrow Alden BALCH, Eliza Lou BALCH.

Jessica De Andra BALCH was born on 2 Jun 1986 in Huntsville, AL. Parents: Ricky Darrel BALCH and Deborah Yvonne BLAIR.

Jessie BALCH was born on 23 May 1908. He died in 1909 in Syracuse, Hamilton Co., kS. Parents: Henry Armstead BALCH and Mary Magdelene (Maime) SEEKINGER.

Jessie Irvin BALCH was born on 19 Mar 1905 in Athens, AL. He died in Jun 1973 in Madison, AL. Parents: William Graves BALCH and Virginia Raymond STEVENSON.

Spouse: Anna Rilla DEFRIESE. Jessie Irvin BALCH and Anna Rilla DEFRIESE were married. Children were: Leslie Jane BALCH, Stanley Noel BALCH, Patricia Ann BALCH.

Jessie Truman BALCH was born on 28 Jan 1901 in Jonesboro, Coryell Co., TX. He died on 31 Oct 1971 in Near Tahoka, TX. He was buried Tahoka Cemetery, tahoka, TX. Parents: William Warren BALCH and Emma Susan JOHNSON.

Spouse: Victoria SMITH. Jessie Truman BALCH and Victoria SMITH were married. Children were: Gwendola Louise BALCH.

Spouse: Jeanette Oliver BROCK. Jessie Truman BALCH and Jeanette Oliver BROCK were married.

Jill Allison BALCH was born on 22 Aug 1970 in Madison Co., AL. Parents: Charles William BALCH and Betty Jean BAILEY.

Jim Fred BALCH was born on 24 May 1924 in Tahoka, Lynn Co., TX. Parents: Jasper Frederick BALCH and Kathryn Frances LEFTWICH.

Spouse: Gladys WILSON. Jim Fred BALCH and Gladys WILSON were married on 31 Oct 1951. Children were: Eva Frances BALCH.

Jimmy BALCH. Parents: George Eldridge BALCH and Leola GAYLEY.

Jimmy Cladron BALCH was born in Jun 1922 in Trinity Co., TX. Parents: William Wyly BALCH and Norma STRAHAN.

Spouse: Jones THELMA. Jimmy Cladron BALCH and Jones THELMA were married.

Jimmy Don BALCH. Parents: G.L. BALCH and Mary Ann WILLIAMS.

Spouse: Terri Renai GORDON. Jimmy Don BALCH and Terri Renai GORDON were married. Children were: Jonathan David BALCH, Jeffrey Tyler BALCH.

Jo Ann BALCH was born in 1940 in Mississippi Co., AR. Parents: Jacob Henderson BALCH and Geneva Merle MCSPADDEN.

Spouse: Ron PELLETIER. Ron PELLETIER and Jo Ann BALCH were married.

Spouse: (Unk) HENDON. (Unk) HENDON and Jo Ann BALCH were married.

Jo Ann BALCH was born on 2 Nov 1946 in Madison Co., AL. Parents: Shelby BALCH and Sarah PAYNE.

Jo Carolyn BALCH was born on 28 Jul 1947 in Olney, TX. Parents: Lemuel Fredrick BALCH and Margaret Mildred HAYLEY.

Spouse: Jerry Don SLOAN. Jerry Don SLOAN and Jo Carolyn BALCH were married on 4 Jun 1968 in Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX. Children were: Tami Jo SLOAN, Raylem Andrew SLOAN.

Joanna Virginia BALCH was born on 20 Dec 1851 in Yell Co., AR. She died on 7 Jan 1871 in Cottin Gin, Texas. Parents: Samuel Hopkins BALCH and Julia Ann CRANE.

Jody BALCH was born on 13 Nov 1956. Parents: Bobby Lynn BALCH and Fran WHEELER.

Spouse: Cynthia (UNK). Jody BALCH and Cynthia (UNK) were married.

Jody Lynn BALCH was born on 6 Feb 1970 in Madrid, Spain. Parents: Gene Edward BALCH and Jane MIRABELLA.

Spouse: James (Jim) SANDWISCH. James (Jim) SANDWISCH and Jody Lynn BALCH were married on 12 May 2001 in Pasadena, Maryland.

Jody Shannon BALCH was born on 1 Oct 1971 in Sylacauga, AL. Parents: Joseph Paul Jr. BALCH and Elizabeth Lee WILKINSON.

Joe Ed BALCH was born on 2 Mar 1926 in Tahoka, Lynn Co., TX. Parents: Jasper Frederick BALCH and Kathryn Frances LEFTWICH.

