"When the wolves call you better answer. The pack waits for no one. The sick and feeble are eaten for sustenance. The call came and I joined the Left Hand. The more I spoke with Baphomet, the more I knew this was my calling, my opportunity to stand for something. When I was resisting the call of Baphomet and the Left Hand, all it did was cause pain and strife for me. It caused me to get beaten down, three on one, time and time again. So, I sat here, nursing my wounds and thinking about how different life could be. How I could better my life as well as the lives of my family. I needed to win. So, I called up Baphomet. I told him I was in. He, Ash, and Lycana welcomed me with open arms. That is where the plan was hatched. We would make our names known at the expense of some of the top stars in XWF. I use the term stars loosely. When you hang your hat on people like Jenny Myst and Atara Themis then you are doomed. When you have to use sex to sell, you are doomed. Then, the Left Hand comes in and completely flips your company on its fucking head. We came in like a fucking hurricane and wrecked everything you thought you knew about each and every one of us."

A solitary light lit my face as my eyes, solid white with no iris or pupil in sight, stared a hole into the camera and, by extension, the viewer. I laughed in a rather maniacal fashion as I spoke again.

"This week isn't about Atara or Jenny. I would have my way with them soon enough. This week is about you, Betsy Granger. When you agreed to be locked in a cage, you had no clue the absolute monster you were agreeing to a match with. This was all a part of the chess match. Check and mate You got played by the truth. You fell right into the trap, right in line with the plan we laid out. You thought I was dumb but it was you who was falling for the cheese and you were the mouse. You and Atara like to run your mouths but this is your chance to back it up. This is your chance to prove me wrong. Try all you may to defeat me and we simply both know that won't happen. You are losing confidence in yourself, Betsy. You are constantly being compared to Atara, someone who many see as a literal Goddess in this business, and you know you can't compare. Betsy, I was once like you. I opened my mouth at the dumbest of times. I thought I was Queen of the world. Even called myself the Goddess of Ganja. I am now humbled. I now know my place. I now know that there are different levels of being important in this business. The sooner you realize that, Betsy, the better. Too bad I don't have much faith in you to come to the realization."

I paced a bit as I lit a fire in a can on the table.

"Quite simply put, you like the attention Raven, Atara, and Warstein give you. You like the fact that they want to be near you. Friendships don't last forever, trust me. Not long ago I was with Kennedy Matthews, Estrella Luiz, and Lissie Hope in the Royal Family. I thought I had it all."

I leaned into the flame as my makeup began running down my face.


"Quite soon, I realized that I was being used. That is the difference between you and I. You like the attention and feeling wanted. I can tell when the attention is fake and for naught. I was quick to leave the Royal Family, for I knew the only one who wanted me there was Estrella and she proved it. She made it obvious. Betsy, you need to realize that some people run with a crew, and crews come and go. Others find their place in a family and that is when you truly have something. The Cool Kidz were a family. The Left Hand is a family. We all have our place and our purpose. We all fulfill our purposes and that means we are doing our part. The Left Hand has each others back like family. It is a sense of belonging. It is something you would know nothing about. You come from another time, another galaxy.

I paced the room a bit as I looked outside and saw Fenrir watching over me. I smiled as I looked at the camera again.

"You say my biggest accomplishment is one win over Atara Themis. That is a big accomplishment when you look at those she has defeated. You have a lot of nerve talking about biggest accomplishments. Your biggest accomplishment is being Atara's shadow. The fact remains that you have yet to do shit in this company and the Left Hand will make sure you don't do shit in this company. I can hear you now, Betsy. You will chime in and say "But I made Jenny Myst tap out!" Shiut the fuck up, Betsy. Had you done something when it counted you would be the one I was knocking the head off of at Snow Job. Do you have the title? No? Then get in the back of the line. You want to bring up the fact that I like smoking weed. I don't even smoke weed like that anymore. I am too busy being a fucking winner. So while you fade into obscurity, I will shoot for the stars. I will make sure YOU have a bad time come Warfare. You lost the battle and you will lose the war. Baphomet has propecized it. We have seen the err of our ways and we are going to eradicate those who think they are perfect from the plane of existence in XWF. Cerebral is a big word for someone who doesn't seem to know how to think for herself. On Twitter Atara has to fight your battles and I feel that, even though there is a cage between us she is going to find a way to get involved this week on Warfare. The Left Hand won't stand for it. Ash, Lycana, and Baphomet will make sure Atara is disposed of like the trash she is."

I sat down as I continued to look out the window. I smirked as I felt at ease. I looked at the camera, my eyes glowing red.

"When Fenrir came to me before Savage, I felt his energy dwelling within me. I felt him being all a part of who I was as a person and who I am as a fighter. I am going to rip you apart. Lycana and Fenrir have instilled the fighting spirit of the wolf deep within my blood and I will make sure you know I am no longer a loser. I am an Alpha while women like you remain Betas. I don't need the Left Hand, they need my talents to spread their word. We in the Left Hand are followers but we are all leaders in our own way. We are many. Just you wait. The wrestling world isn't ready for the apocolypse that is about to happen. YOU aren't ready for the ass kicking that is coming Betsy. Whether you like it or not you will be locked in the cage with a new side of me. A side no one has faced off with yet. A side that no one wanted to see of me. For once I am made whole. For once, no one can stop me. That includes you Betsy. You are the first example to be made. You will be the example I make to show Jenny Myst why she should fear me, why I will take her title. You made this choice. What I do to you in that ring is something you can only blame yourself for. You can't blame me. You can't blame the Left Hand. You can't blame Atara. YOU made this choice. YOU made your bed and now you must lie in it. See you at Warfare, Betsy."

