Fuel Cell Test Equipment

SureView manufactures advanced Fuel-cell Test Equipment with EIS.

The Fuel-cell Test Equipment come with Electronic Loads and are multi-bay. Which means you can test multiple Fuel cell stacks independently & simultaneously.

We use the best quality Hydrogen sensors with safety interlocks on FPGA. Besides the software has 3 modes - Autonomous, Automatic and Manual. Thus, even with an unskilled operator you can conduct your tests.

For operating the equipment in automatic mode, all you need to do is select name of IEC standard & clause. Then select pre-programmed parameters and start test. The software will take care of the rest.

We also have a PWS with slave PLC so you can test HTPEM & PEM fuel-cells. We welcome custom design inquiries, so if you need different configuration such as that of SOFC Fuel-cells - we can definitely design as per your specifications. We can give 3 or 5 years service+spares guarantee as we always use the best quality material such as AliCat MFC and H&absp;H loads

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