Monica lives at apartment #20. That's the apartment everybody hangs out, because Monica likes to be the host. First she lived there with Phoebe, but then Phoebe moved out because she wanted to live in a land where she could spill. Then Rachel moved in, but then her fiance (now her husband) Chandler moved in. Monica is competitive, obssessive-compulsive, neat-freak chef. She totally freaks out when there's a stain somewhere or you have a drink without a coaster. She works at Allesandro's and has a lot of fun with cooking anything. At an other job she had, she got fired because she accepted a kick-back.  She was also once a caterer with Phoebe. She's a really caring person, but doens't want to admit.
She once dated her father's best friend Dr. Richard Burke, who was 21 years older then she, they broke up, because Monica really wanted to have babies and Richard didn't. She started dating Chandler at Ross' wedding in Londen with Emily. They were both really depressed, because this womant thought that Monica was actually Chandler's mom, so they had sex. And later they discoverd that they loved eachother and in the 7th season, Chandler proposes to Monica. Now they are a really nice, sweet and married couple.
Monica is played by Courteney Cox.
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