Spouse: Bobbie Jean MORTON. Joe Ed BALCH and Bobbie Jean MORTON were married on 18 Mar 1950. Children were: Darlene Frances BALCH, Sue Ann BALCH, Michael Todd BALCH, Katrina Louise BALCH.

Joe Foetisch BALCH was born on 26 Feb 1913. He died in 1978. Parents: Orlin Morton (Ord) BALCH and Elizabeth FOETISCH.

Spouse: Ruth CARPENTER. Joe Foetisch BALCH and Ruth CARPENTER were married. Children were: Barbara Jo BALCH, Sally Ruth BALCH.

Joe Russell BALCH. Parents: Clarence Beverly BALCH and Era Victoria MCPETERS.

Joel Dale BALCH. Parents: Dale W. BALCH.

Joel Winfred BALCH was born in Jan 1937 in Trinity Co., TX. Parents: William Wyly BALCH and Norma STRAHAN.

Spouse: Barbara SMELLEY. Joel Winfred BALCH and Barbara SMELLEY were married.

Spouse: Cassie Lee DAVIS. Joel Winfred BALCH and Cassie Lee DAVIS were married.

John BALCH was born in Tennessee or North Carolina. Parents: William BALCH and Rebecca MCCLELLAN.

John BALCH. Parents: William McKinny BALCH and Martha Louisa PARVIN.

Spouse: Sally SLOAN. John BALCH and Sally SLOAN were married. Children were: Willie (?) BALCH, Richard V. BALCH.

John BALCH. Parents: William Russell BALCH I and Mattie BEASLEY.

John BALCH. Parents: Thomas (Tom) Claborn BALCH and Nellie (UNK).

Spouse: (Unk) (UNK). John BALCH and (Unk) (UNK) were married.

John BALCH. Parents: James Ira BALCH M.D. and Linda Maxine FELTS.

Children were: Sutton BALCH.

John BALCH. Parents: Bryon Glenn BALCH and Emily MAC LAUGHLIN.

John BALCH37,38 was born about 1630/31 in Bridgwater, Somersetshire, England. He died about 1690 in Deer Creek, Harford Co., MD. Parents: Edward BALCH and Mary CALLE.

Spouse: Catharine CLELLAND. John BALCH and Catharine CLELLAND were married in 1659 in Deer Creek Settlement, Maryland Colony. Children were: Thomas BALCH, Robert BALCH.

John BALCH was born on 23 Jan 1716 in St. Georges Parish, MD. He died after 27 Nov 1790 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Parents: Hezekiah BALCH and Martha BLOOMER.

Spouse: Mary CANNON. John BALCH and Mary CANNON were married on 24 Mar 1735 in St. Georges Parish, MD. Children were: Hezekiah Benjamin BALCH.

Spouse: Sarah (UNK). John BALCH and Sarah (UNK) were married about 1741 in MD. Children were: Sarah BALCH, Mary BALCH, Margaret BALCH, Thomas BALCH, William BALCH.

John BALCH was born on 1 Nov 1760 in Deer Creek, Harford Co., MD. He died on 27 May 1849 in Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN. Parents: James BALCH and Anne GOODWYN (GOODWIN).

Spouse: Barbara PATTON. John BALCH and Barbara PATTON were married about 1788 in Tennessee. Children were: Ann BALCH, Rachel Patton BALCH, Elizabeth (Betsy) BALCH, Catherine BALCH, James Patton BALCH, Barbara Thompson BALCH.

John BALCH was born about 1778 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Parents: Thomas BALCH and (Unk) (UNK).

John BALCH was born on 25 Mar 1877 in Edgerton, Kansas. He died on 24 May 1877 in Edgerton, Kansas. Parents: Joseph Cameron BALCH and Mary Ross ERSKIN.

John BALCH was born in 1886 in Clark Co., AR. He died in 1888 in Clark Co., AR. Parents: Newton Soule BALCH and Mollie Frances ATKINS.

John Abram BALCH was born on 11 Mar 1860 in Camargo, Douglas Co., IL. He died on 31 Mar 1942 in Formoso, Jewell Co., KS. Parents: Alfred Bolivar BALCH and Nancy A. BRAGG.

Spouse: Cleopatra SIMPSON. John Abram BALCH and Cleopatra SIMPSON were married on 24 Dec 1884 in Formoso, Jewell Co., KS. Children were: Elva May BALCH, Alta Malinda BALCH, Wilfred Earl BALCH, Lena Leota BALCH, Edwin N. BALCH, Theron BALCH, John L. BALCH, Donald Kenneth BALCH.

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