Behavioral Guidelines

We request that parents are mindful of their children's conduct during park day and other events. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is safe and pleasant, and to reinforce positive behavior among the children.

Responsibilities of Parents Towards Their Children

At SBFS sponsored events, we ask that parents do the following:

  • Encourage children to welcome any interested child into their games and play.

  • Remind children to refrain from bringing toy weapons or using their toys as weapons.

  • If you notice improper behavior (throwing sand, name calling, etc.), kindly inform the parents of the children involved. When the parents are unavailable, gently stop and redirect inappropriate behaviors that cannot be ignored.

  • If you have a child with behavior problems or special needs, or you are simply feeling overwhelmed, please feel free to ask for help.

  • If your child is having a bad day, please consider taking him home and just trying again next week.

Reminders for Adults

Park day is a wonderful time for parents to discuss the many aspects of homeschooling, as well as the important events in their lives. Some friendly reminders:

  • When discussing "adult" topics, be careful of what children may overhear.

  • When discussing controversial topics, speak respectfully of different points of view.

  • If you are offended by a comment or action of a member of SBFS, you are encouraged to talk to him or her privately, rather than discussing it with others in the group.

  • Please do not smoke during SBFS get-togethers.

  • To minimize the spread of illness, avoid SBFS activities when you or your children are contagious. Please inform the group (via email or phone) if you have inadvertently exposed the group to a serious illness (chicken pox, lice, etc.)

  • Many SBFS families have specialized diets for health or ethical reasons: no nuts, sugar, caffeine, wheat, meat, alcohol, dairy, etc. Please check with a child's parents before offering food.

  • We encourage positive parenting as opposed to shaming and spanking. When children misbehave, please do not respond in kind. Keep in mind that misbehavior is simply an opportunity to teach.

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