Minnesota Potter - Gaylen Peterson
Artist Statement
As an Art Instructor and Potter, my artistic interests lie specifically in the realm of wood-fired functional wares. My aesthetic ideals are founded, first, in an appreciation for simple beauty and visual appeal; secondly, in the creation of something tangible that communicates a lasting sense of the creative interaction with the materials. Thirdly, my ideals are founded in a desire to provide an enriching interaction between the hand-made piece of artwork and individuals interested in one-of-a-kind forms that efficiently and effectively fulfill a desired function.

About the Work
My work is a combination of wheel thrown and hand-built pottery, using either commercial stoneware or indigenous clay bodies. The fantastic transitions of color and surface quality appeal to me most in my pursuit of the practical issues of aesthetics in functionality and my desire to incorporate beautiful hand-made objects into everyday activity.

Quotable Quotes

"This is some fine pottery, and we have seen a lot of pottery!" -Arlington Forbes, Director for HGTV

"You make a beautiful bowl!" -Elaine Bohnet, customer
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Gaylen Peterson
Art Instructor & Potter

Pine Hill Pottery
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