Session Studio

Session Studio was formed in 1991. It was first located at Tahanan Village, Paranaque City. It started out with really small, basic equipment like Roland Cubes, Guyatones, a Pearl Export Series drumset, a Mackie 1202 and a Tascam 4 track recorder. Bands kept availing of the 4-track recording since they wanted their songs heard on radio. Radio stations such as LA 105.9 and NU 107 encouraged bands to record original songs so that they could be heard and signed up by major recording labels. Session salutes them for that!!! Session was the place where some of the top Filipino bands formed, rehearsed and developed. One of them was Rivermaya. Other regular clients were Francis Magalona, Sampaguita, Prettier than Pink, etc. The studio in Tahanan Village operated for about 3 years.

Session relocated to the basement level of Makati Cinema Square, Makati City. Here, equipment was upgraded to a professional rehearsal and recording setup. Marshall JCM 900s, SWR Bass Amps, Pearl Master Custom drumset, 24-track digital recorders, a Fostex 24 channel 12 buss mixer, condenser mics, etc. The new studio was a very convenient place to hang out, jam, and record with other musicians. Makati Cinema Square had lots of parking, segunda mano shops, and music stores. Session technicians were good at what they did and were hired as sound engineers on the side. Aside from in-house 24-track recording, Session also did mobile 24-track recording. It recorded the concert of South Border at the ULTRA as well as the Blues Summit Bar Tour. Regular clients were Razorback, Wolfgang, Kulay, Rivermaya, and a lot of big names. 1998 was the toughest year for Session Studio. There were less bands, less recordings due to music piracy and a weird music industry. Session Studio closed late 1998 but who knows? The pinoy music industry could boom again!!! More power to Filipino Musicians and Composers!!!

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 The legendary Edmund Fortuno

 The awesome Jun Lopito

 Pearl Masters Custom with Jeff Porcaro drum & cymbal rack

 Marshall JCM 900 & Fender Twin

 Hartke 7000 Bass Amp

 Ariz the master tech!

 G3 with the Session techs Cesar and James!

 Session Studio wall painting