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Various other measurement units are also used. For large (usually dry) measures: One bushel (bu) is 4 pecks (pk) is 8 gallons.
For small measures (usually for wet usage): 4 gills (gi) is 1 pint, 8 U.S. fluid drams (fl dr) or 8 U.K. drachm (fl dr) is one fluid ounce.
U.S. Liquid "kitchen" measures: One cup is 8 fluid ounces or half a pint (U.S.). 3 tea spoons is one table spoon is half a fluid ounce (U.S.).
One U.K. water ton is 224 (Imperial) Gallons.
Note that the U.S. system and the Imperial system have a different amount of fluid ounces to a pint.

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