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Fivefold Symmetry ed Istvßn Hargittai 1992

Multifractals and 1/F Noise by Benoit B. Mandelbrot Hardcover - 400 pages (December 1998) Springer Verlag. In this volume, a world renowned scientist, Benoit Mandelbrot, defends the view that multifractals are intimately interrelated through the two fractal themes of "wildness" and "self-affinity". Among the topics covered are 1/f noise, fractal dimension and turbulence, sporadic random functions, and a new model for error clustering on telephone circuits. 50 illus.

Spiral Symmetry eds Istvßn Hargittai and Clifford A. Pickover 1992, ú28 ISBN: 9810206151

Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations And Applications, by Kenneth Falconer, John Wiley And Sons, New York, 1990

Measure, Topology, And Fractal Geometry by Gerald A. Edgar, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1990

Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws: Minutes From An Infinite Paradise by Manfred Schroeder, 1991, $33 ISBN:

Mazes For The Mind: Computers And The Unexpected by Clifford Pickover, St. Martins Press, New York. ISBN:

Fractal Image Compression by Michael F. Barnsley, $39.95 ISBN: 1568810008

The Muse in the Machine

subtitled Computerizing the Poetry of Human Thought, and the author is Yale professor David Gelernter. [The Free Press, a Macmillan division, 1994] ISBN: 0029116023

Fractal Cosmos - The Art of Mathematical Design

By Jeff Berkowitz Published by Amber Lotus California (1994) ISBN 1-56937-064-8

The Pattern Book: Fractals, Art and Nature

Editor, Clifford A. Pickover (World Scientific Publishing, 1995. Hardback, 427 pp. $51.00) ISBN: 981021426X

Keys to Infinity

by Clifford A. Pickover ISBN: 0471118575

Future Health

Clifford A. Pickover Pickover, C. (1995) FUTURE HEALTH, Computers and Medicine in the Twenty-First Century. St. Martin's Press: New York. ISBN: 0312126026


World Scientific: Singapore, New Jersey, London, Hong Kong. ISBN 981-02-1427-8. ISBN:

Pickover, C. (1999) Surfing Through Hyperspace.A new book on the fourth dimension covers topics ranging from string theory to the religious implications of higher dimensions. The book also has numerous illustrations presenting four-dimensional creatures and abstract objects intersecting our ordinary 3-D existence.

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