Roy's Bikes

I ride motorcycles for fun and as a means of transport.

At present I ride a BMW K75c.

But I've had many bikes,

(Notice the bird's nest taken out of the tank!)
This is how it looked after restoration. I did all the mechanics and Peter did the paintwork. We bought all Pete Gray's stock of original H-D spares and that made restoration a doddle.
Note the siren driven off the rear wheel.
Nice comfortable bike to ride but foot clutch and hand gearchange took some getting used to!

The film job.

This photo was taken on the Lincolnshire film set of "The Last Days of Patton" starring George C. Scott, in June 1985. We are General Patton's Military Police personal security squad.I'm the lean/mean one on the right of the picture with my Harley-Davidson WLA. We got the job through Tony Oliver who is TLO Film Services

I hadn't fitted the Thompson Machine gun scabbard or the ammo box to the forks and the pannier bags are not correct either, the uniform was supplied by Morris Angel. That's my mate Peter on his WLA to my right and Pete Gray's bike ridden by Dick, is the one on the far left. It was an interesting experience and the pay was very good. My hair was too long they gave me £25 to cut my hair!

Is this the biggest (and daftest) bike ever?

The picture is from a 1971 bike mag.

"Clad from head to toe in leather, Wild Bill Gelbke from Boscobel, USA, on his home-built bike with four cylinder Chevrolet engine. Disc brakes and parked with jacks"

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