Website Idea -

Summary - A website that will explore and explain how to modify your pocket knives

Content - The content will be pictures for examples as well as articles that suppor the ideas shown on said images. This Content will come from many sources such as other articles and users of the site.

Competition - There are not many competitors, the only other availible sources for such a thing is on the discord servers or YouTube

Purpose - The users will be able to find many different ideas to allow them to make their pocket knife a personal and unique piece of funtional art. This fills a need that is not readily availble on the internet, no other websites are set for this specific purpose

Desired Results - I would like the users to be able to find how to do DIY modifacations to thier pocket knives as well as keep the community updated with new ideas. This will be a place that users will also be able to share what they have in mind and what has worked for them by being able to post and show results of what they have done.

Target Audience - Those looking to modify a pocket knife or other blade related tips and tricks.