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Use is made of the surveyors units of measurement that define a foot as 1200 / 3937 meters. Within an accuracy of (at least) 5 digits it is the same as the international measurement units where a foot is 12 * .0254 meters. One international foot is 0.999998 survey foot.
Conversions using the international measurement unit Miles (to kilometers or nautical miles or vice versa) can be done using the speed conversion calculator.

Other measures: A rod (rd), pole or perch is 16.5 feet (198 inches).
100 links is 1 chain (is 4 rods is 66 feet or 792 inches).
40 rods is a furlong (fur) (660 feet or 7920 inches).
8 furlongs is 1 U.S. statute mile (mi).

Note that the Meter and Inch output is not rounded. The rest is rounded to two digits after the decimal point. The fraction calculations (for inches and inces for feet) can sometimes be rounded up to being the equivalent to one.

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