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good householder


Only the Good Householder can develop. The Good Householder is practical, not formatory, and has a certain amount of self-discipline. The Good Householder does their duty in life, but does not believe in life; they perceive that there is something higher than ordinary, everyday life. They do not believe in words because they realize how much idle talk is hidden behind them. The Good Householder is on a higher level than ordinary everyday life. They understand that they must work if they want to eat, and as a result of their efforts they can support many other people.

The Good Householder has at least certain values from which they can start and a certain practical attitude towards things. Being accustomed to deal with real values, the Good Householder values the possibility of the ways and the possibilities of liberation and salvation better and quicker than a person who is accustomed all their life to a circle of imaginary values, imaginary interests, and imaginary possibilities.

The Good Householder wants to use their time wisely because they know that time is limited. They value what they receive and verify its usefulness.

The Good Householder understands that one must meet certain requirements and overcome certain obstacles to receive school influence and learn the Work. They reorganize their life as necessary to fit into the requirements of school, whilst continuing to fulfill their responsibilities in life. They understand from experience that nothing comes without effort, payment, and sacrifice.

The Good Householder, and only the Good Householder, can develop. In the work these two characteristics of practical thinking and self-discipline must increase and grow. A Good Householder is normal, and a normal person, given favourable conditions, has the possibility of development.

The important thing to observe is that in each of us, even if we find that we have some practical attitudes and certain values, an important part of us also has no values---the Tramp---and false values---the Lunatic.

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