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 What are backlinks?  

Backlinks draw people to your website who might not have otherwise discovered your content. The people who click through to your site from another website are also predisposed to trust what you have to say. They were visiting a website they viewed as trustworthy, and that website vouched for your site by linking to you. Therefore, the people who land on your page will be more inclined to engage with what you have to say. Building backlinks can also offer powerful ammunition for SEO. Google works to understand how the various websites fit together and which ones customers will likely view as trustworthy. Backlinks help them better understand which brands other sites view highly enough to link to. Pages that cultivate a number of backlinks from other well-regarded websites will therefore be viewed as having a solid reputation within the digital ecosystem. This will boost the page’s ranking on the SERPs, thus attracting even more attention for the content.