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Ok, here I hope I have put together a collection of files for Diablo that is more comprehensive than any other on the net. If you would like to send me some files that would be included here, email them to me at [email protected]


Diablo 1.09 Software (virus free!)

Instructions and information

All my ears in one ZIP

This file has all of the ears in the list you see on the BoBaFeTT ear of fame. If you want any of these ears, just load them into your game with the trainer using the .itm file of the ear. You will probably need to first run the program called "ears_dir32.exe" to create a list so that you know what the file name is of the ear you want to bring into the game. Once you know the name of the file that contains the ear, then you simply load that file into your game using the trainer.

Back-up Programs

These files are not cheat programs, but assist you in case of hard drive failure or detecting the players on that cheat.

Diablo Backup Version 3.0 Beta 2 - No expiry date!

This program is a little more extensive and useful then the above program. It was written by Kevin Lambert. You might want to check his web page to see if there is a more current version. This is a great program as it allows you to select individual characters for back-up and restore as well as allowing you to transfer characters to other machines. This version WORKS with Diablo v1.07 and Hellfire!!!


Miscellaneous Programs

These are just a few other programs which didn't seem to fit in any other catagory.

The Diablo Intro

This is a link to the intro movie that plays when you first start Diablo. They put a lot of work into this bit of video and it shows. It's better than many of the movie trailers I have seen these days.

Diablo Font

This is the Exocet Font that is used through-out the game of Diablo.

Diablo .MPQ Archive Viewer

This little Utility allows you to view and extract any and all the files in the Diablo Archive file.



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