The scene faded to black as I walked out the door and toward Fenrir. Now was the time that was prophecized and the XWF, nor the wrestling world in general, were ready for the takeover. We are making our presence known and it is already to late. We...Can't...Be...Stopped!


I sat on my bed, almost in a daze. I looked around as my phone rang. I glanced down at it. It was Cecilia Ortiz, my sister and General Manager of Revolution1 Sin. She was probably still pissed off about the Left Hand appearing on her show. I picked up the phone and put on my best customer service voice.

"Hey sis!"

Being smart like she was, Cecilia saw right through my ruse.

"Don't give me the bullshit, Geri. I am already dealing with the fact that my fiancee attacked my boss and I will have to face the ramifications of that. However, I will not stand by and let you and that fucking cult do shit on my show, do you understand me?"

My tone changed to a more serious, almost deranged tone.

"It is already too late, Cecilia. We are already on the inside. You don't know when. You don't know where. You don't even know WHO is going to attack."

Cecilia laughed a bit.

"I am not fucking dumb, Geri. Your husband just signed a contract with us. He attacked one of my superstars wearing a fucking black hood. I know he is going to be involved."

Geri laughed a bit.

"What makes you think we will be that obvious? What makes you think Derrick is in on it? He backs me but I assure you he is not in on it. One thing you, and everyone needs to know about me is I am fucking unpredictable. Just when you think you have me figured out, I flip the script. Like when everyone in Action Wrestling thought I was retiring but I hung around and competed for titles. Like when everyone thought I was really retired, I came back."

I could hear Cecilia scoffing in the background.

"Look, Geri, I love you and I am here for you. I just want better for you. I want you to see you don't need help from a cult to get ahead. You don't need to hide in the shadows. You have a loving family. A loving sister who cares about you."

I interrupted Cecilia with a laugh.

"Save it, Cecilia. You only cared about me when it helped your ratings. You used me and Centurion's feud to help your failing ratings. We boosted you so much that your company got even better. You tried to use me. YOU are why I retired. The Left Hand has accepted me more than you ever did."

I laughed again but Cecilia was quick to answer, obviously pissed off.

"You have a lot of nerve to say that Geri. As soon as we found out we were sisters, I reached out to you. I did everything I could to make you feel loved and at home. Hell, I became a wrestler because I fucking looked up to you. You were my inspiration and now, I just don't know you anymore."

Before I could retort, Cecilia hung the phone up. I shook my head as I looked into the camera.

"If I will talk to my own sister like that, imagine what I will do the XWF faithful. When I first came to XWF I was a loner, a wolf walking on eggshells. I was afraid of pissing off the wrong people. Now, I could give two fucks less.
I tried to make a friendship with Griffin Macalister and all he did was stare at my tits the whole time. I tried to make a friendship with Centurion and Boris and all they did was focus on one another, leaving me in the dark.
So, I figured if I was going to be in the dark, I may as well join the dark side. Well, what people perceived as the dark side. I was tired of being a joke, now look at me. I am doing the best I can to show the management, wrestlers, and fans of this company that their perceptions of me were wrong. That I am not just some pot head who is stoned twenty four seven. I am simply the best wrestler on the roster.
I have decided, I want the Shooting Stars Title to show how far I have come in the last few weeks. I got my title shot upcoming and it has some bitches, namely Betsy Granger and Atara Themis, pissed as fuck. I fucking love it. You see, I love the jealous bitches finally being jealous of me. Going into the shadows doesn't change who I am, it changes how I am. How I operate has shifted but I am still the same bitch who is an Olympic Gold Medalist. The same bitch that was the Anarchy and Internet Champion... simultaneously! I am not going to give up now. It isn't in my vocabulary and it isn't in the creed of the Left Hand.
Joining the Left Hand has made me that much hungrier for winning titles. Has only made me that much hungrier for fame and glory. The only difference between me now and when I first came in is that I will cause a lot more pain and punishment on my path. I will leave the broken bodies of the adversaries in my way along the path. I will kill to get what I want and not blink an eye.
That should worry you, Betsy. That should worry you a lot actually because you get to be the first victim I lay to rest. You will be the first of a long line of wins. I won't stop until the Left Hand, and Baphomet especially, are proud of me and what I have done. I won't stop until this company is reduced to ashes. I won't stop until I am mentioned in the same breath as Thaddeus Duke, Shawn Warstein, and the like. I will not stop until my desires are satisfied. You know what they say, women are hard to keep happy. That is true. I won't be happy until I am the greatest superstar in XWF history. I won't stop until you remember my name for greatness instead of losing, until you all remember the power and glory I brought to the ring. I will be remembered for the terror I brought to the hearts and souls of my opponents.
Ash, Lycana, and I have seen the light, for lack of better words. We have simply been reborn in the image of Baphomet and the Left Hand. We have all been put into a great position to shine. We will all shine brighter in the shadows than you do in the light, Betsy. We will simply eradicate people like you. We will take over the XWF and, eventually, the wrestling world. The seeds are planted and soon the black roses will bloom. XWF was only the beginning. Soon, the Left Hand, will be saving ALL of the wrestling world. We will keep you all guessing and wondering, what is next, WHO is next. Let's just say you never know who has already pledged allegiance with their left hand to the sky!"

With that I raised my left hand and laughed as the scene faded to black.